Saturday (and Friday) in the Park

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Two days in the park, and it was wonderful. Just what we needed after this long, long winter. Friday it was 70 degrees, Saturday 75. Perfect, perfect weather. We scored our favorite spot in the Rose Garden on Friday after going to Powell's, where we bought fourteen books (we really did buy fourteen books). There was a quilt in the dog's crate in the car so, with stacks of books as pillows, we read for several hours in dappled sunlight under blooming trees. I'll show you the books I got tomorrow. I already finished one of them. That was a great feeling.


Saturday we'd planned to go out to opening day on the farm with Clover Meadow, but it turned out we weren't that ambitious. Instead we just got some sandwiches and cupcakes downtown, and headed back up to the park for the day, this time with a puppy in tow.


Clover is such a good dog. It was really her first big day out, a long day, which included puppy school (she is starting to learn her [20 minute] off-leash stay, and will start off-leash training in the front yard this week), a very crowded downtown farmer's market (did you know they sell homemade organic vanilla pudding there? OMG), and close to four hours of park lounging (studded with a few long walks around the roses). She sat and watched it all, fairly quietly, nibbling and spitting out pine cones, trying very hard not to jump on anyone who came to say hi, mostly just watching the world go by on a beautiful day. She is awesome.


So is Cupcake Jones. This is the Vanilla Pearl. It is basically amazing. It is white velvet cake, with vanilla pastry cream inside, and vanilla buttercream icing. For a vanilla lover like me, it's truly the perfect cupcake.


Isn't she pretty? We had such a good day. I felt like Audrey was there with us, too.


Clover has grown up so fast and it's good that she's being such a good dog. That's nice you know, when you can take your dog out and not cringe too much. She's beautiful and I'm glad you felt Audrey there too. Pets become such a big part of our families, such a wonderful gift and yummy cupcakes don't hurt either (smile).

Sounds lovely... Clover is beautiful and that cupcake looks delicious!

14 new books, a corgi on a quilt in the shade at the rose garden. I think you just described my perfect day. Well maybe a massage therapist could show up with some Thai food and a manicurist in tow.

hey, I miss you and would love to catch up. Do you have time for a phone chat this week? xo

Books, dogs, food...all the best things in life together!

that sounds so nice! your puppy is so cute, I wish I could get a pup to hang out with in the park. Thanks for sharing!

Jeannette says: April 14, 2008 at 11:21 AM

yeah. good doggies channel good doggies.

ah, this was the perfect weekend! i just couldn't stand not being out in the sunshine for even a single minute that i have a nice sunburn as proof of this past weekends' amazing weather. clover is getting so big! such a cutie-pie!

Sounds like a perfect day! I love that Clover girl. What a great dog!
And she is getting so big! I am sure Audrey was there :-).

Everywhere I go in the blogisphere there are cupcakes today. Now I really need a cupcake. Sounds like an absolutely wonderful weekend. :)

i keep trying to talk my mom into getting a corgi. i think i need to show her this post to show her how perfect they are.

send one of those cupcakes over this way! vanilla + me = tla

I'm amazed, as I can barely handle the busy farmers market these days! Your little Clover has such a sweet sparkle in her eyes. What a gem of a pup.

Those pictures are almost fake looking they are so perfect. Great park.

buttercup says: April 14, 2008 at 12:08 PM

Alicia - remember how we love pictures of you, too? If I could read that number on Clover's tag I might just call to say hello and happy spring and to let you know I'm afraid to make my christmas clothespin dolls so they are still in the there anyone out there who just loves having them but isn't brave enough to make them? We are even having spring in the midwest today - it is glorious!

oh man! you deserve it. :) i want a perfect day, too!!! we're still in 50s and daffodils here in Cambridge. hehe!

Such lovely days!

Looks like a fantastic time ^-^

That cupcake sounds and looks divine!

that sounds just lovely. i still cant believe how amazingly nice it was saturday. i am very thankful for it, but I do wish it could have stuck around! I picked up joan didion's Year of Magical Thinking for the second time, but it's just so sad. I put it down after 50 pages last time because it was just so sad. i love her writing, but a girl can only take so much!

Yes, Clover is pretty. Audrey probably was there helping Miss Clover contain herself. Did you get one of the doggy cupcakes at Cupcake Jones for Clover? I picked one up for our pup's 4th birthday last Thursday. I work next door to Cupcake Jones, can you imagine the temptation I face every day and then there is Ben & Jerry's next to that - whew.

What a sweet-faced girl that Clover is! Your day sounds dreamy. Now if only we could break 50 degrees here in Chicago, I could plan my own day in the park.

I was just thinking about Audrey while I was reading this and also surprised at how big Clover is now! But isn't that the way with puppies... they grow up right before your eyes! I hope to have this kind of weekend next weekend. That is really good that she is learning a 20-minute stay! And now I'm craving pudding and cupcakes. Oh Alicia... I thought I was beating my sugar habit! Back to rehab for me!!!

Let's see ... grass ... flowers ... quilt ... toy bone. Yep, all the makings of a wonderful sunfilled day. :) Glad you all got a chance to get out there and enjoy it.
Carolyn xxoo

Miss Meadow is so pretty. I remember that picture of Audrey with the stuffed doggie that looks like Meadow. I'm not sure just how, but I'm sure Audrey is there too. Can't wait to see what books you got. ANd boy! do those cupcakes look and sound good!

'scuse me for calling Clover by her middle name. Somehow she just looks like Meadow in that picture.

If you haven't already printed and framed the up close photo of Clover, you should do it right now!! So beautiful. I wish it were 70 here, it spiked up to almost 90 and kinda muggy this weekend. The weather is back to normal today thank goodness.

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