Crochet Patterns Ready to Download

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Thank you so much for all the nice comments on the site yesterday! I felt kind of embarrassed to have a site about myself, so it was nice hearing nice things, thank you. I really appreciate that.

Thank you, also, to those of you who found my crochet patterns and ordered them to download yesterday, as well. They are all ready to go! I'm so excited to have these available in pdf format, too, because it will mean that everyone gets their patterns immediately, including overseas folks. If you click on the link above it will take you to the collection.

Also, if you are a yarn shop owner interested in purchasing them wholesale, just let me know and I will give you more information about that. I've never really marketed these patterns to shops, but only because I've wanted to remake and rephotograph the samples for about . . . two years. Now that I've finally gotten it done, I'm bubbling with ideas for more (funny how that works, eh?), so you'll see those soon, too. It feels sooooo good to be able to get these things older things done, and start more.

Please let me know if anyone has any trouble with the download (you will need to have Adobe Reader installed on your computer to see the files) or with any of the patterns themselves. Since they've been recently revised, I'm on high-alert for errata, so give me a holler should anything confusing come up.

I made a really cute crocheted beret over the weekend. If I finish the pattern for that today, I'll see if anyone might want to test it. Typically, I have always hired a technical editor to proof all of my patterns, but this one is pretty straightforward so I think it will be okay. I don't know why I'm talking about it without showing it to you. I am just excited about these I guess! That whole download thing is really cool. I don't know what century I've been living in. Maybe someday soon I'll even have my very own iPod, too. I think I'm the only person I know who doesn't have an iPod. Slow on the uptake here.


Ha! I don't have an iPod either. I haven't been to the new site yet but am so excited to! Right after I hit POST for this comment that's where I'm headed! I hope you are doing well. I was glad to see pics of the puppy - she looks radiant!

Lovely idea and beautiful designs. I'm crochetcrazy right now - it's really gotten to my head (or rather my hands) :-)

You've got me thinking it's time to make a springfresh cardigan or something for my daughter...and a hat to go with it...and socks...and....
I'd better stay there, or else the set will be finished at christmas...

Love to see creativity and you inspire so many women all over the world. Keep it up...and GOOD luck.

Bea from Sweden (who haven't got an Ipod either) ;-)

The new site looksgreat!
& that crochet dress is lovely!

This is THE cutest little dress the quilt next to it, sure have the touch, Alicia~

Sweet little dress! Would look cute as a top with longsleeve-t over jeans. Love the color combo. I just have to get out my crochet hooks.

I just went to check it out and it's beautiful. Also you're making me reconsider my ban on crochet...

Love the new patterns! I am just getting back into crocheting after a....25 year hiatus! IT is fun and relaxing to pick up the hook again!

I too DON'T have an I-pod yet either! And I only carry a cell phone for emergencies. In other words, I only know how to turn it on and find the addresses, and punch that button. And that's it. Really.

oh, that is a sweet dress! i don't know how to crochet, but i do know how to download stuff, legally, of course.

like heather, i only use my cellphone for emergencies, but could not bear to live without my iPod. once you get all of your favorite songs on there it is so sweet to have them stored in this little device. connect it to speakers and it's paradise.

I don't have an iPod either! Maybe I would like one if I had one, but for now I'm happy with the sounds of the kids, the outdoors (traffic included), sometimes even the blessed silence. Love the patterns; thanks again for letting me know about the scallop scarf.

No iPod over here either, and I am ok with that *smile*!

oh such a beautiful work . Your blogs , your creative.. .all I can see about you. a little CIAO from Rome Italy by a new little fan.

Thanks for the patterns! So exciting to see something fresh and beautiful in the world of is definitely my stress reliever for all of life's craziness!

And congrats on the new site!

jeanne-marie says: January 16, 2008 at 12:12 PM

Got my first IPod for Christmas and I am in love. I can listen to music as LOUD AS I WANT. At the grocery store and on the bus. So nice.

I already love Tiramisu. I just bought one of the new patterns. Very cute!

Thanks for the great patterns! I downloaded the cardigan and dress right away! I hope you come up with other great patterns soon.

Aren't we crazy blessed to live in a world where we can spend our time crocheting cute baby clothes AND listening to an ipod?

aaaaaaaaahhhh! life is so good!

*Raising my hand to join the ranks of the iPodless.*

I have a CD walkman which works just fine. If it ever breaks I might consider joining the iPod generation...

Crystal M. says: January 16, 2008 at 01:13 PM

No iPod for me either. My hubby has three though... he doesn't use them. Hmmm. Makes you wonder.

I absolutely LOVE that little dress. The colors are gorgeous and it's just so darn cute! You really inspire me to get out the crochet hook and find the box of yarn I have somewhere... heck, I don't even know where the hooks are?!? One of these days... :0)

Instead of an actual iPod, I highly recommend an mp3 player--mine is a Creative Zen Nano Plus. They're less expensive than ipods, and best of all I can download free audiobooks from my public library's website (don't you love to be read to?). Ipods are not compatible with the audiobooks, you have to do a workaround, b/c Apple wants you to go to their website and buy them. I actually forgot I was wearing mine and went in my pool with it on last summer--zap--but after drying for 24 hours it started playing again and has been going ever since.

This is all quite a accomplishment. I know how much hard work it takes to get all of that together and online. Good luck. The site looks wonderful, nice and cosy!

oh yes! you need an ipod! then anywhere you go you can listen to 'this american life' :)...(ps that judge judy part is pretty funny...i can totally hear him in my head saying 'wow! judge judy!')

That is such a dear wee dress! I know crocheting is supposed to be a super easy craft, but I find it tricky (and I can do tiny embroidery stitches, so I don't think I am crafting impaired). When winter comes I am sure the hook will come out again, and probably the knitting needles, and various attempts at woolly crafts will take place. Right now I am working on an embroidered garden for a birthday present. Hope I can get it finished! I tend to bite off more than I can chew. XXX

Good job on everything - the site (HTML is tricky!) and the patterns. I'm moving in a totally different direction, but also crossing off big gobs off my list so I can agree with the great feeling that comes with that. Also - I never thought I'd be an "iPod person" but my son bought me a pretty green nano for Christmas and I have to say, it is pretty fun. It makes me feel (but not look) about 20 year younger!

You are such an inspiration to me, and I just want to say that I LOVE your studio. It's simply lovely. I'd like to sit at that center table and have tea and crumpets with you. Thanks for the peek!

Right so all I need to do now is learn to crotchet and not just give up because it gets difficult after the first line.
I don't have an ipod either. :D

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