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Is not this the cutest crew you've ever seen? Also four of the nicest people in the universe. I had the best time yesterday, which was so great, because going into it I really felt (and looked) like a dried-up mushroom. (That was before the makeup.) But I think it was my favorite photo shoot ever. That's Andy with Stephanie the makeup artist (she got my hair reeeeeeally straight), Andy the stylist (Clover misses you), and Jake the photographer (genius). Jake is a genius. At one point on Wednesday I looked into the kitchen and it was so dark — pouring rain, late November, Portland , 4 p.m. = dark dark dark — I could barely see the guys. But there they were, happily taking pictures of a crocheted tea cup in natural light. Is that cute or what? You guys are awesome. Thank you so much. (I'll let the rest of you know when it's coming out :-)


Clover Meadow Hooligan Paulson was part of the photo shoot, but was already behind bars (not because she was naughty but because four-legged shorties are not allowed in the studio with very expensive cameras on tripods) by the time I shot these photos toward the end of the day. Clover M. H. Paulson has taken to sitting at my feet and barking sharply at me whenever I'm apparently doing something that she doesn't want me to be doing. Like, I don't think she wants me to be writing this post right now. Well, that's life, my little clover meadow. She is awfully loud for a clover meadow. I can't even hear myself write. It's the loudest barking clover meadow I've ever heard.

By the way, I know it seems like only I could've named my dog Clover Meadow. But I didn't name the dog. Andy Paulson named the dog. See, and you thought you knew me. I only vigorously agreed with the names he picked, which is different.

We are due for a corgi portrait around here, aren't we. On it.


I was just thinking that we are due for another Clover picture. I was wondering what she was looking like now :)

Why do we so rarely (if ever!) see pictures of you, Ms. Paulson?? Let's see that gorgeous straight hair!

Oh, and the puppy, too.

When does the magazine come out?
I've been off-line for a couple of months and have truly enjoyed catch-up-reading on your blog!

I agree. We need some corgi cuteness around here.

Oh we are!!! ppppllleeeaaaassseeee

And I think that I want a stylist.

LOVE, love, the new banner up there! Very sweet. And yes, definitely due for some corgi cuteness!

My little Peep and Rocket bark to tell me what to do as well! Funny!

hey - i love that name!
and yes - pictures, please!

Jennifer Edwards says: November 30, 2007 at 01:07 PM

I just wanted you to know that your blogsite is very inspiring....back in May I began my own because I loved how you had a "journal" of your creativity.
Thank you,


yep, missing that Clover-Meadow-Dearest-Puppy-Paulson, hooligan or not, we love her. xoC

Bobbie Duran says: November 30, 2007 at 01:42 PM

Yes we are and I can't wait to see that girl. I am sure she has grown a bit.

Help, I'm having Clover withdrawl!

i really like hallmark magazine now even more so since they have the taste & foresight to feature you & your family:)...can't wait to see it
it will make the wait for your book that much easier...unless it is coinsiding(i am such a horrible speller) with your book release which makes sense now that i think about matter...who ever wants to feature you whenever, i'll take it:)


looking forward to seeing this in the magazine..when? by the way , regarding your chocolate messy gooey yummie post--i made nigella's "chocolate hot o pots"...oh my gosh..the woman likes her butter...not something for the cholesterol challenged but was yummy

so nice to come home and see Posie Gets Cozy all bold and black in my bloglines. just love to read your news.

and so happy that everything went well with the photo shoot. was there a theme for the shoot or was it to introduce you and your work to a new audience?

my pup does the barking thing, too. I read somewhere to give him the down command several times in a row (the equivalent of doggie push-ups). y'know, it works.

we want to see a picture of you!! and clover, of course. :)

Waaaay past due for a Corgi fix.

Not that we aren't extremely fond of you, mind, but sometimes we click in just lookin' for some Corgi love. :o)

I just wanted to say how excited I was to get our lucia kit yesterday in the mail. very exciting to get my own alicia cozy posie goodness in my house.

looking forward to Meadow pics!

Little Precious a a a Hoooligan?! What a laugh! Our sheltie does the sharp loud bark. She sneaks up behind us or just blasts us in the face. Clover is just a babe...behind bars...oh, the travesty! Sooo, please spill it! The inspiration for the Clover Meadow name. Please a puppers photo. Can not wait to see new pulications with your things. XOXOX

when and where do we get to see the results of this shoot? looking forward to it!

oh yes, a clover pic. for sure. lots of them :)

Oh! Do I hear the voice of a kindred spirit blessed/whacked with tresses with a mind of their own?! The joy of a hair dresser that can tame those curly locks, so rare and wonderful! :)

I'm so sorry to hear that Clover has been indicted on a second offense and reprimanded to the Puppy Hoosegow. Perhaps she is acting out because she too (along with her fan club) feels it is long overdue for another shot of her gorgeous personage to grace your blog? :)

Hey! What issue of Hallmark will you be in?! Congratulations!

We definitely need more Clover pics! I wanted to tell you that I got my Doll Kit in the mail yesterday and I love it! Thank you so much for putting all those together for us!

You're givin' Jake, the photographer a run for his $ Ms. Paulson!

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