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Pasta1_2 Oh, I miss cooking. I haven't been cooking very much. I usually cook with my niece on Wednesdays, but it's been so hot it's hard to care on the other days. I'm just as apt to run out for salad rolls as anything else (and way too sweaty to make them myself, for sure). But today it's cold and cloudy and feels like fall. I'm trying to think of something to make and drawing a complete blank. It seems like something complicated and . . . potato-y . . . should be on the menu. I wish I'd asked for that mandolin for Christmas, and then I'd make a fancy gratin or something. It actually wouldn't be a bad day to turn on the oven. My next-door neighbor is a pastry chef and she's offered to give me some lessons. I wonder if she's home today. If sweets are in order, cinnamon rolls, real cinnamon rolls, might be a good thing to learn from a pro. Anyway, I feel like making something in the kitchen. Not sure if it will happen, but it sounds nice, cinnamon-sugar or crusty potatoes, bubbling away. It's either that or maybe go see Ratatouille tonight. I'll let you know what develops.


I know just what you mean. Still has not cooled off here though -- so no oven for me! You know I have noticed a strange feeling in the air, like fall, just here and there. Kind of like Fall is just floating on little particles, here and there.. just to entice you. Teasing you to start thinking about fall, the colors, the smells, football, trees turning, holidays... Trying to give you a little taste of things to come, soon. hmmmmm

Ratatouille - a little long, but loved the movie. Emma even liked it and she has the patience, of well, an almost 6 year old.

if you don't manage to make something before you see Ratatouille, you definitely will afterwards. although, we stopped at the local french bakery on the way home!

I agree with the above comment - seeing movies about food always make me want to cook - even if there are slightly "realistic" rats in the movie - We took all the kids and I think I loved it as much as they did!
Cinnamon rolls or a potatoe dish both sound yummy - I may have to whip up something special for dinner now!

You take the most beautiful photographs!

I would be sitting on your neighbor's doorstep every day!

Ratatouille was so good! I totally loved it!

Mmmmm - fall :) Mmmmm - Potatoes :) Mmmmmm - Cinnamon Rolls!

Oh, Ratatouille! That's my vote. It's so charming, so lovely, it will cure any kitchen doldrums instantly.

...And speaking of potatoes: Have you tried Jeffrey Steingarten's potatoes au gratin? The recipe's in It Must Have Been Something I Ate (and I'll happily send it along if you don't have it). They're extraordinary, especially on a fall-like day.

sara jane says: July 26, 2007 at 11:08 AM

If your neighbor's not home, I might recommend these cinnamon rolls:
(sorry, I don't do html). She's quite humorous and the instructions are illustrated. I don't normally bake - but they turned out fabulous... and freeze very well.
mmmmm.... cinnammmmonnnnnn

I don't generally have that problem with cooking, just cleaning! At worst, I'm out of food to make anything good. But you know, you are welcome to borrow my awesome mandoline until you get a chance to sucker someone into spending the $100 on one for you.

Nice bowl...I had to beg the people at the thrift store to sell me their "popcorn" bowl...it does work great for popcorn, I have to admit. Your menu choice sounds yummy. You can't really go wrong with cinnamon rolls especially on a cold day. Enjoy the day and whatever you decide to fill it with.

Funny, yesterday was the hottest day we've had here all summer and I decided to roast a pork. Cinnamon rolls sure do sound good. No baking today, though. Now I'm thinking a trip to the bakery is in order.

Here's a potato-egg casserole with sour cream and bread crumbs that my mom used to make, partly to make my Hungarian father happy, and largely because it's delicious !


I concur with all the girls - no matter what you end up cooking GO see Ratatouille.

P.S. Now I'm hungry. FEED me.

Understand whatcha mean with the lonely kitchen. It's been cooler than usual where I am, but still hot and really humid. Makes for me not wanting to turn the oven on, but, if anything, Ratatouille will make ya either want to cook or run to the nearest french-ish type bakery or restaurant.

Elizabeth says: July 26, 2007 at 11:36 AM

If you love to cook, you will love Ratatouille!! I especially loved it because they modeled the dinning room after a restaurant in Paris that my husband and I had our 20th anniversary dinner. The restaurant's name is Taillevent. They also used The French Laundry in the wine country. It was just plain adorable and well done!!
I think I feel like making something fun in the kitchen too!:)

you'd like to make the ratatouille from the movie, i think. the ny times published the recipe a couple weeks back and i am making it this weekend.

Ratatouille is a GREAT movie! You should go see it!

If you are in the mood for something potato-y, though, may I suggest this recipe for Zuppa Toscana:
It's a creamy potato and sausage soup. It's supposed to be like the one the Olive Garden serves.

Oh Ratatouille looks so cute! You'll have to give your review!

Cinnamon rolls sounds delicious!!


Go see Ratatouille...it's great!

Ratatouille was adorable!!

Now, I have a rather inane question for you: where did you get that mixing bowl in your picture? I have one just like it only orange and it is my favorite. I'm hoping to buy more, but I have no idea where I bought mine and I haven't seen them in stores. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Do both! I loved the movie- note the tiny hands....just don't know how artists do the wonderful things they do! Now I just wish I was in your kitchen so I could join in! xxoo

i totally know what you mean about the heat- it's been in the nineties and ridiculously humid for the past two weeks. i've been eating a lot of popcorn and cheese and crackers (really nutritious- but it's all i can bring myself to make). although somehow i managed to make two batches of raspberry jam- that was hot- but sooo worth it.

I remember those kinds of bowls from when I was a kid! My mom always used one like that to raise her bread dough. It would be sitting on top of a heat register with a damp dishcloth draped over it. They are Texas Ware bowls. I don't know if you can get them new anymore... eBay! I bought myself one at a yard sale.

Alicia, I am on my way over. Whatever you are cooking will be better than the PB&J I am making. :-)

Thanks for adding me to your lovely little blog list. That explains why I have been having so many visitors. You are well loved. :-)

Reading about all your adventures really makes me miss hearing your voice telling them! You are such an inspiration for happiness in all you do.

The movie is excellent, by the way. You forget you are watching a movie about a rat in a kitchen.

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