Peanut Butter Cookies Actually Worked

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Our oven, though outfitted with a new element, is still sporadically quitting on us, so the repair man comes on Thursday. In between hissy fits, I managed to keep the temperature at 375 degrees for an afternoon so that I could bake some cookies. For some reason, I have been really wanting these classic peanut-butters with a little bit of strawberry jam. This is the same recipe my mom used — I wonder where it comes from, originally. I rolled mine in sugar, then did the criss-cross, then did what someone in the comments on that recipe suggested and made a little bowl with the back of a 1/4 teaspoon, then blooped the jelly in before baking. I think this is the first thing I've baked in months that actually worked out.


On Saturday afternoon, our friend Amy came over with Clover's boyfriend Bennie, who is a "Cavachon" — a cross between a King Charles Cavalier spaniel and a Bichon Frisee. He looks like a spring-loaded flokati rug. I have never seen a dog bounce like this one. Bennie and Clover have known each other since they were baby puppies and they play very well together. It is hilarious to watch them. They both charged upstairs and Bennie taught Clover to jump onto the bed in one second. This was something she didn't know she was "able" to do.

I made fried corn chowder and garlic bread for lunch. The fried corn chowder comes from Caprial and John's Kitchen. I watched them make this on TV a few months ago and have made it a couple of times since. I've made a lot of different corn chowders and I really like this one — you carmelize the corn before throwing it in the soup at the end. I used frozen white corn and it worked just fine, thought I will say that I prefer using chicken stock to the vegetable stock. Vegetable stock sometimes has a really strong flavor that I don't care for. The chicken stock seems mellower. But you could leave out the bacon and use vegetable stock for a vegetarian option that would still be really great, don't get me wrong. This soup is delicious.


This weather is seriously making me crazy. It's been freezing and raining all week and I am just so over it. It snowed on Saturday, hailed on Sunday. This is the longest winter ever. I want to be in California, near the ocean, laying out by the pool, drinking a Bellini RIGHT NOW!!!!!


Here in the Sierra foothills of California, it is cool today - but not raining - yet. We still need to have our kerosene heaters running all day. But i like today's weather better than last Sunday's 102 degrees when we were at Disneyland! It was not pleasant! No beaches near here (other than lakeside!) - but you are welcome any time!!

I was just thinking about peanut butter cookies in the shower this morning...strange I know!!?!?! Thanks for sharing the recipe, I think the Strawberry Jam is just what they need...that and a BIG glass of milk! Strawberries are just around the corner here in Oregon!! We are almost out of jam! That yummy chowder might brighten up this insane Spring weather we are having. Thanks for sharing the recipes!

I am sooo with you on the weather. I'm just north of you, in the Seattle area. (Well, even slightly northeast of there.) We had over 4 inches at my house this last weekend, but thank God, the sun is out today, but it's certainly not warm.

Oh, and I wanted you to know your decorating photos inspired me to do my own office in teal and pink colors. ;) I have pictures on my blog.

That chowder sounds amazing! Corn chowder is something I forget about, when I remember to make it I fall in love with it all over again :)

I am with you on the Portland weather. How can we have beautiful 70+ degree days one weekend and snow the next, unfair!

The grass is always greener, eh? I haven't seen snow, now in...uhmm...well, at least 3 years and I'm SO jealous of everyone's april snowmen!

I'm in Los Angeles and the weather has been weird too. Mostly pretty and sunny during the days, freezing cold at night (hi, both cats sleep on me, that's how cold) and then two weekends ago it was raging hot. You've got to dress in a lot of layers to get through the day. On Friday it's supposed to get really hot again. Then radically become cool again. It's driving me crazy! Maybe having some of those delish looking cookies would help. Can I email you my address? Kidding!

I'll have to try adding the jam to my favorite Peanut Butter Cookie recipe... I've been thinking about making peanut butter cookies for about a month now, now I have some inspiration to actually do it!

J'aime beaucoup vos photos, leurs couleurs, leur lumière, et le jolie histoire qui les accompagne.
@t soon

I'm with you on the weather!
I've gone from watching my tulips come up and enjoying flowers on my 'glory in the snow' to watching 11" of snow fall since Saturday morning!
They canceled school today!
That I am thrilled about however, as I now have the day off and I'm going to spend it baking. I'm working on cinnamon buns and I may even treat my husband and make his favorite peanut butter cookies.

Seriously, Portland, can we get a little sunshine? Please!!

That corn chowder looks GOOD! I love bacon.

This makes me want to invite a friend over for a homemade lunch! However no dogs jumping on my bed!

Congratulations on your successful cookies! I haven't made PB&J cookies for a while...and the cookie jar is empty as of lunch. Hmmm.

You're welcome to come to Monterey any ol' time you want! I'll save a spot on my deck with a hill-top ocean view just for you! :)

alicia i am with you on all counts: the peanut butter cookies are splendid with the jam, the vegetable stock is way too strong for my liking and the weather here is....well lets just say it right out: AWFUL!!!!! there i said it. and no swear words were needed to get my point across. if you were to add a bold type and enlarge the font to 25 pt it would really demonstrate how bad it is. as a matter of fact if you go over to my blog 'tweets' i posted a video of the sunday hail storm and contrasted it with my summer avalon garden. i titled it Shelter From The Storm :) Oh! Oh! The sun just poked it's head from behind a cloud!!
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

I so love peanut butter cookies, but I've never had the with jam. Dang, and I just started this wonderful diet of mine. I'll have to save this idea for later. The corn looks devine.

Hope your weather gets warmer soon. Here in Atlanta, GA, Spring has sprung and I hope it stays that way.

Well, it's sunny by my pool here in Southern California, so come on down and bring along the chowder! And since I'm moving back to Oregon in a couple of years, I am enjoying this place as hard as I can right now. Pool felt really good a few days ago when the temps got high!

It's cold here too!

Genius! PB&J cookies! Those look amazing...

Don't come to california! We're freezing too!

sheesh, if you are ever in l.a., let me know! really, it's not as bad as people say; in fact after moving back for the second time, it's really quite nice!

i know of a great fabric store (they are stocked with lawn and gingham and swiss dot so that's how i'm defining greatness) and a french cafe that makes yummy quiche. and we can wear skirts and clogs and drink mint ice tea. :)

Peanut butter cookies....mmmmm....with jam...mmmmm....

I second the weather comment. I'm in Kansas, and it's been warm for 2 days straight! Last night the weatherman said, "Will the warm weather last?" I stared at the TV and said, "If it doesn't, I will kill you."

I know it was a little strong. I know. But I am pasty and stir crazy.

Ugh. It's spitting snow here, today, too, but I suppose that's to be expected. Maybe we could ALL meet at a warm sunny beach for a mass picnic?

So sorry about your oven issues. I can relate but keep trying to tell myself that if troublesome appliances are the worst thing we have to deal with in life, then I should consider myself pretty lucky. Would somebody please remind me of that next time I'm on the phone with Whirpool or GE, on the verge of tears, and being told by the "customer service" person that I'M being rude and disrespectful when SHE is the one interrupting me. Ugh.
Oh dear, I can't start AND end this comment with "Ughs" can I?
Maybe should rearrange that to "Hugs".

The 2 year old on my lap says "little cookies, eat it, eat it, eat it".

You crack me up with your choice of words, "blooped" is a new one for me...LOL! Thanks for remiding me about Caprial! I used to watch her on PBS then she just dropped off the radar but I dug out one of her first cookbooks I have.

Bobbie Lynn Duran says: April 22, 2008 at 12:56 PM

I wish you where here too!

Covina, CA

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