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Aprons2 Well, still needing some time away. Audrey hurt her back a few weeks ago and is having a hard time. After several consultations with our vet, an MRI is scheduled for Wednesday.

If you can think good thoughts, or say a little prayer, or wish upon tonight's first star, we could sure use some love over here for our girl. Thanks, guys. xo


sending lovingkindness out to sweet Auds...and ALL of you

pure, perfect, positive, paw-riffic love is coming your way from st. lou!


Poor pup. Sending good thoughts for all your way.

sending prayers and hugs your way....

Good wishes, sweet corgi girl. Feel better in no time. Sully sends s corgi kiss!

Sweet thoughts being sent to Audrey :)

All good thoughts and love to little Audrey--hope she's on the mend and feeling better soon.

Feel better Miss A!

Sending good thoughts your way!

Poor baby. We will definitely make a wish and say a little prayer for her. Emma will be so sad to hear Audrey does not feel good.

Definitely being send "speedy recovey" thoughts her way!

our darling dog had a slipped disc injury, followed by surgery. it was a long recovery, but she is happy and bouncy now. i'm hoping that audrey's injury isn't as bad...and that her bounce returns quickly.

It's terrible knowing your pet is in pain. The Perseid Meteor shower was at its peak last night, but there will still be tons of shooting stars tonight...I know what (who) I'll be wishing for.

gentle hugs and kisses to you Audrey!

Oh poor baby. I'll be sending lots of wishes for a feeling-much-better Audrey very soon. And hugs for her mommy and daddy too. It's so very hard when your babies are in trouble.

little m and i will wish on tonight's first star
sending good thoughts

awww :( guess that means that you just HAVE to spend extra cuddle time with her now, huh? vet's orders and all... ;)

feel better Audrey and the rest of ya'll :)

Bobbie Duran says: August 13, 2007 at 11:05 AM

A big hug and kiss to Audrey. I have a corgi also and that is one of the things us corgi owners worry about. I will say an extra prayer for your girl.

I seem to have a personal "in" with St. Francis of Assisi, who just last week saved my sweet 20- year-old cat, Sierra, from an illness I was almost sure would take her. She's fine today, and I'll speak with him about Audrey. Bless her little heart.

Awwww...poor sweet girl. That's no fun, but sending lots of good thoughts and puppy love (as it were) her and your way.

good thoughts coming your way for Miss Audrey. my dog Porter had hip surgery recently after finding out his hip bone didn't form properly, and my heart ached for him while he was in pain. I just wanted to make him feel better!

Ohh Nooo... All my good wishes going to your door step... Thinking of Audrey...

Chris Howard says: August 13, 2007 at 11:18 AM

Much love, prayers and positive thoughts for Miss Audrey and her sweet owners.

Prayer said, and loving and hopeful thoughts go out to all of you. All pet owners know how hard it can be when a dear family member is ailing! Love and kisses and puppy hugs.

rubbing noses for good luck Audrey, we all love you!

oh poor dear Audry! do corgis have back problems like dauschunds? i was thinking of getting a cute little dauschund until someone said they can get bad backs and could require very expensive surgery....i hope that Audrey will be okay!!

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