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Wow, I did something other than crochet or cat-croon. I also found a space in our house that wasn't blue already. I saw this idea at the Purl Bee via Amy and Amanda and thought it was darling, and would be perfect in our sort of whimsical, patchworky downstairs hallway.

I ordered several Liberty cottons from Purl Patchwork. To me, there is no more beautiful fabric. I love calico lawn the way most people love chocolate. I don't love chocolate, but if I did, I would think that lawn, especially calico lawn, is like the truffle of the chocolate world — so luscious and wonderful it can only be consumed in nibbles. I cannot personally conceive of anything so wonderful as a whole dress in cotton lawn. (Though I had one once, one that I made in college, from fabric bought at a Amish fabric store in Kalona, Iowa. I sold the dress for $5 at my garage sale before I moved to Portland, along with about fifteen other of my homemade dresses. THAT WAS A TERRIBLE IDEA. I hardly ever let myself think about it. That dress in particular was so gorgeous. It was dark gray with lilac-colored flowers and felt like a summer nightgown. Actually, let's not think about it.)


I even went to the Liberty of London store once. It was in 1990, and November, early evening, and they were lighting the Christmas lights on Regent Street that night — I think there was a parade? It was the most beautiful thing. I never wanted to leave London, really. I weaved my way across the road to the Liberty store. I found a chair in the store on the second floor and just sat in it. For about half an hour. From the windows I could see the street and the lights. The fabric was so expensive, and I was living on Nanaimo bars and coffee as it was. I was 21. I didn't know anything about fabric other than JoAnn's and that amazing store in Kalona where we'd gone on a school field trip. I don't know what it was called or if it's still there. They had Liberty lawn, but didn't have electric light so after you bought your fabrics and took them outside, you would see that you'd actually bought gray instead of green. But it didn't matter. It was all so pretty.


These are scrapbook papers that I put in a bunch of inexpensive frames at the bottom of the stairs a few years ago. It was meant to be temporary — we've intended to do a bunch of little canvases, invite our friends over and set out paint, glitter, and glue and let them have at it, but I forgot to make that happen once I put these up. Maybe someday. There are a few more hallway pictures here, going further up the stairs. I like the hallway. Please don't ask me what color it is because I don't know. I don't really keep track of my paint colors. There is no particular paint that I like; I just get the urge and stop at the nearest paint store and pick out a chip. I rarely test or do the things you are supposed to do when painting, so believe me, you don't want my advice. And photos do make color look SO different. I wouldn't have believed it unless I saw my own paint colors in print and was shocked at the difference between the real thing and the printed thing.

Hallway4_2Thanks for the idea, Purl girls! They've created a lovely tutorial here. I didn't glue my fabrics in, just in case I wanted to change them out; I cut the edges of the bird print too soon, too. It clearly needs to be tightened, but there's almost nothing to grab and pull. Oh well, what can you do. I don't want to cut into any more of this precious stuff. I just want to hoard it, folded in precious, butterfly-wing-thin stacks.


Ohhh so yummy. You're right, you could just eat it up.

I wanna live in your house Alicia!

Oh I do love this fabric, too. I just bought 2 different liberty prints off ebay. I'm going to make a dress but I'm nervous to cut it...I love the bird fabric.

What a great idea! Will have to borrow it soon. May be perfect for over my bed...now the wheels are turning! Thanks for the Wednesday inspiration : )

how beautiful it is!

I have been in love with Liberty fabrics forever too!

i got so excited about this idea i did it too
you can see mine here -


What a lovely post...I've been seriously eyeing the liberty fabric for a summer dress, but I don't want to make a mistake with this fabric! I love the Liberty Wiltshire 9009s from Purl.

I love this idea and since I have so many fabrics I find I can't bring myself to cut up into little pieces, I'll be stealing your idea. Brilliant!

That is EXACTLY where I was going to put my hoops of fabric (but in my house, not yours): at the bottom of the stairs, where they curve into the living room...as soon as I find embroidery hoops, that is...I can't seem to find them anywhere in this town: not thrifts stores, not Micheals...is it possible everyone in East TN saw that Purl tutorial and decided to go out and buy them?

I am totally doing this in my little girl's "big girl" room this summer. It's so simple and looks so good.

I love the glimpses into your home!

Tricia's Treasures says: April 04, 2007 at 10:27 AM

YOU DON'T LIKE CHOCOLATE???!!!! Who EVER heard of such a thing??!! I wish I had been born with the not liking chocolate gene..... I love the color of your hallway even tho that isn't the color in real life, and I will be running out pronto to look for some embroidery hoops! Brilliant!


Hey, Kalona is in my neck of the woods!

liberty love. calico love. but i am afraid, most of all, nanaimo bar love. love love love!

So beautiful!! Your abode is the most lovley place I have ever seen through pictures. I love love love it.

I saw that idea a while ago and I was completely in love with it! Seeing yours makes me really want to do it now! They're just so pretty.

Elizabeth says: April 04, 2007 at 10:55 AM

I had a made dress from Liberty also - it was for an interview. I had no idea what it was, but my mother was determined that my dress was going to be made out of Liberty cotton and we went all over Mobile, AL looking for it. It was a beautiful dress and my mother has kept it - I wonder if I could talk her into digging it out this weekend? Thanks for bringing back such a nice memory.

Holy Crochet Chick!!! You don't like choco!!! I am glad you like caffine. Whew! The whole hall is green..Shut my mouth...I suggested green for the granny square room. I did a room in a mid range peach that is hot and bright. I started pale and the next season went two shades darker. It absorbs the glaring brightness. Surprisingly enough it does not feel hot. Reacts like a pink or rose. I have my hoops in a box but agnsting over which fabric to go in them. I like the horizontal layout for the hall.

Okay - I totally want to make some of those!! I saw wooden hoops when I was "thrifting" last week with my sister - and didn't buy any because I didn't know what I would do with them! ( I have enough of that kind of stuff taking over the house already!). Now I will definitely remember this idea when I see more, and also look for neat remnants, too! Thanks for all the lovely ideas!

So pretty! I have been fantasizing about going to London lately (I have never been) and going to the Liberty store is at the top of my list (well, tied for the top spot with Windsor Castle).

Wow- love this. I saw it on purl's blog but it is even cooler in someone's home.

I think I might do this in my hobby room- it has green walls too!

thinking of those handmade dresses makes me sad like the quilt that was left on the train... *sniff, sniff*

When I visited London, I knew nothing about fabric and I still know almost nothing, but my mother, who is a quilter knows everything and she said that I must go to Liberty of London and see it. Amazing, even if you know nothing... you can see beautiful everywhere you look.

the first tote bag i made was with liberty of london 4" squares that i purchased on ebay. the bag is not perfect and the fabric is probably too fine for a beginner. had i realized then that it was on the expensive-side i might not have used it (i'm glad i didn't know).

i love the idea of changing the fabric on display in the embroidery hoops - it's such a great idea. i treated myself to a small amount of the liberty fabric with the birds - i just couldn't resist the collage effect of the birds.

As beautiful as always Alicia! I recently purchased a bunch of wooden embroidery hoops to to the same. I plan on decorating a wall in my studio with them, if I can stand to part with any of my fabrics, that is.

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