Last Night

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It was the last concert of the year at the farm last night. It seems there've been a million days between Andy's birthday, when the peonies were blooming; the Fourth of July, when the fireworks were; our anniversary, when we spent the night; and now, when the dahlias sparkle and shine.


It feels like fall is creeping in at the farm. Even Farmer Don said it was here. He said it'd been a great summer. The air smelled like basil and hay. It was hard for me to not remember last month, when Audrey was at the farm with us, lying on the blue blanket, watching the crowd. I was so glad that we'd brought her then. We thought she was hurt, but not sick. She always enjoyed being out with us, part of things. I felt so special when I was out with her because everyone always smiled at us, no matter where we went. Everyone smiles at a little corgi. It makes you feel like they're smiling at you. I miss that.


There was a man standing in a field of marigolds. I thought he was pretty damn cute.


He offered me a teensy cinnamon donut and I said, "I'll follow you anywhere, baby. Lead on."


The hayride wove us through the fields.


And the band played into the night.


Sounds like a dream!

Dahlias can make my heart hurt - beautiful things have a way of doing that. To be close to it all and run away at the same time, it's all too much. I don't know how that is. I'm thinking of your heart this day with all the stretches and aches it's in. Thank goodness for an Andy to follow through it all.

Oh, that looks wonderful. I so miss Portland at this time of year. What farm is that? I'd love to go there on my next Portland visit.

I love this post, charming!

That man is darling. Donut or not. I think I saw a little angel over his shoulder smiling at you.

How beautiful - thanks for posting this - my sister is getting married at Kruger's Farm the end of Sept. and this makes me feel like I'm amost there :-)....We are going for a week and I can't wait!

That's so true about people smiling at corgis! We always get comments and smiles when Indiana is with us - people invariably ask about her legs. Even so, she always smiles back!

Oh, isn't it so lovely! A special cusp-of-Autumn memory to cherish :)

We were just there at Kruger's last Thursday - loved it! Porland was at it's most beautiful this past week and I was sorry to come home so soon. Between the bbq there and too much Staccato Gelato, I really felt like I was trying to make the last of summer a good memory.
Also, your husband wins the cute dimples award in that photo!

andy is so fine.

Ahhhh that looks so nice. What a pleasant peaceful place for memories!

so magical and beautiful! so glad you are enjoying life in general, i am sure audrey was smiling at you.

I want to live in Portland instead of Asheville, NC...although this hillbilly drawl might make it difficult!

I couldn't read your blog for a few days after your sweet Audrey died...made me cry.


As I read you post, especially the last sentence, I kept thinking of this song - We Danced Anyway by Deana Carter.
Love that song, and the video is even set to Little Mermaid (don't know if you're a fan). Here's to hoping you can always come back to these memories.

Bobbie Duran says: August 31, 2007 at 12:16 PM

Wow, the flowers look wonderful and it looks like the two of you had an awesome day and the evening looked just as beautiful. Here in Southern California we can not wait for fall, it’s over 100 here, but then this is summer. A few days ago I looked at your category section to catch up and there was a beautiful photo of Audrey. It was a head shot of her in the snow and I just looked at it for a while. You and Andy will always miss her. They bring a joy to us and that is why it is so hard when they leave us. I have a corgi too, he is a Pembroke named Kelvin. He is seven and I think they are just happy little dogs. When I look at him he looks as if he is smiling right back at me.

Cute guy, farm, donuts, and dahlias...just about perfect. I'm glad you brought Audrey last time you were there, too.

How romantic is that? Pastries, and 'I'll follow you anywhere'.
:-) I hope you are able to find some new furry friend that you love as much as you love Audrey. Love makes the world go round, after all.

Lovely. I'd follow the donut, too. :D

what a perfect evening :)

Well, the cute guy can even make marigolds look good (a flower I do not like)!!!

I can understand your response to the donut, certainly. :)

Good thing I have my own cute husband who indulges me. I'm going to go swimming today to continue my heavy burden (literally) of burning off 13 yrs. worth of calorie-ridden indulgences. :(

I, too, am glad that Audrey got to go to the farm last time. I know you treasured Audrey. It is obvious to the many, many people you shared her with.

I was thinking....

People tell us, in order to provide comfort during bad times, that, "This, too, shall pass." Fair enough. However, I find this concept particularly valuable to recall during the good times, the "normal" ones.

"This, too shall pass..," is equally applicable to the wonderful times and beautiful things found in each stage of our lives. Things don't last indefinitely. To know this gives us our best shot at truly SEEING and actively loving our most precious blessings while we have them. We can better treasure our loved ones and appreciate people/places/things when we have the foresight to realize that "things" won't always be as they are now. Like Audrey and the Farm, ...we rarely know when it's the Last Time, do we?

Please know that I *do not* think about these things in a morbid sense! These thoughts don't have a depressing air about them, to me. Instead, these realizations are a blessing. They wake me up to Reality, *as* it is unfolding...

I feel richly blessed for this bit of wisdom, which came after my bout with bacterial meningitis, five years ago.

Love today's post. Dahlias are beautiful. Wish I could have been there, but we live down in Medford. It is HOT here!

Ellen P.

We were there last night too. It was perfect!

You're gonna be okay. *hug*. Julie

tell that man standing in the marigolds that the fam was roaring with laughter again watching our personal copies of The Herring. i still can't get over andy's dad and that wig!

and to you ms. a., the sun will just keep getting brighter and brighter. don't you worry. xoox.

how beautiful it looks. so glad it gave you some comfort, memories help us cope. i just got my first dog last may because my daughter-in-law(a vet) needed to find her a home because she was 8 years old and sick. i thought(foolishly) that i could love her just enough until i lose her without realizing how much she is now part of my world. i hope time brings you and yours comfort.

Now I know where to go to meet cute be-dimpled guys who encourage donut eating. Be still my heart! Farm life, here I come!

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