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Blanket72dpi2 The eyelet-like yoke of yesterday's sweater reminded me that I never formatted the Tiramisu Baby Blanket for you. Click here to get the pattern. Organic cotton is super-yummy, but you can use another worsted-weight something if you want, no problem. It's easy to do and I think you'll like it. Please enjoy!


Thanks so much for the lovely pattern. My mother used to sit and crochet at night and now I wish I had paid more attention, but I am going to give it a try.
You are so talented!!!

Such a beautiful creamy blanket. Blue Sky Organic Cotton is one of my absolute favorite yummy to work with. Thanks for posting your pattern.This knitter may be crocheting sooner than she'd thought.

Such a beautiful blanket! I must try this out!!


Thank you for the free pattern!!! This blanket is very beautiful.


Thank you for the sweet treat!

Thank you for the pattern! It's going to go on my ever going to do list. :-)


Hi Alicia,
I remember seeing this on your blog or site; I have never crocheted before but I m going to ask an Aunt to help me. (Hopefully its not too hard) This is beautiful and so is that round yolk sweater (love the ribbons especially). You are so clever. Thank you.

Thank you so much! It's beautiful!

wow it's wonderful! i just love it. and i was needing something to make my new neice too. this will be perfect. thank you!

Thank you Alicia. What a darling blanket! I've just started visiting your blog and am in love with all your pretty pictures. I wish my house looked like yours! As it is it's a 1941 colonial with deeper historic colors throughout, but I'm planning to go lighter and brighter with the still mostly original kitchen so your kitchen is an inspiration.

Thank you so much for your generosity in providing this pattern. It's such a lovely blanket.

Yay A free pattern, gosh we are being spoiled :-) I have put a link up from my blog to this I hope that's ok!


wow...thank you so much! I'm just learning, so I don't think I can attempt this blanket yet...but I'll work up to it!

You gorgeous creature. This will make a perfect gift for my three friends having babies! Mwaw! (That's a kiss noise); ))

gorgeous blanket! Yummy!

Thanks, Alicia! It's beautiful!

Alicia......I just learned or relearned to chrochet last week and am on my way to a granny square baby coverlet! Thank you for your inspiration in the, to have this darling pattern!!!! WOW...and....I think I might be able to do it after reading the instructions. I have already copied it and will go over it with a friend to make sure I understand! Thank you for being so generous!

What a delicous baby blanket! Maybe this one is more my speed?! Thank You Alicia!
With Kindness,

gorgeous alicia, thank-you! i'll be making one of these for my new niece/nephew who is due to arrive anyday... i'd best be stopping with the computer and starting the crochet :)

It's gorgeous. Thank you for the pattern!

Hi Alecia, the blanket is very beautiful - wonderful colors and I love the ribbon. Also, I wanted to tell you that I have given a "Thinking Blogger Award", which is discussed in my blog's recent post. Would love for you to see it since you have been such an inspiration to me and really the reason I started a blog myself (which I know I've never mentioned until now and may sound slightly on this side of being stockerish, but really it's not (she says with a nervous, twittering, ever-so-slight giggle). So, hoping you can stop by :o)

What I meant to say is the I have given "you" a Thinking Blogger Award - I realized it came out sort of confused sounding above.

Thanks! Yummy!

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