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Monday ("Pastry-bag-day") already, huh? That weekend was sloooow, yet too fast. It was sloooow because it felt like the first one in I don't even know how long where Andy and I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. We puttered. He puttered, I sat. Mostly cross-stitching and smocking (show ya later). Tick tick tick the hours went by, quiet and slow. We watched Persuasion and Uncle Buck. He made rice pudding and Swedish meatballs. I made chicken and broccoli. Clover got long walks. We considered going various places and decided not to. Man, it was so great. All of us here needed that so much.

I'm blushing furiously over how many people downloaded the Pleasant Kitchen Dishtowel designs. Shelly told me she checked the stats last night and the pdf had been downloaded 1,717 times. DUDES! Seriously? I'm so pleased that you like them. I have really loved doing this project, and plan to finish all the bindings this week and help you with that, too. Really I'm just completely delighted that both the concept and the designs have found such kindred spirits. Some projects just need to be shared, so thank you for welcoming this one!

On Friday morning I attended a free "webinar" at Blurb. com. This was such a cool presentation, where you phone in to hear a lecture about making books with Blurb, and walks you through all the steps on screen. I first heard of Blurb last summer but I never really had time to do anything about it. I was a little intimidated by the software every time I started playing with it, too. But last month, when I wrote this post about the tomato soup and you shared your own family favorites, I had an idea to collect it all in a Blurb book. If I do decide to do it, I will send out a call to anyone who wants to participate, and have you resubmit your story, a recipe, and a photo of the food (or whoever made it for you). Then I'll take everything and format it into a Blurb book that would be available for everyone. I am excited about the idea, and just have to see when I will have time this spring to get going on it. I'll keep you posted on how it all shakes down, but just be thinking of one.


Hey! Just got my March 2008 Country Living and there you are!

What a cutie!

It was lovely to see you there!


It sounds like you had the perfect week-end! The recipe book with the stories and photos sounds so good-sort of like holding warmth, comfort and memories that you can feel and touch and taste and know that they are yours and lots of other's too-kinda like a big cross-country hug.

That book sounds like such a great idea! I would totally be in. Have a good Monday!

As I have grown older, Persuasion is my favorite Austen movie. They did a great re-make on PBS recently but the older one is amazing too. I love to sobriety and seriousness and the lack of giggly love! I love that rug in your kitchen.

Yes, Monday again... it's the same thing every week!! Oh well.
That is a great idea, about the book. Please do keep us posted.

I love weekends like that!

Oooh, a Blurb book, that sounds so great. I'm working with my Dad on making one of those from the blog he kept while teaching in China last year.

Just wanted to say I made little recipe books for my family this past Christmas using and they turned out really, really nice. And it was super easy to do - the only photo that printed a little off was the one I didn't color correct (so I was completely expecting it to be off).

And thank you so much for the cute dishtowel designs! I can't wait to make up a set, they are just what I needed to jump back into doing needlework.

Cute dishtowel designs. Thats a lovely thought about blurb, I've read about it. I love the fact that ordinary everday folks are taking control over areas like book publishing etc etc.

I also just received my issue of Country Living Mag. you go girl great article. Very inspirational, and Thanks for the great embroidery download. I can't wait to get started. Now all I need is one of those relaxing weekends!!! LOL

That sounds like a simply perfect weekend :) And that book is a FUN idea - I wanna play!

Dear Alicia,
I'm a new reader and just wanted to tell you that I so look forward to reading your blog everyday. As a misplaced west-coaster attending a crazy school in freezing Chicago, it is a wonderful change of pace to visit your oh-so-pretty blog each day, to read about your crafty ideas, and to look forward to someday having my own nest in which to craft and cook and be cozy! :) Thank you for sharing!

Outtheresomewhere says: February 11, 2008 at 12:10 PM

Have just spent a wonderful spring-like weekend walking my dog, knitting my eldest daughter a berret for her trip to Russia, and making pomegrante ice-cream which is a lovely soft pink like the colour of your pretty table cloth. Plenty of puttering here too! Your blog is like an oasis of calm and inspiration in my frantic life. Thanks.

Well I've been behind and just read your post about your grandma. I have so many great thoughts about my grandma's but mostly my great grandma and my paternal grandma and it always makes me yearn to see them.

Look - It's an Etsy:

I'm going to do the same thing with a collection of family recipes my cousin gave me for a wedding gift! And then give a copy to all those who contributed. I love Blurb.

Hi Alicia,
I have a question, I hope you don't mind. I am so curious how you start a project and FINISH it :-)
You make such beautiful things and you are such an inspiration. To many of us.
All the best!

I check your blog every day, and its nice to see that you are always updating.
Some blogs haven't got any entries since the beginning of January.
Its always nice to keep up with what you are doing in your crafty world.

Cool! Let's do it.

I have a great tomato soup recipe - my mom made it for me whenever I was ill and in bed! Love to participate in your book with the recipe, photo and story!
:) Caren

Of course it's a hit -- it's beautiful! And I enjoyed seeing you on DIY this afternoon. That was pretty cool.

I just really have started to read your blog, and I love it.
I like those kinds of weekends. Ones that you can really enjoy.

Great idea about the Blurb book. I see people in blogland mentioning this all the time. Think I'd better get over and have a look myself.

Love those kind of weekends. Monday comes too fast!

I am just about ready to give up my happy little life in the burbs of Chicago and come and live with you......You are truly so inspiring, and clever and just plain delighful. And just how do you get so much done in the course of a day? I am the worlds best starter but never seem to finish anything so I am constantly in awe of all the lovelies on your blog.

We just lost our dear Hollydog of 14 years, so reading your posts from the past months touched me right there, and it so encouraged me to see how well things are turning out for you.
Thank you so much.

Part of my weekend was spent reading your inspiring story in Hallmark magazine. Thanks for sharing your story and your art!

count me in on the blurb!

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