Winter Lunch

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Thank you for all the "balancing" suggestions the other day. I can't tell you how fascinating that was to read — people are so different. Wow. I'm printing all of them out and clipping the ones that seem like they will work for me. I went and got some really pretty little notebooks, a cool to-do list, and a new address book yesterday. I can at least get organized on paper. I have never been a notebook-carrying type (I start out strong, then forget, then lose the notebook completely), but I knew someone who was, and she was very calm, so maybe. . . .

I've worked on the computer like crazy for the past couple of days. The cozy antidote to computering is Campbell's cream of tomato soup with noodles, one of the classics of my childhood. Also one of my very favorite lunches. Now they make tomato bisque, which has little pieces of tomato in it, and I like it better, but oh was it hard to switch (oh, and these noodles are supposed to be Creamettes, but they never carry those at my grocery stores, rats). You don't mess with the family classics! I don't know how this soup compares to "real" tomato soup — but for me that's hardly the point. Family-faves are successful in ways that are specific only to their creators. So much of the appeal of this soup is that it tastes exactly the same, every time, as it has for the thirty-five years I've been eating it for lunch.

Much of its appeal is also that it is just one of those quirky Ieronemo-family lunches (like envelopes of Lipton's chicken-noodle soup [with those little slabs of powdery boullion] to which we always added tiny bow-tie noodles and a pat of butter) that I make when I want to feel like everything's connected. I wonder if my sisters or my mom still make these. I was at my friend's house the other day and I mentioned these family-foods to her, and she immediately said, "Oh yeah, Triscuits with the thinnest layer of margarine and a little bit of garlic salt, toasted! My mom always made those and I loved them! I should make those!"

What are yours?


My Mum always made us Heinz Tomato soup, with a cottage roll from the bakers when we were ill. We always used to hope she would ask for a little-red-hen-loaf as that is what we called them at home. Now I like the soup with cubes of melted cheese in. Yum!

Mild cheddar cheese, sliced thickly, on Triscuits, while I watched Fantasy Island (past my bedtime) with my grandma on Saturday nights.

Tacos made with soft corn tortillas fried in a little bit of oil.

Bacon and biscuits.

Frozen fried fish fillets (like Gorton's) with lemon squeezed on top.

Pan-fried bread -- a pan bread made from Bisquick.

Tuna, mashed up with mayo, bits of iceberg lettuce, and minced dill pickle, on white toast.

Savory memories...

Mickey Mouse pancakes. :)

ChristinaTE says: January 16, 2008 at 07:40 AM

This one is probably one of the stranger ones you've heard. My grandfather always made us peanut butter and Miracle Whip sandwiches when we were little. My mother sometimes adds a slice of American cheese to that too. It totally grosses out my husband when I eat one of these but they are so good! I swear it!

Oh, I know I'm late here, but it's been a busy week! Loved reading evrahbody's favorites!! My Southern Mom always made homemade pound cake. When there was some left over, she slice it into little logs, drizzle Golden Eagle syrup over them, and then roll them in coconut. Then, she's pop 'em under the broiler for just a minute (until the coconut toasted), and voila: the best breakfast ever...especially if you're six years old!

We also loved porcupine meatballs, which were cooked in the avocado green electric skillet. I can't remember the exact ingredients, but the meatballs had rice in them, and the sauce consisted of Campbell's tomato soup and cream of mushroom soup. Yum-o!

I love this blog!

my mummy would always make tuna sandwiches (with helmans) and mr noodles suplemented with lots o vegetables. it was the perfect rainy day meal.

and her cream of with an "eye" of butterwas always my favorite treat.

When I was a kid my mom used to take frozen bread dough and let it rise and then she would take small balls of dough and flatten it out (not too was still chewy). She cooked it in our cast iron skillet and we ate it with butter and powdered sugar on top. We called it fried bread. So delish. Tastes so good with smokey homemade bean with bacon soup. Too bad nobody in my house would eat Bean soup. I could really go for some of that tonight.

Thanks for the walk through my memory!!

I'm late in the game, here, but this is so great!!! Someone mentioned pork chops with Shake 'n Bake, served with a green veggie and pan-fried potatoes. Yes, indeed. LOVED that meal. Also, my mom would bake Pillsbury crescent rolls with hot dogs and cheddar cheese. Yum. And of course, cinnamon toast. And my absolute fave: homemade snickerdoodles! So buttery and delicious. I could go on all day, I suppose.

Ohhhhh, winter memories of lunches made by my mom (miss ya mom!) the all time favorite was lentil soup with bread and butter and a close second was Campbell's tomato soup and a cheese sandwich on white bread....
mmmmmm.....Lipton Chicken Noodle and OYSTER crackers...

I'm hungry now...time to go make the soup!

Kraft Boxed Spagetti! MMM

Peanut butter and Mayo sandwiches.
Or Green Jello with Mayo.

Christmas night snack: Toasted open sandwiches with square sliced white loaf, leftover Christmas ham, a thin slice of tomato, a slice/ring of canned pineapple and lots of cheddar cheese grilled until golden, prepared with mathematical precision by my Dad!

Creamed Chipped Beef on toast for SURE. That was comfort food at its finest, but that was always dinner. For lunch, comfort food was Campbell's Tomato Soup made with milk (water? perish the thought) and a grilled cheese sandwich.

Mom also bought that canned brown date nut bread and spread it with cream cheese. That was fancy eating!

Spaghetti with "red sauce"... basically spaghetti bolognese but so comforting!

Theresa Ann says: February 12, 2008 at 12:25 PM

Regarding the tomato soup and creamettes - My Aunt Maddy used to make me tomato soup and noodles as a little girl - the soup always was made with milk and a little butter with a sprinkle of pepper. over cooked noodles.To this day when I do not feel good - I long for tomato soup and noodles. This is the best of comfort food - just newly married (now 35 years ago)I made this for my husband, he got up and cut up a hot dog into it - that was the last time I made it for him. Thanks for the memories!

Mary Ann K Doyle says: February 18, 2008 at 09:01 AM

At Grandma Cook's home us kids could not walk in the kitchen without being asked if we wanted a fried egg sandwich.
At Aunt Mary's the endless pots of chili in the winter resembled the Bible story of the loaves and fish. There was always enough for the dozens of grandkids and adults, with left-overs to boot.
And, for lunch during high school, I would walk home across a large field and be greeted with a hot bowl of Campbell's Tomato soup (that I would fill with smushed Saltines) and a warm grilled cheese sandwich. The food was tasty and the company of my Mom was just what a high school girl needed--a break from the high school crowd and the company and love of a wonderful Mother.

The trivet that graced my Grandmother's kitchen and then my Mom's says it all, "No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best." It now hangs proudly in my kitchen.

The only thing that is more comforting than comfort food is sharing it in a loving home with our wonderful families.

I'm of east Indian descent brought up in the US. My mother used to make us cucumber tea sandwiches when we were little. She made them with green chutney on one side and butter on the other, and then razor thin slices of cucumber in between. She would cut them into triangles and pile them on a plate. We had them on the weekend afternoons with tea or chocolate milk. I haven't thought of that in years... perhaps I'll make it for my husband and baby this weekend. :)

My favorite meal my mom always made: leftover spaghetti and sauce that she put in a casserole dish and chedder cheese melted on top served with creamy cucumber salad made with yogurt, mayonaise and dill. I had to eat a little of both in every bite!

Chicken pot pie on Sunday nights while watching National Geographic. I'm frightened to thing of the quality of the meat in those things! AN dthe amount of trans fat. Ignorance was bliss : )

Peanut butter and honey mixed in a dish together and spread on toast. Honey and butter is another version. And molassas a third. But peanut butter and honey was my favorite!

A tray with a cup of tea with milk, little cubes of sharp cheddar cheese in a little dish and another little dish of peanuts. One little square of cheese for every peanut!

I always eat cinnamon sugar toast and tea with milk when I'm sick, which my mom made me when I was a kid. And also, I love plain whole wheat spaghetti with olive oil or butter and garlic salt when I'm sick. That's a new, grown up sick comfort food!

From my occasionally stoned and skipping class college days: captain crunch in a mug, drizzled with syrup (and not the good maple kind), and skippy peanut butter. Mush it all together with a spoon. The adult version is Barbara's Puffins, real peanut butter and real maple syrup. Very very good : )

I'm sure I'm going to think of more!!!

Shannon says: May 31, 2008 at 11:22 PM

Hi! I just bopped along your blog, and it is a wonderful new fave! Thanks! Im going through old posts and this one his a cord lol. I hated the tomato soup days as a kid. We didnt have much money and it seemed like canned tomato soup was the only thing we got from the food cupboards lol.. it was punishment back then, but now in my early 30's nothing hits the spot better on a cold day!!

One thing my mom made was this white cream sauce mixed with veg-all poured over saltine crackers. Occasionally she put canned tuna in it lol. Id always fuss, but deep down loved it and still do. Ive never known anyone else who has had this, its an odd recipe that she learned in her Jr. High homemaking class way back in 1961!

Shannon says: May 31, 2008 at 11:29 PM

oh.. just thought of another.. my brother used to make cream cheese and bologna sandwiches on white bread, heavy on the cream cheese. And when it was "that time of the month" for my mom lol.. she made peanut butter and crsipy bacon sandwiches. Yep. Sounds gross, but on a lark one night at 3am when I was working on a term paper, hungry etc.. I made one and tried it.. it was awesome!!!

Jumpin Jehosaphat we finally found that soup! Now, we have to find the creamettes, but I think we'll improvise that part!

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