Happy Weekend, Everybunny!

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Bunny9 This cute little bun-bun was made yesterday courtesy of Jennifer Murphy's tutorial. We stuck her en pointe into a spool of vintage thread, made pineapple smoothies, and went back to dreaming about Easter baskets, egg hunts, and new beginnings.

Oh, and don't forget about The Wind in the Willows on PBS Sunday night!


I so love that *far away* look on your sweet niece's face! Happy Easter to you and yours!

Oh how Darling! Have a great weekend :)

How darling, the neice and the bunny! Happy Easter Egg.

oh what a perfect springy picture! youth and sweetness like new green buds. happy weekend to you!

I want to come over to play at your house. :)

How sweet they are, the bunny & your niece!!!! What a fantastic pic! Absolutely LOVING the bunny.

How adorable!

cutie pies everywhere!

aww how cute. I saw her when she was on Martha and have been wanting to make one so badly!

Oh, Wind in the Willows.... I think too scary for my little girl but maybe I'll just watch it myself.

The bunny is so CUTE! I must must must make one! :O)

Your niece is so cute too, I bet you two have so much fun together!

Wow, I love that website! Her bears and bunnies are awesome! Love them all, she is so amazing!

Happy Easter!!!! :O)

I love that little bunny! She's almost as cute as the little girl, LOL!

Oh great, now I totally have another project that I MUST do!! Sooo cute!

Happy Easter!
God bless :)

Oh, how completely, adorably sweet that picture (and everybody/thing in it!) is!!
Happy Easter, happy spring, happy, happy EVERYTHING!

Oh... I didn't even know about that version of Wind in the Willows!

How cool!

Wow, thank you so much for the bit about Wind in the Willows! I am doing our baby girl's room in classic children's literature and The Wind in the Willows is what inspired it. I have an adorable set of knit characters that I purchased while I was pregnant. I want to paint the river banks on her wall. In fact, I think you have inspired a blog post for the day!

I wish you a happy and yummy easter.

=^..^= Alicia!

Ooooo! Thanks so much for the heads up on the Wind and the Willows! I'm going to make myself a special treat, tune PBS in ... and be inspired to create some little toads or such while I watch! Maybe i'll make them pompom toads ... there must be a way!

I never pay attention to the listings and miss everything. Can't wait to watch this Sunday!

Easter Kisses (Carob of course) for my Auds ...
(I trust the Easter Bunny knows she likes a basket of treats too? I used to hide one for my puppers and she'd hunt for it ... Then implore me with those big brown corgi eyes ... to hide it again & again!)
=^..^= love, zU

Ooh I saw that version of Wind in The Willows at New Year in the UK. Matt Lucas makes a perfect Mr Toad. Poop! Poop!
Happy Easter

happy weekend to you, alicia! i so love this photo.

Oh, thanks for letting me know about the Wind in the Willows. I loved that book when I was a kid. . . must see the movie!

I saw her make a bunny on Martha...super clever. Unfortunately I have only made the two pom-poms (haven't gotten farther than that) You've inspired me to get that bunny done!

What a great creation! I am planning on making one as well :) Have a wonderful Easter!
XXOO, Beth (a new resident to blogland)

I watched the video yesterday when she sent it out! I want to make one too.....yours really turned out cute! Happy Easter:)

Very sweet. I just love it!

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