Ripple Issues

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Blanket2_1 The ripple blanket grows and grows. Rows by rows. It got a little fugly in the middle — lots of random, insipid pastels — but then some raisin brown and deep charcoal showed up on the list and saved things. I was holding my breath there for a minute, thinking I'd wrecked to whole thing. But I soldiered on and was rewarded.

The depths to which I am able to both appreciate and indulge myself while making this blanket are beyond the pale.

For instance, the hide-a-bed. I pulled it out, in the living room; right in the middle of Saturday afternoon my ripple blanket and I got on it. Andy walked in (as well as he could, as the pulled-out hide-a-bed takes up almost the whole room) after walking the dog and actually looked amazed, as if he were some sort of amateur and not a 73-time gold-medal winner in the Crazy-Alicia Olympics. Honestly. I remained resolute in my obliviousness. He snorted: "Is this what you're doing now?" I said, "Yeah. I think so," as if still considering, sitting in the middle of the bed, happily holding the clicker and patting down the covers around me. I find the best way of dealing with scoffing or apparent sarcasm is to pretend you aren't getting it, somehow, and act even more . . . forward. I flapped my hand toward the foot of the bed. "Honey, can you move your wrapping paper off my bed here? It's touching my leg and bugging me" [wink]. He sat wrapping a birthday present on an ottoman, trying to ignore me. I was all like, "Oh crap, now where am I going to put my pop," because, you know, when you're sitting in a double bed in the middle of the living room there aren't many flat, hard surfaces within reach. "Wow. I don't know. You've got problems," said he. "I know, it sucks!" I said, "I'll have to hold it!" and on and on with this nonsense for hours and rows. At 9 or 10 p.m. I stood up, folded my ripple blanket, stretched exhaustedly and said, "Welp! Time to go to bed!" and headed upstairs. To the regular bed. Wow is right. Make that 74-time winner.

Blanket5The thing is, though, that if you are trying to figure out if your chart is right, or if you need to add a different color to the whole, a ripple blanket that is three weeks on is BIG and difficult to see in its entirety. But it fits a hide-a-bed perfectly. And then you can bring your computer, all your yarn, snacks, cats, magazines, a whole lot of stuff. Don't knock it til you try it baby. I'm telling you.

By the way, as noted by Jane, who I blame completely for getting me into this ripple fugue, the blanket is based on the Soft Waves pattern in Jan Eaton's book 200 Ripple Stitches. I used mostly Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and other nice DK-weight yarns, but I don't know which brands, which colors, or exactly how much (a lot), as many people have written and asked. It really doesn't matter. It's truly a stash blanket, so I frogged a bunch of old prototypes for old things, threw in half an unfinished dog sweater, used whatever else was in the bucket, and bought a few skeins that I knew would help all that pastel. Don't worry about it too much. Just go with your instincts, stack them all up, and they'll look just fine, I promise. This is all double crochet, over and over and over again, so if you can do that, you can make it. Just pull out the hide-a-bed, ignore the laundry, groceries, and your family, and get going.

Ohmigosh, look, she's even doing it again. I totally understand.


I bow to your hide-a-bed ingenuity. Honestly, you make crafting an art form :)

I swear sometimes when I read this that you are the crazy fun older sister I never had. Or that we were twins seprated by birth (nevermind the age difference). Our brand of crazy is practically the same! It's the fun brand of course.

A and I have only been married 6 years, so he only has about 50 medals to Andy's 74. The other day as I was telling him about one of my latest ideas he sorta laughed and said I never ceased to amaze him.

That's good right...?

Two more things to add to my list:
1. learn to crochet
2. buy hide-a-bed

That sounds like the makings of a beautiful day! :)

i really see one of these in my future. thank you for sharing all of the necessary details to tend to as one embarks on such a project. i do have a question, my mother always uses acrylic yarns (which are made much softer today than years ago), and they wash and dry beautifully. still, i prefer the more natural fibers, how do the yarns you are using stand up to many washings?

I've got to say, I think the "Ripple Issues" title of this entry is slightly more obscene than the now infamous "Keeping Her in Eggrolls" from two weeks ago. Too funny.

I just started to crochet a blanket. But I am a beginner, so it is going to be a small blanket for my dog. Your blanket looks so beautiful, love those colours!

The hide-a-bed is genius. Seriously.

You are totally hilarious. I think I may have participated in those Olympics myself. :) Love the blanket!

ROFL... I get this look from either my mother or Emma on a frequent basis. Like "Oh my god what is she doing now". Emma,I am afraid will eventuually inherit my brand of crazy (well our brand of crazy)simply through 50% genetics/50 % environment. She already has some of it showing (putting things together because of an idea with complete disregard for what is going on around you and then there is the whole nesting instinct which I think is a common theme for creative crafters). I just LOVE it. I do need a hide a bed though. But I am usually quite content in my queen size bed with the TV on in my room as well (nightstand is a flat surface for pop and snacks).
But that being said, your blanket is just beautiful, and I thinking it is coming along quite nicely.

I need to take some pics of what I have done for my quilt like afghan and actually start working on it again. Man, I either need longer days or shorter work hours with the same pay. I could get so much more done.... oh well...

Honestly, that sounds like the best vacation ever.!!! I mean the part where Andy can be finagled into bringing you stuff. I do all my crafting from my studio/bed. I have a trick for the soda pop if you're interested.

Rock on my dear! Rock on with your bad self.

CONGRATS on your Romantic Homes issue. How exciting for you and what great pictures.

Thanks to you, I'm totally taken with my own ripple afghan and was JUST wondering what to do when it's too big for my lap on the couch! your hide-a-bed reminds me: one night last year, our bed frame broke, in the middle of the night my corner plunged to the floor, terrifying 2 sleepy humans and 2 prowling cats. I was angry and tired and confused and didn't want to wait for Hub to fix the frame, so I dragged our mattress into the living room, unfolded the sleeper-sofa and put the bed mattress ON the sleeper sofa mattress. The next morning I left it like that and when I came home from work I hopped on my high bed/perch and spent the entire weekend in my bed/couch, about 4 feet high.
For your drinking needs, I suggest a tray with handles...when you finish a drink or crave a smackeral, have the manservant carry it to the kitchen, load it up and carry it back!

The afghan is turning out lovely. Almost makes me want to start one. Almost. It would take me years. But I did finish on afghan ten years ago. Maybe it will happen again someday.

It took me a long time to get into it. I have seen for years my grand-mother and my mother crochet in hand in all sorts of circumstances : in the car (they always let their husband drive) on the beach, watching tv .. etc. So after years doing anything but crochet, I ended up loving it as well(what can you do against genetics ?).
Your blanket is just great and I wish I did'nt see it. You have many talents and one of them is to motivate people.. Many thanks.

Tara: That's BRILLIANT [makes note to self].

Well, you've inspired me to learn how to crochet!

It looks amazing!!!! I really must learn how to crochet...

I'm a failure at crochet but i admire your lack of crafty ADD! i cant wait to see the finished blanket.

That blanket is wonderful! It makes me want to learn how to crochet. I imagine I could knit it...but it would be a good excuse to learn how to crochet!

Is it very wrong that I am thinking of learning to crochet just so I can have a ripple blanket all of my own? Is double ripple crochet doable for a beginner?

I also do the crafting in bed thing though. Nothing better. Although I have a beanbag tray that sits on the bed for "supplies".

For those questioning how much yarn I think Jane had a weight estimate on her first one.

Alicia =^..^=

This mornings post is a riot. I was laughing outloud. I thought it was the look on Andy's face as he walked in the door (could totally picture it) but the remark about moving the wrapping paper "it's touching my leg and bugging me" made me nearly fall off the chair.

I love being invited to the A & A olympic games.
Alicia, I give you a ten. And Andy? Got to give it to him that he didn't flinch. Eleven.

But you got the gold.

=^..^= zU

You give new meaning to the term, "Playing Hooky". :D

Oh my dear, this is brilliance, really. I'm going to try the "not getting it" response to the sarcasm, there's a lot of it from Peter. I brought home that deer planter I posted about the other day and he shook his head and said, my god, what is our house going to look like when we're older. My response was, we are older baby...its happening...

I'm working on the stationery. I'm so excited! I was going to call you today but I didn't have that extra arm I needed to get it all done. Soon. xo

This is my first time commenting, but I felt that the awesomeness of that blanket certianly warranted my first comment.

I love your blog to pieces. I've been reading it for months, and I just thought I'd let you know that it brightens my day!

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