Ripple Finale

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Ta-DA! I made a ripple blanket and a cat to go with it! Phew. That was hard work!


Please be impressed, because clearly the cat is not. As long as there is "some kind of wool" on the bed she will sit on it for hours and hours, and still look at you like she'd prefer a fireplace, and a view of the mountains, if you would. To block this thing, I just spread it out flat and sprayed it with a water bottle, which was kind of fun at first and then my arm got tired, so I don't know how much good it did (because I didn't get all that much water on it after all, I don't think). The light was so dim yesterday, these were the best photos I could get, too. But you get the idea, at least.


I wound up doing two dc rows of a charcoal-gray border around the whole thing because the edges were pretty wobbly, and the border worked out well and kind of sucked the whole beast together. My gauge changed significantly by the end of it all; things were much looser at the end. Which makes sense, I guess. When you start, you're all like, "Oh, isn't this precious. Me and my big basket of yarn, and a hot chai, and some beautiful snow, just crocheting contentedly away. Double crochet. Double crochet [flourish]. Why, is that a cardinal? How lovely! [Sip.]"

But let me tell you, 197 rows later, you feel like you're on the ripple assembly line in the ripple sweatshop at the end of a 12-hour ripple swing-shift with carpal tunnel and a dirty shirt, going dcdcdc2dc2dcdcdcdcdc2togdc2togdcdcdcAGHHHHH!!! Make it stop!!! Yeaaaah. I was ready to be done. I ran out of charcoal-border yarn with about fifty stitches to go, too. And I think I'm just going to stick a lighter gray on there. I really don't think I can drag myself back to the store for this again.

But I'm very happy with it! A good night's sleep under it last night wiped out all traces of angst and I'm left just feeling that it's really cool — my first crocheted blanket! It's my favorite thing I've ever made. I started snowily here, went slightly mental here, pulled out the hide-a-bed here, and now I'm done. We had fun, didn't we?

Now, if you are toying with this idea, firstly, you should toy no longer and find your hooks or get out that how-to-crochet book or find your grandma to teach you immediately. Because the girls over at the No-End-in-Sight Ripple-Along have already started and they won't be able to wait too long for you, because I'm telling you, once these things get going, there is just no stopping! Dawn and Kim created this crochet-along for everyone who is making a ripple blankie and it is awesome to see how everyone interprets this project. And the Vintage Stripe Blanket group on Flickr is a beautiful collection of all the striping going on out there. Soooooo fun and pretty. Do it, seriously. You'll love it.

People mentioned in the comments yesterday that there is a lot of granny-squaring going on out there, too. I didn't have time to follow any of the links but if anyone starts a Flickr group for that or a granny-square-'ghan-along, will someone tell me? I want to join. I made four squares yesterday and, though, not as easy as the rippling, squaring has its own charming appeal. I'm on board.

When Violet and I came out the guest room, the Bee was sitting in the hallway on her thrifted crocheted tuffet. One gets Baby Cashmerino, one gets thrifted Red Heart. That's how it is around here. The next one's just for you, baby Bee. (That's what I tell them, jokingly. And then, of course, when they take over my stuff, the joke's [of course] on me. The four-thousand-dollar cat blanket. Yep.)



Ooooooh, it's really, ice-creamly, extremely beautiful.

so pretty! i am so making one of those. aside from the insanity factor, it seems like a good beginner project. thanks!

it's beautiful! all your hard work definitely paid off. i keep starting and stopping one of my own. now you've really inspired me to get serious and finish up.

It looks very lovely.

It seems that most projects of this scale turn out like that--feeling totally glad and almost angry when it's over. I've done my share of granny squares and they can be very tedious, despite their playful demeanor.

Very Beautiful! And I am very impressed!

I've been following the progress of your blanket for the past couple of months and it is just the most gorgeous blanket ever! Amazing colours.

Well done, Alicia! It's absolutely stunning and very easy to see why it's your favorite anything ever.

My cat is happy to lie on a cashmere throw or a stack of newspaper. No taste.

Congratulations! Such an undertaking deserves many accolades. It's gorgeous. Like Spring arrived early.

Your ripple blanket is so beautiful that I want to learn crochet just so I can make one too! Congratulations a million times for such a beauty.

STUNNING! I love it! I think it is so gorgeous, what an accomplishment! You should be so proud! I don't crochet (skeeered of it LOL), but I swear, seeing that is enough to make me want to try!!

Good job!

it's just so pretty. to the point that i joined the along and this morning ended up leaving my house late for work because i needed to swatch. (i need to figure out how big i can make this thing). my goal is to avoid having to go to the store and buy more yarn.

isn't it amazing how something so simple can be so pretty and satisfying?

I tried to teach myself to crochet last night because I want to be super cool like you and have my very own prettiful blanket, but I failed, so instead, I'll just look at yours and know I could be as cool as you.

Because that blanket is so very divine it baffles me!

It's amazing! Gorgeous. I think I need to learn how to crochet!

exceedingly lovely. well worth the effort and madness it induced!

Brava! My nana made me a ripple puff (as she called it) and it graces my bed to this day- in all it's 1970's orange and earthtone splendor! Nothing keeps me warm in quite the same way- except my husband, of course.

Congratulations! So much work, and it is so beautiful!

May I take a nap right there? Feeling sleepy. Looks sooo cozy.


fantastic! way to make it through those last few 12 hour shifts at the ripple factory. do they make you wear jumpers and hard hats there?

Its beautiful...really. I don't see any mistakes.

Wow, it's beautiful. Congrats!

It is wonderful. You did such an excellent job. I love the aspect of a finished project where your eyes can travel across it time and time again, making new combinations of colors to appreciate.

I am inspired.

So purty! Thank you for sharing! It makes my fingers itch to crochet! :)

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