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Busy day today. Hopefully that will make up for yesterday. Yesterday just kept slipping through my fingers, no matter what I started and what I stopped (about eleven things). Should've probably parked it and given up. Was going to make chocolate something-or-other, but just wound up playing with some buttons, which look like candy to me. So cute.

I watch the Today show every morning. I like Matt Lauer but the energy between him and Meredith Vieira makes me nervous for some reason. I love Ann Curry the most. Today they had a segment from Mike Leonard who went back to the Catholic school in Chicago where he and his wife met many years ago. He asked the little kids to help him write love notes for his wife, to see if they could do a better job than he.

Kid, reading Valentine he made: "This year please don't throw trash at me."

And then the interviewer guy's like, " 'Please don't throw trash at me' ?"

Kid [looking unsure]: "Yeah."

Hmmmm. I've got to be able to do better than that, though I will say it seemed pretty sincere.

I looked all over town for pink doilies to make a little garland similar to the one I saw on Darcy Miller's blog header (it changes every time you refresh it, so you might have to click a few times) but I couldn't find any (I really wanted pink ones). Isn't that so pretty?


I feel the same way aboout Meredith and Matt. It seemed when she first started she would poke fun at Matt but it was mean and sometimes nasty. Now I just feel like she doesn't fit like the other 3, Al, Matt, and Ann. It is hard for me to watch her. I loved Katie and miss her banter. Sigh.

lovely photo, and very true title! thanks for reminding me to get on a make that valentine!

Oh good, I am glad I'm not the only one who feels that negative energy between my favorite (and oh so dreamy) morning guy and Merideth. Ann is so inspirational and I am proud to call her a fellow Oregonian! I love her heart and how she is trying to make a positive impact in the world and especially in the lives of people who's voices are not heard.

I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Meredith and Matt!!! I watched her on The View and truly loved her.. but here.. not so much.. this definately is not a match made in heaven.. it seems harder and harder to watch!! Where in the world is Katie Couric??????

Cynthia Granmo Riebe says: February 13, 2008 at 10:02 AM

I don't know if you have a Joanne Fabrics in Portland, but I found packages of pink doilies at the one in Santa Fe...

oh yes, i love the garland.

i was having the same though about M & M yesterday. they have an "i'm not sure if i really like you but you are family so i have to" sibling thing going...
it is very uncomfortable at times. and i like them both...just not together...

i didn't see the pink doilies on her site, but they sure do sound delightful!
and i love those buttons!!!!!

PS i just realized that darcy's blog banner changes each time you visit. if your readers just hit refresh they will totally see what you are talking about. that banner is delightful!

i had the same Matt-Meredith thought this morning! Must have been a bad morning. Even Al didn't seem to jive with her. Weird.

I was so excited to see you in my lastest issue of "Country Living". Not only an article on you, but you seem to be the inspiration for a lot of other crafty business women.

I love your workshop!

"Please don't throw trash at me"! You gotta wonder what the backstory is to that?! Poor kid :)

What lovely buttons you have. Yes, that border is beautiful, but I still like yours the best.

They have nice doilies like that at our local grocery store, Stop and Shop.

wow. i must be missing something because i love meredith. and i kind of think that there's an underlying sexual tension thing going between M&M that makes it fun. and she is a snarky new englander. and so am i. so maybe that's why i don't see what you all are seeing.

but anyway, with regards to mike leonard's piece. first of all, i love anything mike leonard does. but today i laughed out loud at the little girl who's valentine read "you smell better than feet." if that's not a great valentine, i don't know what is.

I picked up some delicious pink doilies at Target (in the Val section)...cheap too!

you might try joann's in the baking/wilton section. i picked up some pink doilies there.

thanks for the refresh comment on the weddings site! love doilies. :>

I love buttons, they are eye candy.. and dont throw trash? poor kid!


Def. agree about Matt and Meredith! I think Matt is a little bit awkward...love him though! And Anne is also my all-time fave...I still don't get why she didn't get Katie Couric's position. She's awesome.

Darcy's banner is beautiful!

I feel like Homer Simpson eyeing some donuts. I love those buttons!

Ann Curry is my fave too - I really like her. I was hoping it was her who would have gotten the seat next to Matt Lauer.

I got mine at Target too! It think they were $1.86 for 12!

Now I have to go back for more so I can make some pretty garland....

"mine" refers to Pink Doily hearts... Sorry, I gotta work on my English....

I love your post and have been inspired to delve back into my own long-forgotten handwork projects... and especially to find peace in the wonderful daily task of cooking for my family. But I have never been inspired to leave a comment before... until you mentioned the Today Show. I totally agree about the weird energy of that show now... so much so, that I get all my morning info from Good Morning America. Now THAT is a bunch of folks who love to work together!

today our school librarian (media specialist? whatever) read the kindergarteners a book about valentine's day and so every time he said "looooveee", they all went EWWWWWWWWW!!!. and then he asked them where people thought love feelings come from, and he kind of gestured towards his torso, and one little boy says "your 'tomach?" and he says "for men, yes." but the best was when he holds up the book with an image of cupid and asks them "do you know who that is?" and one little girl raises her hand and says, dead serious, "baby jesus". i pretty much died laughing. they're so funny. but i must say, i'm worried about the home life of the kid with the garbage valentine. that's not good.

Love the picture, but then again I love buttons.

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