Shadow and Light

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Bridge1Yesterday we walked across the Hawthorne Bridge and back. It was totally easy, so easy that when we were done we continued on about town, shopping for pickets (for a picket fence). Here I've been worried for years, thinking that walking over the bridge (as I was attempting to do when I had my accident) was some sort of goal, when really, I've been doing probably twice as many steps as bridge-crossing takes daily, without knowing it. That bridge always seemed so long. Not to get too metaphorical here, when really I mean this quite literally -- we walked over, we walked back, it was a nice afternoon, I was anxious to go shopping for pickets, I was more worried that I wouldn't be able to find the exact pickets I wanted.

There is probably a metaphor in the picket fence, but we won't go there today.

Squares7The sun made strong shadows on the ground like the blobs and holes on the granny squares. I officially have no life, by the way, because all I really ever do is sit around and make granny squares now. I have fifteen done, and I need forty-eight. And every time I go up to block the squares, which I do every time I finish two of them, the Bee shows up. It's really weird! She cracks me up. I swear I am waiting for her to start talking. "I don't like that one. No more pink. Quit with the pink already, jeesh. Hurry up, too."

The ripplers are going strong. I love this. So cool.

Thank you, everyone. Sincerely.


KsMaryLou says: March 06, 2007 at 08:10 AM

Oh if only I'd known about this granny square and ripple business a couple of years ago when I cleaned out my quilt room and "stuff" in the basement. To think I could have sent you a ton of yarn and granny squares..... without all the pink to bother miss Bee. ;)

BTW did you find the pickets you were looking for? I don't think I'll ever look at a trash truck or picket fence quite the same way again.

How exciting about walking the bridge! I love it when I discover I can do something I didn't think would be easy.

I'm not surprised that Bee is offering her input. After all, she'll be the one who lies on your squares more than anyone :)

congratulations on 'getting to the other side', literally and figuratively.

so here's my question. do you weave in the ends of your granny squares as you go, or is there some trick i don't know about? because i always end up with all these ends sticking out that i have to weave in, and the hardest part for me is getting my lazy self to weave them in! so i end up making squares that are all one color!

i'd love to make squares like the ones you're making, though. any suggestions would be MUCH appreciated!

Thanks, Alicia, for sharing your story. And thanks for the reminder of the Portland bridges. If you really get excited about bridge walking you can do the Volks Walk Bridge Walk. At least there used to be a bridge walk when I lived in Portland. While we were in Portland in Sept for our sweet girl's wedding, dh and I did a downtown walk and went across the steel bridge, just for memory's sake.
Are you going to start a square-along for all of us who are fascinated by the Granny Bee Afghan?

Aw man! Your pretty blankets are making me itch to start on a ripple or granny square myself- and I have way too many ufo's stashed around my house to start something new. Not only that, once the heat hits in VA (around May) none of us wants wool anywhere near us. So who needs to make a new blanket now? Not me! But I just know I'm going to take the plunge anyway. I never can stop myself.

Congratulations on crossing that bridge!

browneyedgirl2 says: March 06, 2007 at 08:37 AM

So glad for you and your walk! Did you find the right pickets?

Congratulations on your milestone walk! You are an inspiration.

And I love your granny squares. They remind me of summer afternoons full of beautiful delicate flowers.

I feel left out and now must learn to crochet. i know my grandma taught me when I was little, but I've long forgotten all of that. Which do you think would be easier for me to start with?

YES - the anniversaries are MAJOR - on Oct. 21 it will be 9years for me. It's amazing how everything is now categorized as 'before the accident' or 'since the accident' - do you find this? I really find inspiration in your blog - a regular person getting on with her life. I've seen SOO MAANY of those 'self pitying, woe is me, you must help me, things are bad and getting worse' Blogs, they just make me want to 'slap' the computer!! THANK YOU and HAPPY belated ANNIVERSARY!! S-

Bee is just waiting for you to finish her blanket. Bless!

Alicia - No surprise that your granny squares look gorgeous and amazing! When I got through my second or third day rippling I became certain that a granny-along would have to come next. It's like a return-to-trad-crochet-along. Also, what else would I do with the random yards of ripple yarn leftover? You certainly sparked the ripple frenzy -- we should start a granny-along now so you can enjoy instead of being relegated to just watching!

And so I think that this is that part of the process where you realize that life really does go on - if you'll just let it. Congratulations on letting your life go on. You're inspriring in more ways than one!

what a great way to celebrate your life on the anniversary of your accident. walking across the Hawthorne Bridge. Hugs to you, A.

Congratulations on the important
milestone yesterday. You've also
inspired me to learn how to crochet a granny square - your's are so pretty!

Good for you, dear!

There is also a flickr group for Granny squaring since we all have that bug, too! It's the Granny Square Afghan Along (a mouthful!) group. It is still small, but there are some lively squares posted!

That is a wonderful update - on making it to the other side! Sometimes things are just not as hard as they really seem (they may still be, but just not as hard as we originally suspected).

We have a bridge like that in Tulsa, only about 1400 feet long, but by the time you walk completely around the Arkansas river track it is linked to you are usually ready to just lay down and go to sleep.

I am still working on my log cabin afghan, but let me tell you doing either the ripple or granny square is appealling to me now. Hmmm, maybe I can do a mini ripple (8" x 8") and then block and frame them....

It's wonderful to find strength in ourselves. and you have so many.

congratulations on making the journey. it really isn't about the destination is it? xo

Way to go on the walk, Alicia--it's nice to know that it wasn't even that tough for you. I'm chuckling about The Bee. You've got a Crochet Supervisor there. Better get it right.

I was so surprised when I opened your blog up to see the blog title today. I named my blog post almost the same thing yesterday... mine was sunlight & shadow. Just thought that was a little weird, but cool! Bee sounds adorable!

Wow - congrats on doing the bridge. It's so amazing when something that seems like such a big deal ends up being so much more manageable than we had imagined. I had a bad car accident in March 1998 and after that I had panic attacks anytime I tried to drive on a bridge over water (even though my accident had not involved a bridge). It was so bad that for years after that if a big bridge was coming up, my dh would have to drive it and I'd keep my eyes closed. And then one day in summer 2002, I decided to drive the Mackinac Bridge on the way home from our vacation in the Upper Peninsula. And I did it. And I was nearly giddy the whole way - with relief and with freedom, not with panic.

Your granny squares continue to look awesome, and now I've been stalking the crochet books at our library (all of which seem to be checked out right now - crochet revival?).

I can't wait to see this blanket grow and grow like your beautiful ripple one did! Thanks for your daily inspiration.

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