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Monday ("Pastry-bag-day") already, huh? That weekend was sloooow, yet too fast. It was sloooow because it felt like the first one in I don't even know how long where Andy and I had nothing to do and nowhere to go. We puttered. He puttered, I sat. Mostly cross-stitching and smocking (show ya later). Tick tick tick the hours went by, quiet and slow. We watched Persuasion and Uncle Buck. He made rice pudding and Swedish meatballs. I made chicken and broccoli. Clover got long walks. We considered going various places and decided not to. Man, it was so great. All of us here needed that so much.

I'm blushing furiously over how many people downloaded the Pleasant Kitchen Dishtowel designs. Shelly told me she checked the stats last night and the pdf had been downloaded 1,717 times. DUDES! Seriously? I'm so pleased that you like them. I have really loved doing this project, and plan to finish all the bindings this week and help you with that, too. Really I'm just completely delighted that both the concept and the designs have found such kindred spirits. Some projects just need to be shared, so thank you for welcoming this one!

On Friday morning I attended a free "webinar" at Blurb. com. This was such a cool presentation, where you phone in to hear a lecture about making books with Blurb, and walks you through all the steps on screen. I first heard of Blurb last summer but I never really had time to do anything about it. I was a little intimidated by the software every time I started playing with it, too. But last month, when I wrote this post about the tomato soup and you shared your own family favorites, I had an idea to collect it all in a Blurb book. If I do decide to do it, I will send out a call to anyone who wants to participate, and have you resubmit your story, a recipe, and a photo of the food (or whoever made it for you). Then I'll take everything and format it into a Blurb book that would be available for everyone. I am excited about the idea, and just have to see when I will have time this spring to get going on it. I'll keep you posted on how it all shakes down, but just be thinking of one.


oh, I LOVE Blurb! The software is intimidating at first, but once you get going, it's smooth sailing!

I made a Blurb book about my family vacation in Yellowstone for Christmas. The picture quality is excellent and even at 140 pages, I didn't get tired of putting it together! Have fun!

Pastry-bag-day, love it!! You really were super to share your patterns with us!!

Oh, the blurb thing sounds great. I would love to participate, if you do it!

Hehe pastry bag day :)

Sounds like an awesome weekend...congrats on making amazing patters that so many people want!!

The slooow weekends are my favourite ones, it's a shame there's so little of them...

Glad you had a relaxing weekend. I love your blog and I have added you as a link, hope it's ok. I'm having a blogoversary competition, so come on over and visit!

Thank you so much for your generous pattern gift, just what I need to freshen up my kitchen. Love your blog and look forward to reading it every evening.

Ooohh the Blurb book idea
is really cool!

I love those sorts of weekends although they seem to turn up rarely. I think at least one day a week should be like that. In it's peaceful way, it builds ever so much energy for the coming days.

Add one more download to that number, now. :)

Hi Alicia,

I read your blog and love what you do. I noticed you like Tessa Kiros, whom I adore a lot as well. I just noticed on the British Amazon site, that she is due to release a new book. I thought you might enjoy knowing about it.

A nice long, comfortable, not-too-busy weekend is a real treat sometimes... glad you had a good time! :)

Just did a Blurb book as a gift for my mom - Got it back last week and it really turned out nice - The software is not too bad to get the hang of, although my ancient (in computer years) computer freaked out a bit because the program was kinda big. But I don't think that would be a problem for most people. I think it's a great idea!

ARGH! We got pummeled by some nasty bug for the second time in two months and I'm way behind on my reading here.

Thank you so much for the darling kitchen towel patterns Alicia, I just love them! I'm a little anxious about transferring the design myself, I've never done that before but I'm looking forward to trying! :)

Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

I love the book idea! Everyone needs 7-layer cookies :o)

LOVE the book idea!

What a great idea!!!

i stumbled on your site quite by accident, and what a great accident that was! i have been enjoying every entry and LOVE your design, home, photos, etc..;) i downloaded the dishtowels to make for my sister for her birthday and am so excited about it..thank you so much!! you are a great talent! :)

We love Uncle Buck here, my kids are crazy for it! John Candy died way freakin' young. Our weekend was less than fun with sickly childrens but they are better now.


Carolyne Carrick says: February 12, 2008 at 05:39 PM

As so many things go in life: I just happened upon your blog one day and I instantly felt a fondness for your adorable family and little Clover. As I read some older posts I knew that your journey was similar to mine in many ways and I loved the visits.

I *must* admit to being one of the"thousand" fans of the Dishtowel adorably sweet......I will love doing them.
I did not submit a recipe, (since I've been a lurker around these parts as of September or so), but I would love to be included in the 'blurb'. You bring out the most fond memories in your readers, no wonder you have "thousands" of fans :-)

Just got my new Country Living - Woo Hoo! Then today at my grandmothers, I saw you again in Hallmark. I love your studio, the colors must inspire daily.I hope that the article does wonders for you, I know that it introduced me to you for the first time, and I am glad it did. Your blog looks great, your site is wonderful...and I love your products. I'm looking forward to many more blogs!

That would be so fun! Count me in!

I just LOVE your blog. I've added you to my list of favorites. (I HOPE you don't mind). I just started my blog on Jan 5, 08, but I recognize you from Romantic Homes. I'm delighted to have found your blog.

I love your blog. I've added you to my list of favorites (I hope that is OK) I'm new to blogging (JAN 08) but I recognize your from Romantic Homes. I'm delighted to have found you! Have a wonderful day. Rachel

Great idea!! Count on a recipe from winterland!

The blurb book sounds like a wonderful idea I'm sure lots of folk would love to be involved.

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