Brownie Saturday

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All day yesterday and on the news this morning they've been talking about the big weather that's headed our way. This morning I woke early, hoping to see the snow they'd suggested, though by most accounts it was only going to stick above 500 feet and, alas, we're at only about 150. Perhaps it's just taking a bit longer to get here, but it looks rather unremarkable out there to me. The weatherpeeps are jumping up and down excitedly. But here in our yard all I see is plain gray. Hurry, Brother North-Wind! Bring us snow!


I've had a big pile of different chocolates on the counter for the past few days — Baker's, Hershey's, Ghirardelli, Mexican hot. Hence begins my pepperminty brownie baking. My friend Sarah the awesome baker and cook gave me a recipe — I'll write it out here tomorrow when I show you the finished slices. Brownies are cooling as I write, and I'm too lazy to get up and fetch the paper I wrote everything down on.


In this first batch I used Baker's unsweetened chocolate and half a bag of Ghirardelli white chocolate chips. I was trying to make a swirl of red into white frosting (a simple buttercream with a few drops of peppermint oil and vanilla extract) but it all turned pink. Probably supposed to do that by hand.


It was a warm, pretty pink though, so I didn't mind.

Oh no — I just thought of something — what if we have no milk??? If I'm too lazy to get up and go get the recipe from the other room, I'm definitely too lazy to get up and go to the store. Didn't they used to deliver milk? In the good ol' days? I miss the good ol' days! I didn't even know them, but I still miss them.

Ah, such problems. Lazy Saturdays are the best.


Lazy Saturdays are the best, indeed.
The batter looks delicious, can't wait for the After pics.

Peppermint brownies with a pale pink butter cream frosting? I'm in heaven! I look forward to seeing the pictures and trying to recipe.

It snowed this morning, around ten! Apparently it was just for a few minutes though, because I didn't see it. But I did hear that tomorrow there is going to be some crazy stormy weather and I'm pretty excited.

Umm..can't wait to see the finished product, you're making me hungry! and a recipe would be wonderful just in case I ever have a lazy Saturday again..Happy weekend! I hope you get snow!

I bet the pink icing is pretty! Next time, you could just run a knife around your icing by hand, kind of like the way you mix up a marble cake. But who cares if it isn't red and white? I'm sure it's delicious!

Hi there!
Just wanted to give you a quick Hello! I'm a Swede, and been following your blog for some time now. I have to admit I rarely actually read your entries, I just admire the amazing photos and the feeling of warmth and love they give.
On the last photo from today, is that a Kitchen Aid I spy? If so, do you like it? What size is it? And do you think that size is enough?
I love baking, and love the look of the Kitchen Aid, but I'm unsure whether the normal size is enough? You tend to measure differently than we do in Sweden, so I can't really tell from the technical stuff on their website, and they are far more expensive here than in the US, so I don't want to but one without being absolutely sure. Well, enough talk!
Thanks for making me in a good modd everytime I see one of your posts!


That kind of saturday works for me!

Hi Alicia!
I just wanted to say that I love your blog. I've been following it now for about a year and it gives me inspiration and just makes me happy every time I read. I find myself waiting for the afternoon at work so I can check out what you've written.

Your home and crafts are so beautiful! I can't wait for the Hallmark article and your book to come out!

Have you seen Sunset this month? Brownies with a thin layer of melted Starlight Mints on top. They look amazing...

Also, yes - time for Corgi photos! Please :)

I also am a follower of your blog but rarely leave a comment. I enjoy my visits and leave with "the warm fuzzy feeling inside" you get when you are visiting a comfortable friends home.

I may be out of line in asking for a favor, but I was wondering if I could interest you in coming over to my blog and reading the post about the contest I held, I am trying to drum up some voters, if you read it and like it, I would appreciate your voting on your favorite craft in the competition, I am searching for bloggers who have a large following to encourage their readers to come and vote as well by posting a link on their page. The reason I am doing this is all the contestants have worked so hard and done such an amazing job, all to win one of MY prizes, and I want to do them the honor of giving them a fair voting turn out! Thanks for considering my proposal, if you choose not to do it, I won't hold it against you ;) But the voting ends at Midnight, Monday December 3rd.

If you want snow, come on over and bring the brownies! I am only 215 miles up river. Cheers.

What a small world, I made brownies from scratch for the first time in my life, boy were they yummy! (were because they are almost gone now!)

i am old enough that i remember milk being delivered to the galvanized tin milk box on the front porch. when it would freeze, the milk would come right up out of the glass bottles.

yes, i am a hundred years old.

um, where's the BUY NOW button for these? xoC

Peppermint brownies sound just heavenly! (The only thing that could be better would be peanutbutter brownies.) And pink frosting? There's never anything wrong with pink!

Can you believe that I have milk delivered to my house every Thursday? It's waiting for us in a refrigerated carton on the front porch when we wake up. And egg nog at the holidays. And chocolate and strawberry milk too, if you want it. I still can't believe it.

Mmmm, looks yummy! Can't wait to see the after...
I actually know someone who lives where they still have the good ol' days of milk delivery! I thought she was kidding, but it's true!

The technique I have seen for getting swirled icing is to paint stripes of food coloring on the inside of the piping bag, then pipe plain white icing through it. Would it work?

your pictures remind me of a movie i just rented..waitress

have you seen it? it's a baker's dream movie..(i love to bake too)

can't wait for the recipe and the puppy picture!

x laura

Oh, we DO have milk delivery!! The lovely, lovely Smith Brothers!

Looks like a lovely day baking!

Now I feel like baking. Thanks for the inspiration. We are expecting the storm in New England tomorrow evening. I think I better go to the market! Karen

I think your frosting looks yummy. Can't wait to see the recipe! Ohh, i love chocolate!


Lazy Saturdays ARE the best. Your brownies in the making look great and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product, and getting the recipe.

Oh heavens!... you must be young!.. all through my childhood milk was delivered to our house two times a week. There were times I saw the milk-man more often than my father who traveled a lot---hmmmmmmmm. Best part was that he also had cream and ice cream and all other manner of fattening stuff that I still love with a passion!


The brownies look soooo great. I'm cursing myself for not buying a brownie mix that I eyed the other day (see how lazy one can get? A mix!) And, BTW, they *do* deliver milk in Portland. Organics to you brings our milk once a week. :-)

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