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Model1_2 I spent all day yesterday at the mall, shopping for clothes and props for the photo shoots for the book. If you're going to be a stylist, I would think you'd truly have to love to shop. Luckily, I enjoy it. The shoots haven't started yet, but they'll be starting soon. This is a shot of a photo on my bulletin board of one of my models, Nicole. I worked with her several years ago on a shoot we did with the talented photographer Brian McDonnell, Elizabeth Dye's exquisite fairy-tale clothes, and some tiny handbags I used to make. Nicole has an inquisitive, gentle quality that compliments the projects I'm designing. There's a quietness to her beauty that I find very appealing. Isn't she pretty?

We're doing everything on a tight budget, with family and friends modeling and lending locations and props. Twenty-five of the thirty projects are finished, so I'm starting to have a better idea of what models will be photographed with which projects, what locations we'll use, what props are necessary, what clothes they need, all that stuff. It's been almost impossible for me to think "photos" while still thinking "patterns," though the deadline is so tight I've kind of had to. But now that I'm in the homestretch, I can see things coming together. It's exhilarating, sometimes in a good way, sometimes in a nervous-making way, to have so much creative control and responsibility. It keeps me hopping. I was going to haul things and peeps out to Astoria, but I've changed my mind about that — just too logistically complicated, though I really did have visions of Nicole on Kathleen's yellow bicycle by the sea, holding the Road-Trip Handbag, sigh. There are kids and babies involved, and then there's me frequently acting like a baby, so things have to be simple. I think now that most of the photos will be done here at Posie Manor (painting/repainting certain little walls between photos, to get the background colors right), and the rest around town (anyone know of a cool, old-fashioned Laundromat?).

Anyway, deep breath. And a big thank you to Andy, Julie, my two moms, Ellen, Sarah, and Shelly, who've put up with me pretty much every day all summer and not complained once. To my face. For which I am sincerely grateful.


And this, too, as all of your other projects, will turn out oh-so-fabulous when all is said and done :) Keep the faith, mama.

p.s. mail out to you TODAY!

Wow. I am so impressed! I am so looking forward to your book!!! When will it be released? I'm sure not for a long, long time, but I'm already so excited about it!

I can't wait for your book...but guess I will have to. Hard to believe it will take a year after you submit everything to publish it. I am impressed that you have the time to get all this done AND to blog about it!

"Posie Manor", I like that.

I can't wait for your book! I know it is going to be incredible!It's funny...when a blog author you read comes out with a book it feels like an old friend has made it big and it's so fun to watch it all happen!


How exciting your life is during this time.

Nicole is lovely, she has beautiful blue eyes.

Congratulations on your many endeavors and continued success shall surely come your way.


Jill 00

Sounds like lots of fun. Can't wait to see the results.

Nicole has an ethereal look to her. Those eyes! That skin! I am also looking forward to your book. At the moment, I am trying to find "Bend the rules sewing" I think I'm going to order it. I can't find it locally. I'm sure your photos will be fine. Look at your track record. Have fun!

I can't wait to see the book! Your creations&photos are always so fresh and beautiful that you could hold the shoot in a dungeon, they would still look fabulous!

Lovely tease! I don't know how I'll be able to wait. BTW I meant to say this before, when you were worried about stepping on toes by mentioning your book on the heels of someone else's. The wonderful thing about people who love books is that we can enjoy what's in the stores today while anticipating what is to come later.

It sounds like your book is going to be great. The girl is pretty, such pretty eyes.Good Luck. Nita

Well, there's this laundromat over on Belmont and probably 25th or 30th:

It's a bit dingier than it looks in that picture, but depending on the shot you want and the area of the laundromat, you might get some interesting photos there. That's the only laundromat in Portland we've really been to. It's called "Wash World" :)

It will be so fun to see what kind of loveliness is included in your book :) Good luck with the last bits!

Bobbie Duran says: August 07, 2007 at 11:17 AM

You must me so excited and it seems that you have a supportive family which is a big plus. Best to you and I can’t wait for the book

She is beautiful. Wow, the photo shoot sounds exciting!

Oh, what fun! I wish I was working on designing this book. From everything you've said so far about it, I can imagine it'll be beautiful.

So excited for you. If you ever need any words, letters or shapes I'd love to send you some (my compliments, of course) to help keep your costs down. Your model is just lovely and I know the whole book will be as well! xo

Nicole is so lovely and looks like she would be perfect in an English costume drama (my favorite). A yellow bicycle... divine! I can't wait to get this book!

Now... Is that Miss Nicole from Top Model?

Hey Alicia!

I've been wanting to congratulate you on your new fabulous project, but I haven't had a chance yet. I cant wait to see everything you've been working on. I'm sure it will be stunning and quite inspiring.

I am just so certain this book will be completely filled with wonderful-ness! Very exciting! I am fascinated to read about how you are doing it all. I have often dreamed of how much I would love to be a photo stylist - I want to take all my vintage dishes and collections and style photographs with food - some of my favorites are in the Mary Engelbreit cookbooks. It would be so much fun to put them together. That is one of the many reasons I enjoy your blog so much - your lovely colorful photos of things you make or bake or find remind me of those same kinds of pictures. Simply beautiful!

She's lovely, and I look forward to seeing her with your pretty things in the book. So much detail. I'll appreciate your book all the more knowing how much you've put into it!

I can't wait for the book and yes, she is lovely.

Can't wait for your book. Love the model. I want to know what she is thinking!!!

oh alicia, this is so exciting! remember to have fun. if you need a ramshackle house with half-painted walls, broken windows, and wires hanging out of the ceiling, you know where i live. i'm thinking hard about a laundromat...miss you and will email more soon!!

Gosh - her skin is divine!

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