Clover Basket

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I refolded all the fabric in my stash over the weekend. As I was taking this picture, I noticed a little something over there.


Someone was looking at me.


Nothing like an old shoe to put your chin on, I guess, especially if it's attached to someone you adore's foot.


O how I love this little thing. Kiss kiss kiss.


I think she's saying, "Why are you taking photos of that old basket of fabric when you could be taking photos of ME?" we speak. I have a chin leaning on my leg. They will take any old spot. Very cute photos!

She is ridiculously cute! It literally makes my day to see pictures of her!

How could you not? What a thing to love, I tells ya.

I have no idea how you ever get anything done with that adorable little pup around! She is just sooooooo darn cute!!I just want to give her a little hug!!

oh, she is so cute. i really want a pup, but i'll have to live vicariously thru yours for now.

Terrific photos! Love that darling Clover. Kiss kiss kiss from far away, too!

Oh, what a great photo!! I love seeing that little body through the handle hole. I would love to know what she was thinking.

She is darling. Thanks for sharing her with us! :)

Love all those pinks and reds. The clover one's very pretty too!

I was just kissing my kitty. He's fast asleep after a very busy day and didn't even stir when being kissed. I love him to bits and we've only been together a few short weeks. Doesn't take long does it!

Cutie pie! She's keeping an eye on you!

I always look forward to your posts, they just fill my heart, even if it's just a few photos of sweet Clover.

Thank you for that.

you have the most gorgeousest pup.

So cute!

I just wanted to de-lurk and let you know how helpful you've been. We lost our dear dog Kipper last November, and I've finally reached the point of contemplating another Sheltie pup. Your experiences in this area that you share with your readers have definitely helped me through this very tough time, and the expressive pix of Clover help underline the positive side of pet rearing (even though I weep as I write this...)


Cuter than cute little Clover peeking through the basket! Awwwwwww.

Hi Miss C, I've missed seeing your pretty lil' face.

She's such a sweetie. Miette habitually looks for places to rest his chin...the table in front of him, my arm, apparently it's big work to hold your head up if you're a cute little animal.

Oh goodness she's cute. This morning my kitty did a very similar lurk + snuggle. Oh what a good morning it made.

Such a lovely face.

And what a photo... a laundry basket without laundry in it. You know, I don't think I would recognize that at my house.

Brrr... did Portland get snow last night? We got such a mild dusting. Just enough to go crunch, crunch, crunch beneath my feet during our midnight walk.

Just too flippin' cute!

Ohhh, she's like a guardian angel - watching over you. A chuck taylor kind of guardian angel.

I guess you are The Posie Show! Darling pictures!

Cute cute Clover. And stacks of color sorted fabric. Sweet. Love your pinks.

How cute! One of my pups does that to my husband (or me if mine are available). It's something about 'I just have to be touching you'!

Oh how I love those Clover pictures.

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