Can't Stop. The Smock. Can't Stop the Smock.

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Smockingapron3 More smocking. This is the Polish Pottery Apron. Maybe I'll try to get a better picture. All the smocking is finished and I just need to add the ruffle and the pocket and the ties and the waistband. There's not really even anything to say about it anymore, I know. Many local shoppers have written to say that both Marshall's and Ross have new shipments of Polish pottery around town. I did go out and get a little serving dish for $12 to satisfy my longing. Now if I can just haul my buns into the kitchen and actually cook something to put in it, that would be nice for all of us, probably!

A few people have sent me photos of the dishtowels they're working on and I'm so pleased to see them! I need to set up some new Flickr groups to accomodate, I know, I'm sorry. I will do that. I have some housekeeping stuff I need to be doing on my blog and sites and all that stuff. It's just hard to do that while you're, you know, smocking incessantly. And ya can't stop the smock. Just sayin.

Flickr has some cool photos tagged with "smocking." I am absolutely loving this one, especially the quilt she is sitting on. This one is awesome. This one's quite lovely. And these little white nightgowns with the blue are just dreamy. Naturally, there are also lots of pictures of people "smoking" here, too.


Your smocking is wonderful. I have a friend who smocks dresses for her two year old granddaughter all the time. They are beautiful. I have never wanted to try it until I saw your apron.

Yikes... I do not need a new project:)

Wonderful work! We have a sweet smocked nightgown(made by grandma)that has been passed around to all the little girl cousins in our family. The passing around stopped with me - I'm hanging onto that baby! (I posted it up on flckr, if you want to take a look)

miss, a -
my mother smocked quite a few dresses for me. one, a tiny grey and white gingham, had a white peter pan collar, and i decided at school to draw on the underside with my pencil (thinking my mother would never notice or see). ha. what was UP with me? why do that? later, when the boys were infants/toddlers, she smocked wonderful little boy outfits for them. now, reading about your work, i do realize just how much effort and care went into each piece.
too, i wanted to mention - has anyone else? that t.j. maxx (do you have those out west?) has carried oodles of the polish pottery - my mother has quite the collection. she does, as you can tell, have excellent taste.
xoxo nina

Very nice, you are making me want to pick up my smocking again.

I'm making polish soup tonight! I wish I had your apron... Sounds like we should join forces;)
Its really beautiful!

wow! the apron looks great. hope to see more of it. your aprons and your photos and all the things you make are so lovely.

Ok! I must try this! I have two little girls who will need easter dresses soon.

The smocking is wonderful and all, but to me, there is nothing better today than the title of your post. Pure perfection!

Oh my gosh, I am gone a few days and you made so many wonderful items!!! You are so amazing!! Your smocked items and prairie smock are gorgeous!! Oh, that silkscreen is perfect too! Big kudos to Andy for a perfect Valentine goodie for you!!!

What is the title of the smocking book that you bought? I'm inspired after seeing your pictures!

How beautiful! Wonderful work!!! Thanks for sharing it with us! *HUGS*

I used to smock designs on my daughter's dresses when they were little. I have the pleater and all. I know what you mean about not being able to "stop the smock". It's relaxing to do.

I really like your first smocking projects! The purse in such a cute idea isn't it? I have just finished a smocked bishops dress for my granddaughter, and she loves it. She dances around in it like a ballerina. I have pictures at I so enjoy reading your blog! You constantly inspire me to think in new ways, and I love your stories!! Thanks for sharing your self with us all! from your neighbor up north a bit.

I love the smocking. The apron reminds me of the apons my Ukrainian grandmother used to wear. Lots of similarities with Polish and should make perogies or stuffed cabbage to serve in your dish! YUM!

The apron is so cute - I am just trying smocking for the first time in years on some cute coin purses. I'm also lucky enough to own a few original smocks that are hand sewn from linen that French farmers wore in the 1890's - I love hanbd sewing but I don't think I could do all that work!

That apron is beautiful!

New to your blog and I love the smocking! It brings back so many memories. My grandmother was a avid knitter, tatter, needleworker, which included smocking. I grew up with 4 sisters so she had lots of little models. Am heading to my mothers this afternoon to see if she possibly kept any items. Love your blog, you are an inspiration to all of us who love handmade!

I have a tiny polish pottery teapot in those colors!

That apron is beautiful!

Adorable. I just spent the summer in Poland adopting three little boys and this is reminiscent of the general style and feeling of Polish kitchens.


I was wondering if you had any interesting ideas on how to use a recycled bit of smocking? I bought a little girls size 8 sun dress the other day at the thrift store, to use the skirt portion for the fabric... but now I'm wondering if i should save the smocking - if it can be salvaged and used for something...? Any ideas? It really is cute fabric and would be a shame to toss the smock!

Brooke :)

thriftbunny72 says: February 21, 2008 at 09:29 AM

I wish i could figure out how do to smocking! it looks so rad! good job

smocking reminds me of summer sun dresses for little girls. darling!

as for polish pottery...i'm headed to poland in a few days and hope to pick up a few pieces.

Oooh, I so excited to see your apron that is the project I want to do! I'm happy to know other people get so excited about smocking too! Happy smocking!

I'm so happy you illustrated the proper way of using that binding thingy. I've been staring at mine for months now. It helped me to see how it works in pictures. I'm that kind of girl. Thank you, Alicia :)

Oh, I LOVE smocking. When I was little, I remember my mom working on little smocked dresses for us. I hated it then, it was always itchy across my chest, but now of course I've come full circle, as life tends to do, and I love it. I even bought smocked baby dresses when I would see them at flea markets and antique malls before I had kids. Of course I had two boys, no girls, but I still have one of the dresses. I would love to try it some time. Maybe I will!

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