Swedish-Pancake Morn

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Yesterday it was cooooold outside, and today, again, there is a cloudy layer of icy fog on the yard. Naturally, very strong coffee and thin, hot, eggy pancakes beg to be made on such mornings.


I love pancakes like this — thin, crispy on the outside, melting on the in'. I made these from Lund's Swedish pancake mix, but you don't need a mix to make them, and it's only marginally harder to start from scratch.

Swedish Pancakes

4 eggs
1 c. flour
1 T. sugar
1 t. salt
1 c. milk
a little bloop of vegetable oil

Whisk eggs, flour, sugar, and salt together into a smooth paste. Slowly whisk in milk until just combined, then add a bit of oil (just to keep them from sticking) and stir again. Ladle or pour the batter onto the griddle over medium heat, and tip pan to swirl batter into a thin circle. Flip when edges look dry.

I like to eat mine without the traditional lingonberry syrup (they come with this in the U.S., at least, but not in Sweden), and instead just sprinkle a bit of granulated sugar on top. Sometimes butter is okay, but I actually like them better just plain (with the sugar).

In your flannel nightgown, with frozen fog outside, it's almost like you could be in Sweden.



Next time try them with a squeeze of lemon juice and some granulated sugar. Blissful!

I just love your butter dish! And your pancakes too

Yum! I love these little slivers of sweet eggy goodness. I'm a lingonberry addict, so I kind of think of them as an excuse to slather on some lingonberry jam and/or syrup, but they are good, straight up with sugar and lemon juice.

Last time I was at Sears Fine Foods in San Francisco - they of the World Famous 18 Swedish Pancakes - I noticed they sell pancake mix. I can highly recommend it. My mouth is watering a little now just thinking about Swedish pancakes.

Will have to try the recipe. I've been on this pancake kick for the last couple of weeks, even had them for dinner a couple of nights. Thanks for sharing.

can I come over? :)

Makes me want to get in my car and head up to Door County to Al Johnson's for a plate of swedish pancakes and lingonberries,Yum!!!!

Oh my goodness, I love pancakes..My mom's are the best..She makes her's thicker and they're perfectly golden; I haven't gotten the same results on my own yet..

Yummm, the very strong coffee sounds good too. I think I'll go have some now....

"Bloop." That is the PERFECT word for it.

It's a bit chilly here this morning too, so it was cream cheese banana nut muffins for breakfast. With "bloops" of butter. Num!

They look delicious!

I enjoyed browsing your new blog--it is just beautiful!

Oops, I mean *website* !!!

Mmmmmmm....I second Gemma's suggestion with the fresh lemon juice- but I use powdered sugar instead. Yummy.

i LOVE swedish pancakes and grew up eating them. no one i knew had ever had them and i thought it was just one of my dad's quirky "made-up" recipes =) we always had them with warm, canned pie cherries and a little powdered sugar--but my favorite way is just with a little butter.

thank you for the recipe...i think we'll have these for dinner tonight.

Ahh...that's better.Back to sugar sweet and away from profanities. xxx

Oh this is too funny Alicia. I made Swedish pancakes this morning too. I didn't have any Lingonberries so I substituted some fresh blueberries we had in the fridge. Flannel...yes, it's a good thing.

Chris Howard says: January 17, 2008 at 09:15 AM

*sigh* I miss my pre-puppy days when I could lounge around in my nightgown drinking coffee and making breakfast. Now it's a glass of juice and a power bar before I have to take her out for 1 of the 5000 trips she needs a day.

It gets better right?!? right?!?

Kristin Vala says: January 17, 2008 at 09:20 AM

Here in Iceland, we add cardamom extract to the batter. I love sprinkling sugar on top when they are still hot, then rolling them up so the sugar will melt a little.

"Pönnukökur" (pancakes) are the most grandmotherly thing I can think of. My great grandmother used to make them for her grandchildren, and so does my grandmother. My mother makes them for her grandchildren and someday I hope I will make pönnukökur for my daughter's children.

My mother always says the best pancakes come from an "experienced" pan. That's why my brother, sister and I all got pancake pans broken in by our mother, when we started our own families.

I laughed out loud at the 'bloop' measurement. But I so understood what you meant, it sounds that way in my head too.

That's the way we make pancakes in Norway, too. Have you tried adding a little ground cardamom? Also, I like to fry them in butter, to make them extra crispy on the outside. But we actually have pancakes for supper and rarely for breakfast. You know, we're all about the open-faced wholegrain sandwiches and coffee in the mornings here. Sugar's just way too naughty for us early in the day ;)

I make Swedish pancakes every weekend from my grandmother's recipe. One time, I run out of butter (which I always use) and had to use vegetable oil. I was very disappointed by the results.

But when I have butter, I am an expert Swedish pancake maker, having grown up on them, and thanks to my amazing pan.

I always make a fruit sauce on them, but when I was a kid, I would love butter and powdered sugar on top.

My mom uses that same mix...was a staple of my childhood and I now use it for my own kids. Although we are Norwegian, we do like a good Swedish pancake! My favorite topping is sugar and lemon juice. Nummy!

macaroni soup and now swedish pancakes too......all thin things I grew up on that we love now too:) How bout gnocchi. Have you ever had that? Just got your caplet pattern..I have been eyeballing that for awhile now. Thanks!

I'm in Sweden right now, no frost and no pancakes here though :( Lingonberries on pancakes, btw? Does anyone really have that? Yuck! I have rasperry jam on mine - yum! :D

Why oh why am I so far away! I SO should be sitting there with my legs curled under me on the leather chair!!! In our house, I use the same recipe but mix melted butter, powdered sugar, and raspberry jam for the topper or filling, if eaten like a crepe. Max always asks for these as part of any sleepover!

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