Oh, and did I mention I got a new couch?

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Yes, it's ultrasuede, and it came with this adorable pillow!

Let's just look at it again, shall we?


Oh my. They do charge extra for a pillow like this. But I highly recommend the upgrade. Ask for the "Flirty-Flirt De-luxe" model. Or the "Pretty-Pretty-McPrettygirl." Or wait, I think, yeah — they also call it the "How Can You Resist Me You Cannot" upgrade. I think that's right. Actually, you know what, just say you want the Clover Meadow Special. I think they'll know exactly what you mean if you just say that. The Clover Meadow Special-oh-so-very-Special. 


Oh, I wish I had such a perfect pillow at my house. And the paws, those fabulous puppy paws!

Oh my! I want one of those sofas, too! I can tell you are over the moon in love, sweet Alicia!

We're all enjoying watching the process. Whenever I think I should wait a bit longer for a new puppers, I look at Clover and think I need to change that thought!

Keep having fun!

Goodness, your little Clover is precious beyond words!! A beautiful bundle of love indeed!!

Okay, pass over the pillow, I need to snorgle!

Look at those bunny ears! I need a pillow like that.

Forget the couch! I want my own special pillow pup! She is absolutely irresistible!!

Love the new sofa! Worth waiting for more pictures of it- made much better with the Precious Puppy Pillow adornment!

Stephanie B. says: September 27, 2007 at 09:04 AM

Look at that puppy belly! I love the puppy belly!

I think every couch in America needs a pillow like that :)

(sigh - Clover love all around us...)

She is precious, Alicia! And the couch looks fab too.

Tracey Chesley says: September 27, 2007 at 09:08 AM


I am completely in love. I want the Clover special!

oh, I just want to give her a great big hug.

Love the little tucked under paw:)

alicia, how can you bear to type at a time like this? Those eyes are killing me, I just need to reach through the screen and grab her and make off with her. Oh my GOODNESS she's SO adorable.

Oh those precious pink paws! Do they require lots and lots of kisses?

Such a face....goodness:)

Oooooo - I just want to eat that extra special clover oh so special right up! Just nibble on those pink little padlet toesies.
yum yum yum she is!!!

OH MY GOSH!Alicia and Andy and Clover sitting in a tree...or rather relaxing on the new couch. Lucky lucky and YAY! Welcome Clover!

Oh my, everyone needs a pillow like Clover to snuggle up with.

Way to go girl! I see you've got them wrapped around your little paws.

Oh brother you really are over the moon for your new puppers! I can't blame you look at that mug, those eyes, those paws...

OH MY GOSH!Alicia and Andy and Clover sitting in a tree...or rather relaxing on the new couch. Lucky lucky and YAY! Welcome Clover!

She just gets cuter and cuter every day!!!

cutest. pup. ever.

i am not sure i have EVER seen someone more in love with their sweet puppy! it's refreshing and nice to know i am not the only one in this world that has fallen head over heels for a little ball of fur!
sweet sweet girl!

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