Our Pretty Little Clover Meadow

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Twenty-four weeks old today. It can't be.


A most excellent girl we have here.


Just learned how to go down the stairs by herself.


Who you callin little. I'm huge!


So fun to see pictures of Clover! Hard to believe she was that little ball of fluff sitting on the couch a few months ago!

Thanks for sharing with us.

denise in c'ville, va says: January 14, 2008 at 11:58 AM

THANK goodness. I've been jonesin' for a dose of Miss Clover.

such a pretty girl!

Oh my, she's beautiful! She looks so grown up...

Bobbie Lynn Duran says: January 14, 2008 at 12:08 PM

Thank you for the photos of Ms. Clover she is soooo cute. They do not stay little puppys for long. My Corgi this Feb. will be 8 years old and a whole 30 pounds, how time flys when your having fun.

OHHH She still has those cute puppy paws....

what a cutie!!!

I was starting to miss those big brown eyes.

She is HUGE!! I can't believe she has grown so much. Gorgeous girl that she is.

That last photo is a painter's dream. Brings out the artist in me.How adorable.

I am in love. :)

Oh! She's so sweet! Enjoy her as I'm sure you do!

Such a big girl! And beautiful!

Oh my GOD the ears are killing me with their giant cuteness. LOVE!!

aw!!! they get so big so quickly... don't they! that little miss clover is just too cute for words. ;)

I love her and her pink toes!

So wise and delicious! Lucky girl (both of you really)

Awwwwww - our baby is all grone up!

How did the time go by so fast??

Thanks for posting an update. I've missed reading about her.

Arrrrgggg. I need spell check! "Grone"??? Obviously I meant GROWN.


I guess all Corgi's do the "flying Corgi" thing. Sticking their legs straight out. Ours does it all the time.

She has changed, but very sweetly! What would we do without them? Enjoy every day with them, that's what keeps me moving!

gloria g. Richards, TX

Look at the big girl!! Such a lady already!

She has the cutest ears!

Ooh yay! A Clover fix! I needed that!!

One of the girls I work with has a Clover dog...she sent me an email of her pup "stealing" stuffed toys out of a donation box at work...even in the middle of a "crime" you can't convict those eyes. So sweet. Your photos are adorable.

My sister and I were just talking last night about the fact that we hadn't seen a picture of her lately! Wow- she really has gotten big, hasn't she?! So cute.

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