Steely Dan called . . .

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Steelydan060817 . . . and he wants his fans back. Who knew you were all over here at Posie Gets Cozy?

Kidding. And I know Steely Dan is two guys, not one. Honestly, who would not want to party with these two???


Okay, I'll stop. At least we are all united in our mutual displeasure with mosquitoes and running out of bobbin thread. No one likes that. A few other people are befuddled by the medallion shirt. Bats — well, I hadn't thought about bats eating mosquitoes (pro), but was thinking only about my two bad bat experiences (con). One happened in the Australia House at Brookfield Zoo, where one can "enjoy a thrill as free-flying Rodriques fruit bats [as big as guinnea pigs] soar overhead and pause to hang upside down in true bat fashion," unless they actually fall from the ceiling and land on the floor at your feet, slowly flapping enormous wings up and down, in which case you will enjoy a panicked sprint against traffic, backwards through the Australia House. Several years later, I was staying at a cabin in Manistique, Michigan, with my family, and woke to hear my father screaming and chasing a bat around the house with a badminton racket. Apparently, as he slept, one landed, spread-eagle, on his face. He got the bat and, I'm sorry to say, pulverized it with the badminton racket. That morning, he stood on the porch at dawn and watched "hundreds and hundreds and hundreds" (he counted) of bats fly through a small hole in the roof and into the attic of the cabin. That's when we noticed that the ceilings in the cabin were sagging with the weight of guano. And, let me tell you, this was a tiny cabin. I can't believe it was still standing.

So, bats in the sky? Fine. Bats in my house, at my feet, or on a member of my family's face? Nooooooo. No.

I'd listen to "Peg" a thousand times before I'd love a bat, so there you go. You got me.


Ooh...i've got the shivers just thinking about it!

P.S. Thank you so much Alicia for adding my blog to your list...x

Our cat, Belle, has caught a bat and proudly brought it into the house and let it go - TWICE. I don't know how she catches them. I'm pretty sure that bats and I were equally alarmed.

But landing on one's face? That has got to be the worst.

My own family has a legendary bat story of it's own. It's a favorite to tell, but I'm pretty sure no one would want to repeat that night/morning.

Batface. NOT good. [shiver]

Chris Howard says: June 06, 2007 at 09:05 AM

Well okay, bats who get in your face are just pushing the bat-human relationship. The bats we seem to have around here are like cute little furballs with wings, and they have the good sense NOT to land on anyone's face. I have seen bat's "nest" in the eaves of someone's wrap around porch, and it was a very nice and well behaved bat. It slept curled up in a little ball during the day, and dutifully came out at night to eat bugs. No face landing or poo bombing. Perhaps you need to come down south Alicia and meet a better quality of bat?

IMO Bats are just rats with wings. I don't know what's worse, Steely Dan or a Steely Dan "tribute" band. I agree with you whole heartedly! For the record - I like vinegar.

Thank you so much for the mid morning laugh. I can only picture in my mind the two bat "incidents", but I am still laughing. Reminds me of the time when I went to church camp at Shephard's Fold in Oklahome. I slept in the top bunk and woke up to starring at several (note several) scorpions hanging from the ceiling. I promptly screamed and then fell from the top bunk onto a cement floor.
Nevertheless, on my face I do not want any bats. Every couple of years they roost in some of our trees and if you go out at night you can clap really loud and the sky/stars get blacked out. Kind of creepy, but then I hate bugs (except for Butterflies, dragonflies and ladybugs) -- so I can tolerate them.

On the Steely Dan front, I cannot even name one song they ever sang -- I just had to go look them up to see this info. Did not realize they sang Rikki Don't Lose that Number.... so it is official. I do not like them and pretty sure I never will. But that song is now stuck in my head for the day. Oiy vey, the agony.

Ok I laughed when I saw the Steely Dan pic, how funny.

You are officially invited to Lancaster County where vinegar is a staple, as is "Chow Chow" and all the pickled things you can think of!! Our best friends from Cincinnati just left after experiencing it all with us. I LOVE your pillow cases, by the way... we saw some very similiar stitchery at the Heritage Museum downtown yesterday... we also saw a camera crew waiting by Central Market to film that stupid reality show about losing weight...they were supposed to jog through there! eeek. Just what those people need: shoe-fly pie and chow-chow!!! (sidenote:Steely Dan gives me the whillys!!ewwww.)

Heh, I saw your photo and thought you'd written a post about the upcoming Harry Potter film. Don't you think they could pass as characters?

I never had batface but I did have batboob when one flew into our supposed luxury condo in Mexico and smacked me, then richocheted off my chest and flopped around on the floor. I shrieked like a banshee, but managed to scoop him out the door with a magazine.

I don't mind them hanging around eating mosquitoes, I just don't want them trying to cuddle with me.

My goodness, sounds like my sister's bat infested house in Benin when she was in the Peace Corp. A badminton racket was also her weapon of choice...light weight, easy to swing, and killed them with out splatting them. I still ask why she took a badminton racket to Africa.

Okay..I have to admit. I didn't read yesterday's post until after I saw the Steely Dan pic on this post and I was so disappointed that you actually liked them....Teach me to skip a day. My ex loved them...there may be the root of the whole problem....hmmm...anyway...I like paisley and hens and chicks (your little cactus)...go figure!

i was a little confused as to what you meant by the medallion shirt thing, but lo and behold, 20 minutes after i read the post, i was standing in line at a bank and saw one.

they are strange, and unattractive, indeed.

We had bats in our attic a few years ago and let me tell you, it's not a fun experience to pop up there to get something and have a CREATURE fly so close that you nearly fall down the opening for the pull-down stairs. We evicted the colony and put chicken wire over our louvers, and they haven't come back.

At least it wasn't Steely Dan flying at my head. That would have been absolutely terrifying, and I would have fallen.

Also, a bat story to share. Last summer I was at a music festival in Vermont (I'm a musician). One of the cellists was teaching a lesson in the church we used for reheasal space when a bat flew in, completely freaking out the wee young thing who was attempting Mary Had a Little Lamb. The cellist proceded to dispatch the poor, confused bat with his cello bow. So add that to your list of potential bat protection devices.

Manistique! Wow. Who knew I'd ever hear that mentioned outside of Michigan. And I am from Manisteeeeee. :)

nice choice of picture, alicia :). they look like stereotypical undertakers, no offense to undertakers. the bat story ... shivers.

for a gal that isn't going to like steely dan, ever, i am impressed that they made an appearance here... it does look like they could use a few minutes of good old fashioned sunshine though, doesn't it?

You're so much fun Alicia!

Bats beaming down on one's personage is not becoming bat behavior or the makings of a lasting bat friendship. I would have felt moved to place them on a list of my own too!

Ah, you're but a wee slip of a girl Alicia, that's why you can't stomach Steely Dan. If you were older than dirt like some of your readers, ahem me, you most likely would have thought they were pretty cool for a brief while and then found later in life that they made your teeth ache and your tummy sour. See how that came full circle and we are simpatico?! :)

I am thrown by the medallion shirt thing ... are these perhaps those kind of Gucci/Pucci silk things with medallion graphics on them? If yes, I join you in your state of distaste.

My mom once woke (while staying at my Aunt's) to a bat perched on her shoulder. Needless to say quite a ridiculous scenario ensued.

You're killing me with Steely Dan. I HATE Steely Dan and my husband loves them. And he likes to taunt me by playing them for me. And I tell him all the while how terrible it is. Our tastes line up almost exactly in every other regard.

oh my goodness you are funny!...that brought back my own bat experience which is similar to your cabin story... mine was my mom & the weapon was a broom but it was enough to give me a healthy fear of the winged rodent (i don't really know if they are a rodent but don't they seem like a mouse with wings?...ugghhh!)

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