My sister made us some recipe cards!

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Isn't my sissy the most awesomest??? Look what she made for us:


Click here for the free downloadable pdf that you can print out on cardstock with your inkjet printer and cut out. Here's the strawberry one:


I love these. I had been on the verge of grumpily designing my own (because I have been wanting, pretty much every day for the past year, to completely redo my recipe box properly and I can never find recipe cards that please me) when Julie showed me her adorable and recently updated web site last week, and I saw these sweeties there. PERFECT. Done. Now for a nice pen, and a lazy afternoon. . . .

Thanks Jules!!! You rules.


What fun, and I totally relate to finding the right pen. I love having the right pen, especially when applying to something lovely like those recipe cards.
I'm on the verge of flirting with my husband and asking "When are getting a printer? One that works?"
Thank you, and Jules too, for sharing the fun.

Oh my - i was JUST searching for something like this online the other day! YAY!

HeidiAnn says: May 05, 2008 at 08:16 AM

Very cute cards!

Love those! So cute!

How lovely. Thank you Alicia. :-)

Thank you, Alicia's sister!

I've got some LONG overdue recipe organizing to do. It'll take a lot longer than an afternoon, I'm afraid. That'll probably be a fall project. Too much stuff to do 'round the apartment still.

i love her artwork! you two are so talented. thank you.

Have you thought of using a Tastebook ( I'm addicted. I took all of my recipes last year and uploaded them and I have the most fantastic and beautiful book now. Saves space too!

Yeay for scallops and strawberries. I'll take it!

These are gorgeous! Thanks for sharing! :)

I LOVE these- her style is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing!

Oh these are lovely. Thanks so much. I have lots of scraps of paper tucked in between cook books and have never found a recipe box to love. I've been thinking about altering a tin to use instead and now I'll have some pretty cards to use in it.
And yes, the right pen is so important!

i cannot believe how totally cute these are! i am always thinking that i should "do this" and "do that" and making my own recipe cards is by far in the top 3... have i ever done it..? no.i will visit your sister pronto :)
your friend, bird tweet robin from down the road

These are soo adorable! Talent just oozes from your family, apparently..Love it!

Wow, talent sure does run deep in your family! Just adorable!

tammyCA says: May 05, 2008 at 10:04 AM

To get my recipes organized, now that would be something...I might even cook! Your sister has such cute illustrations - very talented family...thank you for sharing the recipe cards. :)

i'm virtually a non-cooker, with only 4 recipes under my belt (including a recipe for homemade dog biscuits), but i can appreciate cuteness when i see it!

Last week I vowed to organize my recipes after dropping half of the box on the floor while looking for my cream cheese tomato soup recipe in a big hurry. (Then I just shoved everything back in the box and crammed on the lid.) Maybe these cards will inspire me! So pretty. Thank you for the designs, sisters.

Thanks for sharing - soooo cute!

So very sweet! Thank you for sharing! What a talented family. (^_^)v

Thanks so much, these are darling! :0)

Oh! Cute! Cute! Cute!
I looove to bake and can't wait to put the recipes on these adorable cards.
Thanks Alicia's sister! (and you too, Alicia!)

Rebecca says: May 05, 2008 at 11:04 AM

Thank you for sharing. They are really adorable. I too, need to redo my recipe box. Actually just got a new one over the weekend at a church sale, soooo, this is perfect timing!

Hi Alicia! I read your blog every day...but rarely leave a comment. I feel like I "know" you well enough to ask you a question...and yet you have no idea who I am.
You probably get this sort of thing all the time! :-)
I hope you don't mind.....but if you had a friend (ME!) who wanted to visit Portland with her daughter (who wants to move there, but has never been) , and she wanted to stay somewhere inexpensive, but within walking distance of places of interest...
where would you stay? I know this isn't a travel blog, but you're the only one I "know" to ask....
Thank YOU!!!

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