Oh, spring!

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The grapes of March: my clematis, ready to bubble over. I can't wait I can't wait.

I think it was last spring that I was at the plant nursery, talking to one of the gardeners about my MIRACLE CLEMATIS. I was explaining how, for years, my clematis in this spot bloomed faithfully, sporting these enormous white flowers with big magenta stripes down the center. Like, six inches across. People walking by would stop and remark. Etc., etc., etc, I went on and on. On and on and on. But then, said I to the patient gardener, all of a sudden: Something Weird. The plant bloomed just that week but instead of big white and magenta striped flowers I got a whole bunch of itty-bitty pale pink flowers, about the size of a half-dollar. What in the world? The gardener was bewildered. Really? exclaimed she. Seriously! said I. She called someone on the walkie-talkie to ask them how it could be. No one knew! She tried someone else: No luck! The whole time I remained adamant: It was a miracle! The gardener finally conceded: It had to be! Strange things happen in the garden sometimes! Wow! So weird! Etc., etc., etc., on on on. We parted happily, both pleasantly befuddled by the mysteries of Mother Nature. I went on with my day. I returned home a couple of hours later. I went in the house and looked out the living-room window at the clematis and suddenly remembered: Oh yeah: The big clematis had bitten the dust; I'd ripped it out and replanted another one with little pink flowers. Oh yeah. Ooopsie. Forgot about that. Mystery solved: just my miracle airhead brain.


ROFL - I've done that before. I swore up and down one year to Sean that I had, in fact, planted tulips in the flower beds and not daffodils only to later remember that I grabbed the wrong package of bulbs at the store that year and bought daffodils instead of tulips and was just too lazy to take them back. Poor hubby had to put up with all my complaining and fit-throwing.

Bahaha..did you ever tell the gardener? I wouldn't have..

Ohhh I love love love clematis. Mine have been through so much - one has come back from almost certain death TWICE now - and have moved to a new house/garden and everything.

When they bloom, they just make me so darn happy!

hahahahahahaha. I love those kind of miracles!! Enjoy your flowdies, we just had another HUGE dump of snow. Great for skiing, not so great for gardening.

Oh, now that's hilarious! I'm very sad because not only did Howard my 9month old Great Dane eat the Butterfly Bush, he went after one of the Lilacs, too!(husbands fault for not watching)rrr. So, I probably won't have much in the way of spring blooming bushes this year - keep those photos coming for me.

Oh $#%!, Alicia. I just laughed so hard. I was just perusing White Flower Farm trying to decide to give Clematis another go. Mine, too, bit the dust. Actually, it never did anything except turn brown and die. So disappointing. I'm also ***thinking*** about a rose bush, but I'm a teensy bit scared of what I could do to a poor rose bush.

Almost fell off my chair from laughing so hard. Well, it's a beautiful clematis. Thank you for sharing it with us!

Hahaha, that's a funny story!

I'm so relieved to not be the ONLY one with this sort of memory. :D

Oh so funny!!!!! We are just being teased with the idea of spring here. NOTHING blooming yet. Your photo gives me hope. I've never had luck with clematis either. Probably because I tore a MONSTER bunch of it out because it was blocking the entire front porch of the first house we lived in and the clematis fairy is paying me back. Still glad I did it- It was way better having a porch swing there instead!

Oh, I have sooooooo "been there and done that!!!" Thanks for the great story and beautiful picture.

That made me giggle. :)

So funny!! I love how you capitalized "Something Weird". I'll have to tell my mom about this one, thanks for the giggle (:

OK, I laughed out loud at that one! Too cute!

oh spring how I yearn for you!!

Do show us when it opens up... everything in these parts are still snow covered, so I can only dream of the blossoms that will come.

Thanks for the giggle and images of spring!!

sara jane says: March 10, 2008 at 12:11 PM

oh good, I'm not the only one....

Ha! I bet they're still wondering about that at the nursery. Maybe you will become one of those "urban legends" with your miracle plant. My clematis is so small right now but might give out a few wee flowers i hope!

oh my god, I love you! That was so cute!!

Oh yeah, that's the ever-popular "Miracle of the Forgetful".

Thanks for the chuckle on a dreary Monday.

That's really interesting! I loved seeing your clematis photo, it reminds me of the one we had at my house growing up :)

Alicia, your photo is stunning.


Ohmygoodness, I do something like this practically once a week. My poor husband has to put up with such ridiculousness. I always swear I'm right, and then he just looks at me with this little knowing smile when it turns out I'm wrong. Got to learn to stop doing that...

Oh that is soooo funny! Thank you for the laugh today! Especially when I am thinking of buying some clematis in the next few weeks. Maybe I could find the changing size and color variety too? LOL!!

hahaha, that's funny. It's almost too bad you remembered.....not many people have a miracle plant.

um, that made me laugh out loud. It also made me feel as if I am now in good company.

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