Rice Pudding

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Late yesterday I saw that Amy was talking about the very cool cookbook of family recipes she has and that was the perfect inspiration. I had, only hours earlier, been having lunch with my friend Shelly at IKEA, where I bought nothing but three bags of frozen Swedish meatballs, as it is my goal to never be without Swedish meatballs in the freezer. Andy's grandma Helen Thomas wrote out her recipe for rice pudding for me several years ago, but it was only a few months ago, when Andy's mom (Helen's daugher) was here in September, that she told me this rice pudding is not considered a dessert; it is what the Thomases eat with Swedish meatballs. It is amazing that way. Natch, after reading Amy's post and having three bags of meatballs suddenly at hand, I had to make some. This is Helen's recipe as written. I make it just this way, with jasmine rice.

Helen's Rice Pudding

Wash 1 c. rice (not Minute Rice) in ice cold water. Put in double boiler and add 2 c. hot water. Steam rice until dry. Put in large baking bowl. Add 2 more cups of milk and 1 can [sweetened] condensed milk, 3/4 c. sugar, and 4 beaten eggs. Add salt to taste. Sprinkle cinnamon on top and put pieces of butter. Bake in medium oven — 375 degrees about 1 hour, until pudding is firm.

Ricepud2 Alas, as I was talking on the phone to my niece who was thanking me for the (awesome) horse stationery I sent her, the preheating electric oven went, "KaPOOOF!" and there was a big flash of light and something blew, I screamed in shock, narrowly avoiding bellowing expletive ["Holy . . . wow!"] into phone at nine-year-old niece.

Fifteen minutes later, my next-door-neighbors, who graciously allowed me to use their oven for my pud and meatballs, thought that the "element" was bad. PERHAPS this explains my crap kitchen karma lately. Or would I just like to think so. Anyway, we have no oven now and must stop and get new heating element on way to Powell's for more books because I want lasagna this weekend, with my reading. Lasagna with a side of reading. I'll read at the table.

Portlanders, do you know about the rice pudding store at Bridgeport Village? Not kidding. All rice pudding. AND GOOD. I meant to tell you about it before. It's called Pudding on the Rice.


Shut UP! A rice pudding store? And my favorite sushi restaurant is in Bridgeport Village. Maybe I should just live there?

Love rice pudding!! Here in Istanbul they have a winter drink called salep that tastes like you are drinking hot rice pudding! It is so yummy! But nice cold rice pudding is the best in summer. I will have to expand my rice pudding tastes with the meatballs though.

I've never had rice pudding but you made it sound pretty good. I'm going to give your recipe a try. Thanks for sharing.

i really miss the rice pudding with raisins my mom used to make. i loved to have it warm, just out of the oven. i have her recipe, but it's not the same.

regarding your stove, i think you might need to call in an expert for it. someone to make clear, correct karma!

I dont' really like Rice Pudding that much, it's ok, just not my fave. When we were in England when I was little, my grandma asked if I wanted Rice Pudding and I thought it was Yorkshire Pudding so I said I loved it. She gave me a huge bowl full and I had to eat it all since I had said I loved it :b Oopsy! Your weekend sounds like mine! Relaxing with a book!

In New York City there is a store like Pudding on the Rice, called Rice to Riches. I was there for the second time last week and had French Toast and Pecan Pie. I keep waiting for them to open one up in LA...


After seeing your post AND having recently read a feature in Country Home magazine's March edition (Food Editor Lisa Holderness writing about her mom's Scandinavian rice pudding recipe baked in a Pyrex aqua Amish-patterned bowl), I had to try your recipe to re-live wonderful memories. Made a batch yesterday in my own Pyrex aqua Amish-patterned bowl just like the one MY mom used for her rice pudding. Warm, sweet, comfort on a spoon. Heaven. Thanks for sharing the great recipe. The condensed milk takes it over the top.

Ooh! I will definitely give this recipe a try. The hubbie-man is addicted to rice pudding!
I have big crap-karma in the kitchen lately.
My husband says I am the best baker in the world but on the rare occasion in which I fail, I fail in the biggest way possible!
I made my favorite Amish Banana Bread recipe yesterday and omit the baking powder by accident.
(can we say "Anne Shirley"?)
On top of that I made five loaves!
Oops. Hope you like banana doorstops. :)

Wow - that's SO funny. I've also experienced some bad kitchen karma lately. Our brand-spanking-new oven door exploded one day, in the midst of supper prep. I blogged it right here http://fivegreenacres.wordpress.com/2008/03/12/an-almost-bagand-our-oven-exploded-today/

Hope you get your oven back real soon... I never realized how much I wanted to bake until I couldn't.

Sweet Cottage Dreams says: April 19, 2008 at 06:30 PM

Oh I love this stuff! Reminds me of my childhood! I'll give this a try for suuuuuuurrre!


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