Rice Pudding

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Late yesterday I saw that Amy was talking about the very cool cookbook of family recipes she has and that was the perfect inspiration. I had, only hours earlier, been having lunch with my friend Shelly at IKEA, where I bought nothing but three bags of frozen Swedish meatballs, as it is my goal to never be without Swedish meatballs in the freezer. Andy's grandma Helen Thomas wrote out her recipe for rice pudding for me several years ago, but it was only a few months ago, when Andy's mom (Helen's daugher) was here in September, that she told me this rice pudding is not considered a dessert; it is what the Thomases eat with Swedish meatballs. It is amazing that way. Natch, after reading Amy's post and having three bags of meatballs suddenly at hand, I had to make some. This is Helen's recipe as written. I make it just this way, with jasmine rice.

Helen's Rice Pudding

Wash 1 c. rice (not Minute Rice) in ice cold water. Put in double boiler and add 2 c. hot water. Steam rice until dry. Put in large baking bowl. Add 2 more cups of milk and 1 can [sweetened] condensed milk, 3/4 c. sugar, and 4 beaten eggs. Add salt to taste. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and put pieces of butter. Bake in medium oven — 375 degrees about 1 hour, until pudding is firm.

Ricepud2 Alas, as I was talking on the phone to my niece who was thanking me for the (awesome) horse stationery I sent her, the preheating electric oven went, "KaPOOOF!" and there was a big flash of light and something blew, I screamed in shock, narrowly avoiding bellowing expletive ["Holy . . . wow!"] into phone at nine-year-old niece.

Fifteen minutes later, my next-door-neighbors, who graciously allowed me to use their oven for my pud and meatballs, thought that the "element" was bad. PERHAPS this explains my crap kitchen karma lately. Or would I just like to think so. Anyway, we have no oven now and must stop and get new heating element on way to Powell's for more books because I want lasagna this weekend, with my reading. Lasagna with a side of reading. I'll read at the table.

Portlanders, do you know about the rice pudding store at Bridgeport Village? Not kidding. All rice pudding. AND GOOD. I meant to tell you about it before. It's called Pudding on the Rice.


Glad the stove didn't do any collateral damage and glad you were able to finish cooking your rice pudding. My friend Andrea LOVES rice pudding and I tease her - she calls it "old lady food" she'd flip out over and entire rice pudding store - wow!

I posted about rice pudding this week, too! We went to Rice to Riches when we were in NY last week, and it was heavenly. I wish I knew how to make such delicious rice pudding in the amazing flavors they have. We tried chocolate hazelnut and cheesecake. Yummm.

an entire store of rice puddings? i think i am going to have to venture out to bridgeport after all...as there was never such an awesome reason to go before!

I'm going to make this! It sounds delish. One question, when you serve it with the Swedish Meatballs, do you use the special swedish gravy too? Or would that be overkill?

cladeeclucla says: April 11, 2008 at 06:23 PM

I L.O.V.E rice pudding! I will have to give your recipe a try. Thanks for sharing it. :)

i did the Bridgeport" thing and well... i thought it was a bit too Cool Whip creamy for rice pudding. not enough nuggets. if you have a hankering though be sure to ask for the "taste test spoons" and you can eat your way through all 37 flavors from peanut butter parfait to mocha cashew crunch. the vanilla cream bean was best but a close second was strawberry daiquiri ice :)
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

KimBarrett says: April 11, 2008 at 07:13 PM

More, more, more books...
Tender, sweet and touching quick reads (technically kid books):
Love That Dog by Sharon Creech and
Because of Winn-Dixie by Kate DiCamillo

YES, also to the previously mentioned A Girl Named Zippy and The #1 Women's Detective Agency series!

Happy reading!

Do you like Bailey's Irish Cream?

I have a really good recipe for Bailey's Irish Cream Rice Pudding if you'd like to try it!

I have to try this. I LOVE rice pudding.

Ooo, I love rice pudding! How aweful about your oven, though. I would just be lost without my oven.

It's funny to see that there are so many Swedish rice pudding lovers out there! Here in Sweden nobody under 75 makes them anymore. The only time I have rice pudding is when I go to see my grandmother who is 86. She makes it with cardamom and serves it with lingonberry jam for supper. She will be thrilled that the traditional Swedish recipe for rice pudding lives on on the other side of the pound!

How did you know that I was looking for a rice pudding recipe less than 48 hours ago?

Mmm I love rice pudding especially if it has raisins in it. And I love IKEA! Their meatballs are yummy!



I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how I'm enjoying the country girl kit, and the clothespin dolls.

What a clever sweet idea.

Thanks for offering such a delightful little package.

Jill 00

Mmmmmm rice pudding. Mmmmmm lasagna and reading, how cozy.
I use the same recipe for rice pudding, except mine doesn't include the salt or butter. Next time I'll try it with those additions. Rice pudding=comfort.

hmmmmh, i had really nice rice pudding in portugal, at a town festival, they served it in individual terracotta coloured flat bowls, with cinnamon on top, just the way i like it! my mum makes it with just milk, sugar and rice, although the sugar has been sharing its storage jar with some split vanilla pods. my granny was forever sneaking eggs into our ricepuddings and semolina puddings, because she thought we needed sustenance. i think i prefer it without the egg.

Here's one of my favorite books:
There is a series of about 8 after this one, if you like it!

Is there some secret connection between your new book (yippee!!) and the cookbook of Amy's?? Or is the link amiss? A mystery...

What...a rice pudding store at Bridgeport??? I need to go check that out! Sorry about your oven, hopefully it will be fixed soon! Too bad you can't grill lasagna, our weekend weather is perfect for grilling!

If you need a break from reading you guys should drive down to Woodburn for the Tulip Festival...the acres and acres of tulips are sure to be quite breathtaking!

mmmm I'm going to have to give this a try!~

Looks so delicious! Thank you for sharing!

What is your connection with Sweden? Often I see you making different dishes that is traditionally Swedish.

Love Hanna
A girl from Smaland, Sweden

Somehow it doesn't surprise me that Portland has a rice pudding store. I do love living in a city that caters to the eccentric. Thanks for the rice pudding store tip and sorry to hear about your oven thingy!

Miss Julia says: April 13, 2008 at 02:51 PM

Oh thank you for what sounds like a yummy rice pudding.
I have to tell you about my oven element incident.
Standing in the kitchen in my flannel pjs, Thanksgiving morning (natch) I opened the oven door to put in the turkey. Bang, pop and a blue flame shot out across the room, I kid you not, and a whisp of smoke. I think ovens know when it is Thanksgiving and 30 people are coming to dinner. I could have been a pop tart. Crisp. Thank heavens the oven was an old style with another oven on the side. Thanks for letting this old gal remember a (now funny) long ago holiday.

Hah, hah! That was hysterical! What an action packed post.

I once had a handbeater blow up while I was holding it, with company in the living room. It was a similar reaction...Hand was ok, btw.

Sounds like a really good rice pudding recipe.

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