Rice Pudding

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Late yesterday I saw that Amy was talking about the very cool cookbook of family recipes she has and that was the perfect inspiration. I had, only hours earlier, been having lunch with my friend Shelly at IKEA, where I bought nothing but three bags of frozen Swedish meatballs, as it is my goal to never be without Swedish meatballs in the freezer. Andy's grandma Helen Thomas wrote out her recipe for rice pudding for me several years ago, but it was only a few months ago, when Andy's mom (Helen's daugher) was here in September, that she told me this rice pudding is not considered a dessert; it is what the Thomases eat with Swedish meatballs. It is amazing that way. Natch, after reading Amy's post and having three bags of meatballs suddenly at hand, I had to make some. This is Helen's recipe as written. I make it just this way, with jasmine rice.

Helen's Rice Pudding

Wash 1 c. rice (not Minute Rice) in ice cold water. Put in double boiler and add 2 c. hot water. Steam rice until dry. Put in large baking bowl. Add 2 more cups of milk and 1 can [sweetened] condensed milk, 3/4 c. sugar, and 4 beaten eggs. Add salt to taste. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and put pieces of butter. Bake in medium oven — 375 degrees about 1 hour, until pudding is firm.

Ricepud2 Alas, as I was talking on the phone to my niece who was thanking me for the (awesome) horse stationery I sent her, the preheating electric oven went, "KaPOOOF!" and there was a big flash of light and something blew, I screamed in shock, narrowly avoiding bellowing expletive ["Holy . . . wow!"] into phone at nine-year-old niece.

Fifteen minutes later, my next-door-neighbors, who graciously allowed me to use their oven for my pud and meatballs, thought that the "element" was bad. PERHAPS this explains my crap kitchen karma lately. Or would I just like to think so. Anyway, we have no oven now and must stop and get new heating element on way to Powell's for more books because I want lasagna this weekend, with my reading. Lasagna with a side of reading. I'll read at the table.

Portlanders, do you know about the rice pudding store at Bridgeport Village? Not kidding. All rice pudding. AND GOOD. I meant to tell you about it before. It's called Pudding on the Rice.


Yum! Is that sweetened condensed milk or evaporated milk? Gotta have some!

OMGosh! That looks so yummy. I've never had rice pudding but you've given me the desire to cook and try it. Mmmmmm, mmmm!

Thanks for posting the recipe, sounds great--plus, I have 6 cans of condensed milk in the pantry (I can't remember what I was going to cook at the time...)Looking forward to trying it!

How long does it take to steam it in the double boiler? If you don't have a double boiler would you just use a regular saucepan and simmer gently?? I'm assuming you use Pearl rice? This sounds great way to make rice pudding. I've been trying for years to get a nice bowl of creamy pudding like my Grandma made but with no luck! I'm going to give it a try.

I eat rice pudding nearly every day. (Although Im trying to not eat so much.)

I love rice pudding, and yet I have never had one as good as the one I ate a hippy-dippy commune barn party in 197? Now I am living in a state of rice pudding goodness quest. "Pudding on the Rice" may be my destiny!
I am sorry about your oven. I think you should lay the blame for all of your woes and trials on that element. I may do the same.

What a lovely surprise to see my mom's handwriting when I opened your blog today! My brain did one of these: gosh, that looks like mom's writing, mmmmm rice pudding, gee, that IS mom's handwriting! In answer to the question about the double boiler: it takes an hour or so to boil the rice dry with the water and then milk. Without a double boiler, you'd need to watch it very closely. With the double boiler, you and your mind can wander a bit. Andy is going to be one happy camper to come home to rice pudding, Swedish meatballs, AND Friday night :-) Thank you for the lovely post.

My oven died yesterday too. Aw well, just an excuse for more sewing and take out.

I haven't had rice pudding in years. Now I want to make some. Guess I'll fix the oven. *sigh*

the element is easy to replace. you should be able to see if it blew out. Call your local parts store with your oven model # and they will be able to order you one if they don't have one in-stock. The are not that expensive and usually you only need a screwdriver or wrench to remove it. Of course you need to turn off your breaker before you do this.

Good luck nothing worse than not having your oven working. You will need it more while it is broken then when it is working.

I was at Ikea yesterday myself eating swedish meatballs with my girlfriend who, in all the times she's been to IKEA, had never once eaten there. Sac-religious, I say! Rice pudding is my husbands absolute favorite. There is a rice pudding place in NYC called, "Rice to Riches" I think- anyway- yummy rice pudding there, too. Good luck with the "element" - cripes sounds dangerous is a very mysterious way. Don't be melting your eyelashes or anything!

Mmmmmm...Swedish meatballs and rice pudding sound like the ultimate comfort foods. The rice pudding looks divine! And how special to have the recipe in her own handwriting.

oh yes! i was just in portland and didn't see pudding on the rice- BUT they have one here in Provo, UT...
I know, of all places.

But my hubby and i love it, so we hope it stays!

Rice pudding, definitely my favourite dessert!

Oooh.. looks good! I like how it is baked in the oven, too. I made some in my new pressure cooker recently. Now that's a magical kitchen gadget...rice pudding in 30 minutes, even with raw rice!

We have a Pudding on the Rice store here in Utah, too, down in Provo close to the University campus. I've been in a few times. I enjoyed the ricepudding but my husband isn't a fan...then again, I LOVE kozyshack cinnamon and raisin rice pudding, so I pretty much knew I'd like this one.

It's tasty! Try it with heathbar bits in it. mmm.

yummmmm. we were just discussing rice pudding today at lunch. i love plump golden raisins in mine and i love the thick sweet layer on top. warm pudding with a dribble of custard cream is to die for!

Pudding on the Rice? Oh man, next time in Bridgetown I shall be THERE, THERE, THERE!

Yup, that sounds like an element blowing. Mine blew up on Thanksgiving day and then when I got to my mom's house, HERS went out as well! TG the turkey was done by then!

Yipes! I am always afraid of my mum-in-law's electric stove and hate cooking with anything but gas. That Barefoot Contessa turkey lasagna is always fab if you haven't tried it .

I can't believe this blog post! Two of my favorite things are rice pudding and Helen Thomas. I even mentioned her in my last blog. (Are we talking THE Helen Thomas?) Well then, I must make this pudding tout suite. Thanks for sharing!

I've come down with a nasty sore throat this morning (grrr) which does not bode well for our upcoming bike holiday. Maybe I need a serve of rice pudding with a side of Jane Austen books in bed!

Rice pudding with meatballs? Really. I'll have to think about that. Rice pudding has always been a dessert in our house so I think pairing it with Swedish meatballs would be a hard sell.

A total aside but have you seen the latest Garnet Hill kid's catalog? There is a lovely, lovely smocked top for girls that made me think of you!

(In case the link doesn't work, it's item 15041 at garnethill.com)

god, YUM! i, too, have been on a rice pudding quest, which has involved my poor mother (she has made it for me for the last two times i've visited - the first was better - had maple syrup poured over it, sigh). i am in alabama visiting with them now, and - daughter that i am - printed out your recipe to pass along, with a wink.
hope you are well, miss a. i shared with my mom the videos of miss clover as well. xx

My high school boyfriend bit through his tongue while playing in a basketball game and the only thing he wanted to eat after the stitches was rice pudding. He ate it the whole week at school as well and freaked kids out cuz the rice got stuck in his stitches!!!!! (he loved the attention).

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