Where I Steal the Cat's Chair, and She Eyes It Longingly

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Can you find the Bee? She can't wait to get me out of the studio. I so rarely actually sit when I'm in here; she is bewildered to discover that apparently I think this is my chair. I am working really nicely, and not getting out at all these days, which seems great, really. It's so cold and windy, though sunny. We expatriate Chicagoans are apparently quite wimpy about cold and wind anymore, what's up with that. That's embarrassing. Maybe I'm just unmotivated to leave the nice warm house. I almost went across town the other day. I said, "Hun, where's that Powell's that's by the Pizza Schmizza that's by the Bank of America where we saw the rainbow that one day?" And he said, "On Cedar Hills Blvd." Me: "Where's that?" Him: "I don't know." Me: "Oh well, I'll just stay home." WOW. That's crazy-lazy.

I've gotten really lazy about Flickr, too. I'm so happy when all my pictures are organized over there but I don't enjoy uploading them, though they couldn't make it any easier. I think you can upload it over there first, then blog it over here, but I never do that. I don't know why. No, I do. Begins with an "L." Isn't it weird how there are some fairly simple things you just don't like to do? Brooke in the comments said she doesn't like making pancakes or rice. I can totally see that (the rice part; I love making pancakes). I don't really like making rice either. I hate scanning things. I'll do almost anything to avoid having to scan something. And while I'm on the subject, let me just say for the record how having a cat sitting on me or even touching me while CLEANING ITSELF would have to top this list of things that I try to avoid. Uploading pictures, rice-making, cat-cleaning, scanning, wind, noodles that are even the slightest bit overcooked (bad), and . . . oh yeah, the smell of candles that have just been blown out (eeeeewwwww yuck).

Ez tagged me to tell Seven Random Things. Pretty sure she didn't mean Seven Random Things that Annoy Me, but what can you do. At least I didn't do Seven Random Ways I Am Annoying, though that would've probably been easier, actually. I can think of a lot of those. I'm also too lazy to actually tag seven people, so please consider yourself "it" and play at will.


seven random things that are within a mile of the house (i am lazy in this cold weather too) that are good are: the pretty sculptural tree branches that make an alley down one street, the krok-krok noise the crow (raven?) is making, the fat neighbor cat that comes to have his tummy rubbed, the tulip trees blooming, the acme bread smell at their bakery, the glow of the full moon, and a nice cup of tea to toast up my hands.
The most annoying thing is the evil leaf blower droning on - those wet leaves ain't movin' buddy!

I can see why you wouldn't want to leave that cozy rosy little studio spot and go out into the cold too :-} Our temps here have been averaging -5C for days feeling more like -18 with the wind! Just picked up the new Hallmark issue & absolutely loved your article :-}

I'm not leaving home the past few days either. It's astounding to me as it's so gorgeous outside - sunshine after all the rain and cloudy days. I love the color of your studio with the sunlight infusing it.
I don't like to make pancakes, but love to make waffles. I think it has something to do with the vigilance pancakes require to cook them just right. Rice - I have a no brainer rice cooker - measure rice, rinse rice, add to cooker with water, set rice time, and eat when the time is up.

I have written 7 random things about you:
1. You’re such a nice person
2. You love your man … making things … and the puppy and kitties.
3. Even after your accident … you kept your smile.
4. You inspire everyone who reads your blog.
5. You know how to take interesting pictures.
6. You have a great imagination.
7. We just love YOU being YOU!
Hope I didn't embarrass you too much. :) xxoo

Well, us Chicagoans that are still here don't want to leave the house either. Perhaps it's just a "stay in the house when it's cold" mentality!

You are too funny! I wish I were as good at photography as you! If i didn't have my scanner to use, my blog would be SORELY lacking in pictures! Thank goodness I at least learned how to do THAT. I can relate to the staying home. It's been cold, and we have had our share of rain, wind, hail and even non-stick snow! I'll just stay right here in the warm house with my Dizzy Kitty and read my favorite blogs- and thank you for obliging me!

Your studio looks beautiful.. as long as there is lovely sunshine on the inside.. why leave? :)

seven random things.... like you, i'm way too lazy to think of seven whole things. (and i'm supposed to be working too!) but i think my lunch, a warm bowl of corn and crab chowder, would go perfect with your cold and windy day. :)

too funny, i just told my nephew the other day how i loved the smell of candles freshly blown out. i'm not much for scented candles but i said i'd buy a "just blown out candle" candle. cheers!

whenever i see pics of your studio it makes me want to run off and be crafty. :)

cats should clean themselves somewhere far away from a lap. that's just not right.

Why go out when its nice and warm inside. Its also perfect weather for cooking and even better for eating.

I would never ever leave my studio if it looked like that. Why bother?

I was telling my husband the other day that I much prefer the cold of winter to the uber-humid heat of the summer. No one thinks I'm a hermit for holing up inside and sewing in January.

This post ROCKS!! I am totally in the mood for this today, let me tell you. I'm with you on flickr -- I really dislike uploading them and all that stuff, but love it when they are organized. It's nice to be lazy when you can! You go girl! ;)

oooh! I LOVE the smell of candles that have just been burned out. And blown-out matches. Or are those pretty much the same things?

With the sun shining and the trees swaying it sure doesn't look all that cold outside. Then let the dogs out and a blast of 20 something degrees hit's your face and it's back to the warm surroundings of the studio.

I'm with you scanning is the pit's. Thank the Lord for husbands that like that sort of task.

i'm here in south dakota today, and the sun is super BRIGHT after several days below zero.

i was literally GIDDY when my lunch date called and cancelled. woo hoo. jammie day at home!!!

perhaps i am getting a little weird from working from home, but at least i know i am not alone :)

Alicia, just wanted to say that your little blog brings me such joy. When I visit I feel so warm and toasty. Thanks.

Love, Mory

that cat is giving you the death eyes. dang! also, i hate mincing garlic. it makes me want to order out.

Haha, I'm totally digging this post.

Currently, I hate packaging orders. I guess it's just so boring to me...hmph. And my packing tape always acts up and rips and gets stuck to things it's not supposed to...

Maybe I'm just in a bad mood because of taxes...oh, the joys of being a small business owner. :)

I got a rice cooker a couple of years ago and it has cured me of rice dread. It has a steamer on top too that is perfect for steaming tortillas in (veggies too). It is perfect rice every time and all you have to do is put Lundbergs sushi rice and water and turn the thing on. Heaven!

divine little nest you have there! My fave color on walls! lerv it!

Here in Montreal this time of year, well, it's plain cold, or raining, or were having flurries and can't go out because we're snowed in! So yes, I haven't been out lately! :)

Oh and my cat has a thing for red. Don't ask me why, but between two identical blankets, he will lay on the red one. Every time. So I trick him and put his red blanket wherever I want him to lay (not on my chair, or drawings).

but, look.... little Bee is cozy in the sunlight streaming in through the window..... I bet she is happy over there for now.

Alicia, love the Bee, love the studio! My cats love my ironing board so whenever I have it out and I am working on a sewing project, at least one of them insists upon sitting on it. So I understand your needing your chair to sit on!

Emily from Ohio (it's COLD here too!) says: January 23, 2008 at 01:26 PM

I'm intrigued by this challenge, so here goes....

1. When I unwrap a piece of dark chocolate, I like to close my eyes and inhale the aroma for, like, a minute before I eat it.

2. I LOVE watching funny home videos of animals.

3. The fingers of my right hand are very dexterous. Using my pinkie and thumb, I can remove a ring from my ring finger and put it back on.

4. I grew up in the country, but I've never had poison ivy.

5. I still have trouble differentiating between my right and left! I have to think about it for a second :O D'oh!

6. I hate it when people I don't know stand REALLY close to me.

7. My name is Emily Elizabeth. I sometimes kid with people that my mom named me after the girl in the 'Clifford' books.

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