Winter Lunch

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Thank you for all the "balancing" suggestions the other day. I can't tell you how fascinating that was to read — people are so different. Wow. I'm printing all of them out and clipping the ones that seem like they will work for me. I went and got some really pretty little notebooks, a cool to-do list, and a new address book yesterday. I can at least get organized on paper. I have never been a notebook-carrying type (I start out strong, then forget, then lose the notebook completely), but I knew someone who was, and she was very calm, so maybe. . . .

I've worked on the computer like crazy for the past couple of days. The cozy antidote to computering is Campbell's cream of tomato soup with noodles, one of the classics of my childhood. Also one of my very favorite lunches. Now they make tomato bisque, which has little pieces of tomato in it, and I like it better, but oh was it hard to switch (oh, and these noodles are supposed to be Creamettes, but they never carry those at my grocery stores, rats). You don't mess with the family classics! I don't know how this soup compares to "real" tomato soup — but for me that's hardly the point. Family-faves are successful in ways that are specific only to their creators. So much of the appeal of this soup is that it tastes exactly the same, every time, as it has for the thirty-five years I've been eating it for lunch.

Much of its appeal is also that it is just one of those quirky Ieronemo-family lunches (like envelopes of Lipton's chicken-noodle soup [with those little slabs of powdery boullion] to which we always added tiny bow-tie noodles and a pat of butter) that I make when I want to feel like everything's connected. I wonder if my sisters or my mom still make these. I was at my friend's house the other day and I mentioned these family-foods to her, and she immediately said, "Oh yeah, Triscuits with the thinnest layer of margarine and a little bit of garlic salt, toasted! My mom always made those and I loved them! I should make those!"

What are yours?


My mom had a couple of college recipes that we used to make. "Souped-Up Minute Rice" which was just a bag of minute rice in a can of cream of mushroom soup (water added), served with slices of cheddar cheese. "Tomato Soup and Noodles" was just that, tomato soup (no water added) mixed with macaroni noodles, also served with slices of cheddar cheese. Anytime I eat these, I am transported back to the fun nights my mom, sister and I used to have when we were little and dad was out of town on a fishing trip.

Tang (the orange drink from the 70s) and Chips Ahoy cookies. Combo is just wonderful!

This may gross some of you out but here goes:
Bacon fat spread on homemade white bread sprinkled with salt and pepper. Heavenly-if you like bacon
I don't do this any more...something to do with the size of my thighs!

Lima bean salad ( got teased a lot at scholl for this!)

Peanut Butter and Onion sandwiches! Yum-o!

Scrambled egg sandwiches with tomato soup -- used to be Campbell's tomato soup, but I recently switched to Amy's Organic Tomato Bisque (to die for). The scrambled egg sandwiches are simply: toasted wheat bread slathered with Miracle Whip with the scrambled eggs sandwiched in.

Oh, and a combo from childhood that my mom always made and really doesn't make sense, but now I crave it all the time --
homemade macaroni and cheese with a side of blueberry muffins???

I love to read everyone's comfort food! I see a lot of cheese here. Both of mine are cheese-related, as well. Mmm... cheese.

My mom would make nachos with shredded cheddar on them. Put those under the broiler until the cheese melts. Mmmm.

My grandma made colby cheese sandwiches. Slabs of colby cheese between two slices of soft bread with the thinnest layer of mayo. If I ate that right now and closed my eyes, I would be sitting in my grandma's kitchen again.

Aw. Thanks for yet another thought-provoking post!

Campbells tomato soup with 3 slices of Kraft American Cheese melted into it. I still can't make tomato soup without cheese in it. Though the quality of my cheese has upgraded!

This seems so simple but one of my favorite snacks as a kid and now my son loves it. Just peanut butter on a spoon. Sometimes I load up 3 or 4 spoons and put them on a plate!

Every chance I got, I would have my mom make me a grilled cheese sandwich when I was a kid. Most of the time, I would have it with chicken noodle soup as well. I'm still not sure just what about my mom's basic grilled cheese that made me so happy - maybe just because it was warm, gooey, and made by her with love.

baked beans with cottage prepared and so did Grandma and now I make it for lunch for my kids (& me of course!)

Good question.
Obviously Kraft Dinner! (I'm a Canadian, it's a staple in any household here)

My mom also used to make salad plates (plates loaded up with chopped veggies, rolled up meat and chunks of cheese with fancy toothpicks) made me feel like I was at a swanky party.*L*

Cheese Dreams (half buns with cheese, bacon bits and tomato put under the grill) and Campbell's tomato soup.

We only had Lipton chicken noodle when we were sick.

But a comfort food that always makes me excited is beef stroganoff!

Oh, there are too many, but I'll pick a few.

Macaroni and cheese (made with noodles, milk and Velveeta) and hot dogs.

Cinnamon Raisin Biscuits (halfway through kneading add in cinnamon sugar and raisins, then top with a simple milk, powdered sugar icing).

Fried bologna sandwich with toasted bread and a thin layer of mayo.

I just finished lunch and now I'm hungry all over again!

oh, i never had tomato soup, but it looks yummy with the noodles. i'm going to try it tomorrow.

tuna melt always reminds me of Saturday's at home....Mom would make them with all the things that are now considered bad....white bread, velveeta, miracle whip.....yum!

ooh fun!

Campbell's Tomato Soup with milk (not water)and grilled cheese on sourdough, with really sharp vermont cheddar cheese. My mom used to make it for us when she'd be home with us from school in the winter.

Also, meatloaf sandwiches with my grandma's secret recipe sweet chunk pickles and Tim's Cascade Jalepeno potato chips all on the sandwich. The sandwich existed without the potato chips for at least two generations before my mom introduced the chips. Nobody has ever gone back to the no-chips version though.

My husband thinks I'm absolutely nuts, but I don't care, they are sooooooooo good. Yum Yum Yum!

Crackers with cream cheese and a green olive on top.

Chili with sour cream Fritos and cheese!

I am so hungery got to go!

Sloppy Joes and tater tots! My sister made these and my husband and I both devoured it, realizing that we really missed eating some of that good old crap convenience food that our mid-western moms used to make.

Toast with condensed milk. Yum!

Plain ol' out of the box macaroni and cheese is a big one for me. Mom also would often make vanilla pudding from incredibly good. There is nothing like it!

Cinnamon or cheese toast, someone else mentioned creamed chipped beef on toast, my granny made that one a lot. She also made creamed hamburger on toast with lots of pepper. Probably not the healthiest snack, a couple spoons of peanut butter with light karo syrup mixed in. Just eat it off the spoon.

oh gawsh- ditto on the campbells tomato soup (condensed), and we'd add milk to make it creamy. Just this year I bought another family comfort fav for the first time since I was 12-- Stouffers frozen macaroni and cheese. It would get all golden crispy brown around the edges, but so creamy inside...mmmmmm

Sunday nights we always had toasted cheese sandwiches (open-faced, under the broiler) with a glob of ketchup, or cinnamon toast and hot chocolate, while we watched the Wonderful World of Disney.

Whenever we'd get home from school and ask our mom what there was to eat, she'd always say, "There's tuna fish and there are bananas", so now when any of us are together and someone gets hungry, we say that to each other.

Oh man that looks good! Do you cook the noodles in the soup or separately?

My favorite would be saltines with pimento cheese toasted on top. Yummy.

Hi! I'm delurking to say first that it's so nice to see this conversation about calming and slowing down. I'm trying my hand at this too, and one of the things that gave me a hint is related to childhood meals. Convergence!

At Christmas we were waiting for the turkey etc, and my mom suggested a snack of fresh white rolls with peanut butter and LETTUCE. It was SO delicious in *that* way, beyond reason, and immediately comforted me in that special kid/parent way. The lettuce should be shredded for optimal effect.

whip up one package of Jello instant chocolate pudding mix. in a square pan, layer pudding with graham wafers... about 4-6 layers of each, beginning and ending with pudding. cover with saran wrap and let sit for a few hours... overnight is even better. yum! thanks grandma!

My mom always got me the same food if I was sick. Applesauce, green gatorade, 7-up, rice pudding or homemade tapioca, and campbells tomato soup w/ saltines. When I get sick, these are the things I buy still.

Heinz Tomato Soup with toasted white bread and butter.

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