My sister made us some recipe cards!

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Isn't my sissy the most awesomest??? Look what she made for us:


Click here for the free downloadable pdf that you can print out on cardstock with your inkjet printer and cut out. Here's the strawberry one:


I love these. I had been on the verge of grumpily designing my own (because I have been wanting, pretty much every day for the past year, to completely redo my recipe box properly and I can never find recipe cards that please me) when Julie showed me her adorable and recently updated web site last week, and I saw these sweeties there. PERFECT. Done. Now for a nice pen, and a lazy afternoon. . . .

Thanks Jules!!! You rules.


These are really cute. I love the strawberry ones. Thankd for sharing, your sister's site is cool,I like the whimsical feel of her work.

I LOVE them! You and your sister are amazing. I am printing them out right after I take a look at your sister's shop. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the last person on Earth who still handwrites recipes for people on real recipe cards.

PS-I would still love to see your art on recipe cards. I am still coveting that poster you made after your co-workers came and planted for you after your accident. Just beautiful.

Your family is amazing! You are both so creative. Thanks for the link to your sisters website. Such sweet and pretty prints. I love love love a good ballpoints please. Something a little scritchy is really nice!

These are too cute! now if only I could find a recipe box to fit all my recipes in =)

These are adorable! Thank you so much for sharing them! Your sis is really talented - she should look into selling her designs to digital scrapbookers!

Oh my, I wish I was organised enough to have a recipe box, let alone a sissy to make me awesome recipe cards, you rule the school, as does your sis! <3

Wow, these are just too cute :) Thanks for sharing with us, and thanks to your sister too :) joanne x

I didn't know you had a sister and that she was so creative!! I looked through her website-- she's very talented. That's really great that you two share this interest in creating! My sisters steered clear of art because they had to be different from me! Oh well. Thanks for the recipe cards!!!

THANK YOU!!!! Jules for the most lovely recipe cards. My recipes will now have a flair about them.

What a gal! Thanks!

And yet another reason to simply marvel at you Alicia... talent runs in the family.

P.S. I hope Andy's blisters are all healed up from the flat tire fiasco.

Those are adorbale! I love the strawberry one!

There's two of you?

Please relay my thanks to your sister!! Very sweet!

Thank you, Julianna, for the wonderful recipe card art, and thank you, Alicia, for giving us the link to the pdf file. They are wonderful and will give me a chance to use the new pen set my sister gave me for Christmas. xxoo

Thanks so much for these, I might not lose my recipes if they're all pretty and organised. Now I only have to find them to transfer them. Your sisters work is gorgeous!

These are great!

I love the recipe cards - I just know I've admired your sister's charming designs at Papyrus - now I know the rest of the story! Thanks.

That pottery one is awesome! defenitely your family got talent!

These would look waaay better than the gazillions of scraps of magazine recipes that I've torn out.

So cute! I love them, thanks for sharing them with us.

They are pretty... you and your sister are so talented!

Those are yummy! Thanks so much! Thank your sissy for us, that was very sweet of her. Hmmm now I feel like baking heheh

Wow wow , I love those! your sisters illustrations are beautiful!

I love these! And I'm happy to discover your sister's site. Thank you!

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