Would you like some brownie with that frosting?

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This is what you get when you're also too lazy to wash the 8" x 8" baking dish and just dump the batter in the 9" x 13" baking dish. Could only take one bite of this before even I, a frosting person, was grossed out. Lesson learned. I'll be back.

We did have a half-glass of milk, thank goodness. Who knows what trouble I would've gotten into at the store. Might've curled up and fallen asleep near the roast chickens or something.


you should bake another batch of flat brownies and put them on top of this batch. :-)

Yeah, that's a good idea, a brownie sandwich.

Wait a minute. I personally like all my cakes with frosting--hold the cake. No milk needed either. I like sugar :)

That looks really rich. And the plate is way cool. I have plate envy.

Oh well! Just call it frosting with a wee bit of brownie! Next time you can have brownie with a wee bit of frosting!

OH My! I've got baking-pan issues, too * you're not alone, oh, and I agree with the brownie-sandwich idea * yummers! HEY, umm. . . . some Clover-Love SOON PULEEZE?????

A brownie sandwich!?! Suddenly lunch has taken on a whole new meaning.

'Cause sandwiches are a healthy food group, right?

but you see.. it looks so yum! ;)

But it's so nice to look at!

oh, that looks soooo good. i'm jealous.

The chocolate part is still too tempting....just peel off the frosting....mmmm..eat the chocolatey part (and you can have a doubly-large sized piece to make up for the too-large pan!)

Yeah, that is a lot of frosting...It does look pretty, though..

It sure is pretty for something that is inedible!

I love love love frosting so this looks GREAT to me!

Are you going to include the recipe for the frosting? I love the peppermint sprinkles, and I love your blog.

I need some Clover Meadow love please!

those look absolutely delicious. can't wait till you post that recipe!!


How many times do we all do this and then wonder why??? I was laughing about your earlier post with Clover wanting to be part of the photo shoot and all! I had to read it to my daughter. Thanks for brightening a very gray day! AND I got my Santa Lucia kit today (well, yesterday but we were out of town)!!!!! I CANNOT wait to get started!!! I love it! Thank you :))

At least it looks good. It reminds me of the peppermint bark I just got yesterday in a neat tin. It looks quite like your brownie and frosting. Yum.

i am cracking up at you falling asleep at the store...next to the roasted chickens...but of course because there would be warmth...

can't wait to see the next round of brownies...

jeanne-marie says: December 03, 2007 at 06:01 AM

Those ARE a mess but I can see where you're going with it. I'm not a giant peppermint fan but after reading about this I'm going to steal your idea.

Your photos are so good even your so called 'flops' look delicious! I would love that, frosting and all!
Please Posie, hand over the recipe!!

Well, you have inspired me to really want some of those peppermint brownies. I love peppermint bark, too- so that combo looks especially yum to me! Loving your posts and photos, as always!

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