Heart-Shaped Interlude

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I made some waffles for you because I'm going to take a blog-break  for the rest of the week as I cobble my wits together and get all the parts and pieces straight. Thank you for your kind comments and the extra emails with offers of assistance, interest, and support — sweet sweet sweet people. I'm privileged to share this experience with you. Your enthusiasm means so much to me, butter and syrup in the nooks and crannies of my heart. Thank you.

Take it easy out there — and I'll see ya Monday. xoxo


Bobbie Duran says: August 08, 2007 at 01:16 PM

A well deserved rest for you and as a new reader to your blog I am excited for you. Thanks for the waffles they look great, yum!

Gorgeously yummy! See you soon! Lauriexx

Thanks guys -- the waffle maker is several years old and from Williams-Sonoma. :-)

Have a great week Alicia! Hugs! :O)

You have such a lovely way about you. Will miss my fix, but understand!

We all need peace in our lives. Enjoy a few days of rest. The waffles look lovely. Thanks for ALL of your kind words and GREAT ideas. Lee Ann

You are so loveable AND I ate EVERY bite!! :)

Hope you enjoy your break... I'll sure miss reading your posts!!

god, I love just saving up a week of your posts and reading them all at a time. . .all out-loud, to pete and whatever baby is in the room.

okay, hang in there I am thinking of you, and post about breakfast whenever. call me whenever. . .

Thanks for the waffles, yummy! Take it easy and don't stress, enjoy each moment!

Cute waffles.

Have a nice break!

My husband can't get enough of your food pics. I usually end up having to make something just as spectacular to keep him from pouting all day.

Have a fantastic week!

Don't work too hard, and remember to have fun - a book is so exciting!! I can't wait until it's on the shelf.

Good luck, good luck, good luck!

remember to enjoy the process and have fun!

Have a wonnderful relaxing break!!


I think I just found out what we're having for lunch today!! Love your blog!
Sarah :)

Love those heart-shaped wafflies! Have a great weekend Alicia! :)

It's so great and exciting that there will be a book by you that also has pictures taken by you in it! All the best and lots of energy!

they look delicious!

you are just delightful! i hope you get a lot done this weekend! :)

Delicious. Relax and enjoy the process.

Hope you get a lot done on your blog break!

Thanks for the waffles! Yummmm

enjoy your break! love the waffles!

those are adorable. hurry back.

Mmmmm, they look lovely! Have a fab week!
Alison x

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