Where She Gets Her Chair Back. Ish.

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If you really want to get a feel for it, you could print out these two pictures and the one from yesterday, make 50 copies of each, bind them together into a flip book, and then go through it about fourteen more times. * I get up, she gets on, I tip her out (this one doesn't like to be picked up), I get on; repeat from * 699 times more — 700 sts.


Sounds like fun! I have one like that, except she's a dog, and the chair is me. She's on my lap as I type.
Oh well.

At least she doesn't sit on you while you're trying to work like my dog does. It's hard to sew with a dog on your lap.

Sweet Cottage Dreams says: January 24, 2008 at 08:26 AM

LOL! Ahhhh, she is just keeping your chair warm for you! What a cutie patootie! Now if you could only teach her to read and "proof" the book. That would be amazing!

Love the granny squares piece on the back of the chair, too!

How is Clover doing these days? Has she grown into her ears yet? You have precious little fur faces, Alicia!

Becky and Duhgall

She is just glaring at you in that second shot -- it looks like she expects you are going to tip her out again....

My dog has a look he gives me when he thinks I am going to do something cruel like make him go outside one last time before bedtime. And he wags just the very tip of his tail.... :-)

we let animals in the house and they think they OWN the place! my dogs try to do the same thing, but since they're not allowed on the furniture, they have to do this at night while i'm sleeping...rascally doggies!

Sounds like my days with my cat, Monster - he sure does love to cuddle closer and closer to me every chance he gets.

oh that look in the second pic!!! she is looking at you and saying, "okay...i've had enough of this silly 'chair game' mom. i think its time for you to leave. thats right... i said leave, as in leave me alone."

our dogs KNOW that this is their house... hubby and i even call it the dog house! we're going to build this year bc we need a bigger "dog house"! please come take a look at my little house and my dogs at my new blog!


Mmm.. what is about animals? Mabel always jumps up to sit wherever I've been. Maybe it's really the warm spot they like. All I know is one day I accidentally sat back down, and on Mabel. She sulked for two days.

Zeke and Zoe ( Zeke is 85 lbs, Zoe is 70 lbs) have taken over the couch and the bed. Mike has said that even though the couch is less than a year old, he wants to get another and make the first the "Dog's Couch". Right....like they are not going to want to be on the new one with us. We could have 14 couches, and they would want to be on the one we are on pressing thier heft against us. We tried the "no dogs on the furniture" thing. Then they gently reminded us that it is really thier house and they ALLOW us to live there. But you know, everytime I look into thier big brown eyes full of unconditional love, I have to tell you, I would give them anything they asked for!

Rosemary - Rockport Texas

she is such a pretty cat.

Oh, that Bee is a pretty kitty!!

sounds like a game of cat and "mouse".

Well she DOES look vaguely annoyed in the top pic!!!
(" la-la-la I dont see you so its my chair" !!)

She knows how to pose too!!

That is one smug little kitty face! Funny! the never ending saga of the chair!

At least she's awfully cute! What a lovely studio you have.

Love the granny squares on the chair. Its so cute and with the cat on the seat it would make a nice picture even if it wasn't in a flip book.!

My cat does the same thing. She wants to be on my chair when I'm not on it or on my lap when I am. I think it's just because she wants to be around me while I'm working and my chair is a fun place to be!

My kitty and I have the same type of arrangement with my desk chair. She stays in it all day. I lovingly move her to the couch when I need to work at the computer. If I don't sit down in the next 10 seconds, she hops back onto it. I think the record is 10 times in one sitting. It has encouraged me to be a very fast mover!

the colors in your home and work are just so beautiful- I want to come and sit there.

Congrats on your nomination for Best Art or Craft Weblog 2008 (http://2008.bloggies.com/)
I love your blog!!

You know, we had this problem for awhile, the cat would actually race my husband to get into the office chair first. We ended up getting a second chair, and now my husband sits in which ever chair the cat isn't in. It also help keep the cat from getting on his desk as much too.

we had a rule once about no pets on the furniture...yeah, we did. it lasted about 30 seconds.

sounds like you two are having quite a good time together.
she is such a pretty cat
and love that granny square piece on the back of the chair

Melissa C. says: January 24, 2008 at 10:54 AM

She's so pretty! I imagine it's hard to be TOO annoyed when she's that cute. ;-)

i have the EXACT same problem.

i have decided it must be ME who is causing this, by actually getting up.

i wonder if i could stash enough coffee, kleenex and treats from the kitchen on my desk, so that i don't give my cat the "go light" all day!

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