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PEOPLE! You rule. I love you. Thank you so much for taking care of me here. There are a lot of books down there that look so good, sooooo good, and I am cheered just reading the list. My intention is to print it out and take it to Powell's. But this week I've been zooming around and the closest I've gotten to books has been Target, and my friend Sarah's house for lunch on Tuesday, and she gave me the Ruth Reichl. I've already finished half of it, which is so unlike me, because I am a pretty slow reader. But I got the other three at Target, and even the checkout lady was like, "You've NEVER read Janet Evanovich??? NEVER???!!!" "Er, no, I know, bad." "I can't believe you've never read Janet Evanovich. NEVER!!! Ooooooh, you are so lucky!"

I know, that's just how I feel. I am psyched. Amazingly, I have actually read a bunch of the stuff that was suggested, but a whole bunch of it I've never even heard of (as above, apparently, I am the last to get with the program) so this is good. I need this. And Leisl, because I love you and because you begged and because you've been reading this blog for two years (sigh, time flies), I may even put them in a list like I did a few years ago (almost to the day — weird) but not for a little bit because I want people to still add to it so I don't miss anything. I need to look at that list and see what I did wind up reading on it (the old one). I might even join one of those booksharing sites. But then I think I already have too many things to do on line and I just want to read. Because, you know all I ever wanted to do was read.


I just finished Ruth Reichl's Garlic and Sapphires. Loved it! In fact bought it for a gift for someone too. Definitely want to read more from her.

If you are looking for great read, check out The Thirteenth Tale.
I blogged a review here:http://dogearedandunderlined.blogspot.com/2007/10/what-tale.html

Loved the Penderwicks...and I've never read Janet Evanovich either...loved Goodnight Nobody...but I am a mom of three and lots of it hit home...Jennifer Weiner is wonderful in the chick lit genre...now I am reading the Twilight series...and as someone said above me...totally guilty pleasure...but ummm, strangely good!

You must, must, must read
"The Timetraveler's Wife" by Audrey Neffenburger (something like that -- I have the book not 10 feet from me and I am too lazy to check the spelling of her last name). It's the greatest book I have read in ages. It's a beautiful love story, light-ish reading, but so wonderful. I missed the characters so much that I read it again not after I finished it the first time.

Also, check out paperbackswap.com. You list the books you have & swap for free... just pay the cost of shipping. I am way too cheap to buy books new, so this site has been a godsend. I love your site.

Take care!

I LOVE Jennifer Weiner! she is hilarious... i have Good in Bed & I must have checked another one of hers out from the library, because I dont have it, and I dont remember the title. Boo.

but no seriously, for real, Why Girls are Weird is awesome.

and oh, p.s. A Dog Year by Jon Katz is really heartwarming too, true story about a border collie with all these problems and how they overcome them and form a great dog/man bond. good stuff.


the other Weiner book i read was Little Earthquakes.

okay, im done!

Happy to see that someone else out there is a Ruth Reichl fan...I don't see her mentioned enough in "blogland" and wonder why...she's amazing.

I was just surfin' the blogs and stopped by for a visit.

Great Blog!


I loved the Penderwicks. Another book about the family is coming out soon (or is out already). :)

Great chocies on the readin. Evanovich will make you laugh right out loud so be warned anyone who is sleeping nearby. And I just saw that the Ruth Rendell Mysteries are back on PBS just in case reading needs to be switched out with viewing. Have a ball!!!

My daughter (8) and I both LOVED the Penderwicks last summer. We now own two copies and they're both very broken in. You'll LOVE it!!!

Karen Dodson says: April 15, 2008 at 12:32 PM

I would LOVE a list!!! I am also a Janet E. fan. You will love her!

Evanovich is a cool chick, fer sure!

I stop by every one in a while to check out the entries. I am addicted to reading and as a teacher, I love seeing everyone's pick and preparing for great summer reads.

This list is so fantastic and some of my choices are already listed!

You'll love "Goodnight Nobody" but it's not her best. I liked the collection of short stories by Weiner as well: "The Guy Not Taken." She also just released a new book: Certain Girls. I just bought it - will keep posted!

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