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Monday ("Pastry-bag-day") already, huh? That weekend was sloooow, yet too fast. It was sloooow because it felt like the first one in I don't even know how long where Andy and I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. We puttered. He puttered, I sat. Mostly cross-stitching and smocking (show ya later). Tick tick tick the hours went by, quiet and slow. We watched Persuasion and Uncle Buck. He made rice pudding and Swedish meatballs. I made chicken and broccoli. Clover got long walks. We considered going various places and decided not to. Man, it was so great. All of us here needed that so much.

I'm blushing furiously over how many people downloaded the Pleasant Kitchen Dishtowel designs. Shelly told me she checked the stats last night and the pdf had been downloaded 1,717 times. DUDES! Seriously? I'm so pleased that you like them. I have really loved doing this project, and plan to finish all the bindings this week and help you with that, too. Really I'm just completely delighted that both the concept and the designs have found such kindred spirits. Some projects just need to be shared, so thank you for welcoming this one!

On Friday morning I attended a free "webinar" at Blurb. com. This was such a cool presentation, where you phone in to hear a lecture about making books with Blurb, and walks you through all the steps on screen. I first heard of Blurb last summer but I never really had time to do anything about it. I was a little intimidated by the software every time I started playing with it, too. But last month, when I wrote this post about the tomato soup and you shared your own family favorites, I had an idea to collect it all in a Blurb book. If I do decide to do it, I will send out a call to anyone who wants to participate, and have you resubmit your story, a recipe, and a photo of the food (or whoever made it for you). Then I'll take everything and format it into a Blurb book that would be available for everyone. I am excited about the idea, and just have to see when I will have time this spring to get going on it. I'll keep you posted on how it all shakes down, but just be thinking of one.


Another heartfelt thanks for the dishtowel designs; so lovely. Hurray for puttering weekends, for granting ourselves the time to relax and explore and re-charge....

BTW... I realized that I didn't download your wonderful kitchen towel designs (I must have had a lapse in consciousness... flu has been going around here!)...So THANK YOU for that!! You are so generous. I just adore you.

Well, Alicia you inspired me to start a blog. I have been reading yours for months now and have really enjoyed your writing and photography the most! So, I thought I'd give it a try. I think my URL will show up when I post this. There are only a couple of posts on it for now,but I thought I'd get the ball rolling and invite people to see it. Thanks for the inspiration.
Oh, I just got the new Country Living and saw the article on you! I also loved the Hallmark one as well. It really made me quite emotional.

ok - i'm loving that pink table cloth or perhaps is oil cloth?? i don't know but i want it!! where did you get it?

wow, over 1700 times??? that's MIND-BOGGLING! not surprised though. :)

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