so hard 2 type w/ puprs on lap

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we havent left this spot 2 much sigh sigh contented sigh. be back ssoon and thx 4 all so nice words much love clover and ali


Ah, to have such problems....! snuggly.

I have been checking in hourly, wondering when you would let go of Sweet Clover long enough to update the rest of us! She is so adorable -- we can hardly blame you -- we just want to share in the joy! I am so thankful that you are focused on bonding with her, and I'm sure she is, too. Enjoy, Cozy Posie -- you have reminded me that bonding is a continuing joy, and my Dandy is loving every minute of it!

Oh, Alicia - what a precious little pup!!

What a special photo that is. I love that look that dogs get, when they are willing you to pay attention to them. She looks so intent on looking at you, to make you take note of her, it must take all her energy. Either that or she is just innocently perfect!

She is soooo sweet. I'm thinking that my next dog needs to be a corgi.

How can you not fall totally in love?

adorable... and so easy. kids...adorable but so difficult sometimes. sigh.

What a clever Clover! SHe's on her way to being a Phi Beta Kappa, too. This photo looks so nice as a mirror to Audrey on the left of your page. So sweet.

LOVE LOVE LOVE those ears!

Enjoy this beautiful time together, buttercups!

Oh I love her look! Our little Sugar makes the same deer eyes at us too. It makes my heart melt.

I hope you are feeling better too!

i cannot get
how your lucky clover pup

audrey's stuffed toy!


that is tooooo amazing!
how did that happen?
an angel from above?

so perfect!

OMG I need a puppy NOW. Stat. That's almost too cute for Earth.

clover looks like a little rabbit. so sweet. it soothes the ravaged heart.

Finally! A new Clover pic. I think she has grown since the last one. Keep 'em coming!

She's so cute it's almost unbearable!

I vote - no posts without Clover pictures from now on! (And look how lovely she looks with the ripple blanket!)

I WANT A DOG!! I just want to kiss that nose!! Clover is so so precious.

I want to hug her!

Eek! You're killing me with cute Clover pics. Clover, the boys are dying to meet you!! Can't wait.

Alicia (or Andy), can you please kiss that little rear left foot of hers i see peeking out from underneath for me? Oh, and the sweet muzzle too. I'm sure that's never been kissed ;)SMOOCH SMOOCH!

Oh, I'm in love with your doggie..I would not be blogging, either, if that darling was in my lap..

you found a four leaf clover!

Aaaaaaah (big doggie sigh).

I'm like everyone else checking over and over for another picture, and the wait was soooo worth it! Clover is such a sweetie.

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