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When is the funeral?

Hmmmmm.....what were those, exactly?

Don't worry. I made something similar right after christmas and it looked the same and tasted even worse. :) Maybe it's the recipes you choose ;)

Holy Moly. I can't stand it.
Me want-ee-(two year old speak).
On another note: Is that where I got that "seriously" thing? I can't stop saying that.

Sending you lots of hugs Alicia and commencing my whirly twirly dance, with incantations, to aid in the swift return of your baking mojo!

Oh dear! Surely it can only get better from here, right?

Oh no! I agree, its probably the recipe. So many recipes aren't written well or haven't been tested. And vintage recipes aren't written for todays ingredients. Doesn't make it any less frustrating, though.

My first reaction, "OOOOOoooo...", my mouth drooling. Don't think of it as a mistake. I'd eat them just the same!

Laura in Naper

I would still eat them, if it's any consolation!

Oh, my gosh, Alicia - you crack me up! I literally laughed out loud when I read your response!

Did I make those for you? Are you wearing your apron? I made so many things that look like that and I think it is why I choose other hobbies. Hugs!

Are those by chance whoopie pies? I had a very bad experience baking some last year (on Valentine's Day actually) and they were so tasteless - so bad, I tossed them out. It was the recipe - it was poorly written (for example, vanilla was mentioned in the ingredients list but nowhere in the directions) and I got it off the 'net.

It is really frustrating when your baking goes wrong - you put so much time and effort into it and then to be disappointed. Ughhh!


you know, i have an idea. over the last year i have been baking in other people's houses when i've taken business trips. mostly because i don't do well without being out of a home environment for very long (though i do like that hotels have room service and housekeeping!) and baking gets me out of my little away-from-home-fright-fest. but see now i'm curious if your kitchen is just...haunted.
now if only i could come up with a reason to go to portland for a business trip!

PS: your pancakes and that fabulous bread i now make all-the-flipping-time are all you really need. :)

Awww! Poor Alicia! Do they at least *taste* okay?

Deepest sympathies. I'm not a good cook--and nothing I ever make looks good--but is your baking powder etc all fresh. (I'm channelling M. Stew here.)

Is it the LMMontgomery book, Jane of Lantern Hill, in which the plucky heroine is a natural cook but can't bake?

awww. :(

If you always baked as beautifully as you do everything else...well, that would just be depressing for the rest of us, seriously!

Well, I dont see the problem. I'd eat them! :)

I'd top it with a huge mound of whipped cream with a cherry on top and call it a day. They'll never know. Seriously.

They look really good if you ask me!

They look good to me...(Am I just a glutton?) Whoopie pies, right? I heard about a pumpkin version that's supposed to be fantastic.

Alicia, I finally put out the big bucks and purchased the super deluxe KitchenAide professional mixer. I got it with coupons and a big discount right before Christmas at Kohls.

For the next month, I tried to bake all these neat things - cheesecake, a Tres Leches cake, cookies - you name it. None of it came out. I had to toss everything as there was no way I could serve any of it to friends or family. I was so depressed, I just put the mixer in the basement and decided to take a break and then start off slow with something easy. I think I was so thrilled with this powerful workhorse, I just beat the batter and dough to an early grave.

So I feel your pain.

But look at it this way - every day you make fabulous and wonderful things that all of us can't wait to click and see! You're so talented and gifted. I don't even have *that* to fall back on!


All I can say is yummy! Amy

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