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I broke the sound barrier late last night with the sound of the deafening sigh that emanated from my very core when I had finally color-corrected the last photo, scanned the last diagram, and printed out the last page of my manuscript. The draft of Stitched Souvenirs is, for the most part, complete. I have several photos to redo, a few more paragraphs to write, and some backmatter to gather, but really, really . . . it's done.

Miss Clover Meadow Paulson had her second FRAP last night (and if you have never raised a puppy, you might not know about FRAPs — Frenetic Random Activity Periods — wherein the puppers goes berserker and careens wildly through the house for a few minutes). As I watched her, ears flapping, little legs spinning, eyes gleaming, skidding out whenever she crossed the small patch of hardwood floor between the living and dining rooms, I felt I could truly relate. I've felt like I've been in the midst of a summer-long FRAP since I started the book in June, lurching wildly around the place, feeling both joy and panic, skidding out, rubber-band legs going in every direction, crying and yodeling. When Clover finished her performance, she collapsed on the sisal, tiny ribs heaving, and looked at us in bewilderment as if to say, "What was that?" And I could relate to that, too. We tried not to giggle and kissed the sweet spot, where giant ear turns into forehead, while she caught her breath.

Thank you to all of you who have been here this summer, padding the sharp corners and removing obstacles as I've taken the tight turns at top speed, patting me gently when I've been tired, sending comfort when I've been sad and lonely. I can hardly express how much your generosity, interest, patience, and kindness has meant to me and to Andy, and I'm sure to Audrey, because I do believe she knows, and now to Buttercup Clover Meadow Pinkytoes Paulson. Thank you for everything. I'm always so moved by the people who read every day, or who say "I've never commented before, but . . . ," or our real-life friends we've known for years and years who we come to find out have been reading the blog quietly the whole time (which makes me blush). I sense you all out there and I read everything you say, laughing, sniffling, nodding, silently grateful for your interest, your wisdom, and your friendship. Several times over the last week people said "We're all in this together," meaning this life, these experiences, these dreams and dogs and days good and bad. And yes, that's so what I wanted to hear and exactly what I love about it all. This weekend is my two-year blogiversary. And what I've learned these past two years from blogging is, I think, simply that, that we're all in this together. I've felt that more than ever lately.

It's been hard not to show you everything I've made for the book, believe me, since designing these projects is pretty much all I've been doing every day for months. Marie-Clara, pictured above and who you might remember from last winter, inspired by the barf-o-rama, has been rechristened the "Nutcracker Doll" for the book, one of the few projects that is not entirely new. But to me she truly epitomizes the spirit of this collection. Each of the thirty projects has something personal at its core, something evocative of special times, something that translates the richness of daily life and gives back to it. At least, that's what I've attempted to do. We'll have to wait 'til fall 2008 see if I've succeeded in that.

But for now there's so much else I want to tell you about, things I haven't had time to show you, books I've read and discovered, meals I want to cook, projects I want to do, my puzzle, my cross-stitch, new movies and TV shows (Gossip Girl, you have big shoes to fill now that Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars are gone and I almost fell asleep during your pilot . . . I hope I was just tired . . . but I'm just sayin' . . . big shoes), plans I have for crocheted things. Magazines I haven't even looked at yet. My mother-in-law's visit in a few days. Family coming from across the country for Thanksgiving. Portland in the fall. I went out to the yard yesterday and saw that autumn has truly arrived. I think I completely missed the end of the summer. I hardly remember a thing. This morning, the sound of rain in the dark. But it was a beautiful sound. The first sound of my fresh start. Phew. (That's the second sound: "Phew!")


Congratulations!! Now, how can we stand to wait for the book????

am I the first commenter today?? Wow! The book is done, we should throw you a party (even a virtual one). Hello Arden, Emma has a letter to send to you right on the table here. xo

I really like the idea of personal projects in the book - rather than a tick list of random projects. Do you think that sharing the stories behind the things you make via the blog has cemented them in your mind and influenced you in your approach.

I also have to say that I am SO (selfishly??) looking forward to a new myriad of posts from you about pets and cooking and baking and books and movies and crafting and decorating and TV and family and friends and home and, well, just , you - you know ? Because it is all so enjoyable to read and see, and i just love it all!
Yep- really looking forward to it!

I actually really enjoyed gossip girl,and felt so silly for loving it since im like 30 and the show is about 17 yr olds,hah.
Im so looking forward to your new posts and bright pictures,I always find them inspiring.My puppy is 2 and still has FRAP a few times a day :)

Happy blogiversary! And congratulation in being done(ish) with the book!

welcome to a new season :)

so far, gossip girl the show is not as good as gossip girl the books... but i'm cautiously optimistic that it will improve.

Oh, sweet, sweet Puppers! I felt like that last fall... I totally missed all of autumn and didn't even decorate for Christmas, that's how crazed I was. It was no fun. This year I vowed to take it easy and actually have some fun. I'm so glad you'll have a rest from the book to enjoy Oregon in Autumn (my favorte season in Oregon -- I grew up near Corvallis), enjoy your sweet new puppy, and welcome the magic of the winter holidays. You deserve some sweetness.

Happy Blogiversary! Marie-Clara is an adorable little doll. I can't wait to see your book!

happy blogiversary!! i have quietly followed your blog for the past year and it has been such a pleasure reading it. i'm excited to see what new ideas and life experiences you bring this next year. keep up the fantastic work! :)
i'm also excited and anxious to see your finished book.

congrats! i look forward to the publication. welcome back to a slower paced life. perfect timing, since autumn is so nice to take in slowly.

happy blogiversary!

Oh my gosh, congrats on the impending done-ness of your book! That has to be a great feeling! You might even feel like FRAPping! On the subject of frapping, your super-cute description inspired me to do a post about FRAPping! I must warn you, there is a shameless t-shirt promotion hidden within it though!

I think you did a wonderful job in keeping up with your blog and doing all your work on the book. I can't wait for your book as I have said before! A whole year though? :( I guess it is something to look forward to though. Hang in there with Gossip Girls... I think the second show was better than the first. My daughter read all the books and said that they are mixing a lot up and fast forwarding a lot of the story lines. There are so many fun shows ahead that my head is spinning. I can't wait to see Pushing Daisies. I hope it lives up to the hype they have been giving it. This is my favorite time of year and when I come alive. Can't wait to see what you are going to cook and sew next!! Happy Fall.

I have a grown daughter, a daughter who just started college and a son who is a junior in high-school. I think they would be jealous if they knew how much I've worried about you the past weeks. (moms are professional worriers!) Now I know your heart is on the mend and I'm so glad! You've had so many people thinking good thoughts and praying for you because you bring out the good in people! I love your blog and can't wait to see what you do next! Thanks for the inspiration you bring to all of your fans.

I can totally sense your inspiration, your relief, and your excitement. This post makes me picture you out on your cute little porch (I remember it well) pups in hand, the sun shining, a gentle breeze passing by--and a hopeful, peaceful smile across your face. Really, that's what I see in your words.

(Of course, all this is in between

I've been a quiet reader here for a long time, but today I really felt driven to say that I'm a fellow Oregonian, and this morning I woke up to darkness and the sound of rainfall, too. And that's why I love your blog so much: every time I read a post I think to myself, "I'm so glad someone else felt that, too."

Congratulations on your book (which I'm sure is gorgeous) and your blogiversary :)

I absolutely enjoy your blog and I've been reading every day for quite awhile. {I may have commented once before.} I even went back to read most of your archives. It's inspirational in so many ways! Thank you! You have such a way with words. And your new little pup is adorable!

Dear Alicia,

I have only recently discovered your blog and in that short time you have become such an inspiration to me and in so many ways. As a dog lover, and a cat lover, as a writer and a photographer and as a creative person and a human being.

Congratulations on your book, 2 years blogging and on sweet, sweet, dear Clover.

with much love from Nova Scotia,


Ms Charity Case says: September 28, 2007 at 11:25 AM

I just wanted to say congratulations on the new addition to the family, Clover meadow is sooooo cute. Have you ever been to this blog
She has just got a Corgi puppy too and I posted your link to her I hope you don't mind it is her first corgi and she might be glad of some of your corgi experience.
I think Clover will bring joy into your heart and make you smile again.( oh and your DH)

congrats on (almost) finishing your book. I can hear/feel your relief through your words. I look forward to a year from now when I can hold it in my hands.
Your tales of being a Corgi mom have made me rethink my 'next dog' wish. I think there may be a corgi in my future as my present 4- footed friend is becoming gray around her muzzle and is showing other signs of age. Not that I'm wishing her on to doggie heaven, but just thinking ahead to the time when she is no longer with me.

congratulations! and happy blogiversary to you!

You made it through! Congrats! And that is one very adorable and very kissable puppy. Can't wait for the book.

Congratulations on the book and the two year anniversary of the blog! I'm happy to see that other people, you, give a multitude of names to their dogs. :O) Ours all answer to many names. Hugs to you and Clover, and kiss the top spot for me, too. samm in canada

I just want to add my congrats here as well, and we will all be silently awaiting the publishing date. I can't wait, either, to see what crops up for you between the leaves turning, falling, and snow (hopefully) blessing us again! You are truly a joy to behold in blogland Alicia. Thank you for allowing us to even BE apart of your life.

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