Just as you suspected . . .

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Clover Meadow actually writes this blog. Isn't she brilliant?


I knew it all along!...her paw prints were all over it!

Oh great. I just came over to tell you I have nominated you for a Arte y pico award and now I'm not sure whether you or Miss Clover Meadow should get it!

Here's the link to my blog so you can see your award:

She's genius!!! It's a spectacular blog. Go Clover! ;-)

My goodness is she brilliant ! I knew it! I knew it!

Yes. Yes, she is.

I was wondering why the puppy-pictures were sort of heavy-handed (or pawed) in the blog. That explains it. ::Tee hee::

EVERYONE knows, Corgis are the smartest doggies EVER!!!Duh....


I mean,bye.

I knew she was a smarty-pants!
I saw the trail! She's been leaving the cats out of it, that should have been our first clue!
Big smiles, Alicia, thank you!

I've been following your blog for a long time now but I rarely stop to comment. This post though stopped me in my tracks - that is one of the best doggie photos I've ever seen. She is just too loveable!

What a sweet pic-behind the scenes at Clover's house.

Brilliant AND adorable :-}

Isn't she the cutest! How about a Clover video? Please...

She's adorable--AND talented! Does she take freelance work? My cats might not be impressed!

Not only is she a beautiful girl ... but she knows you so well. She is a great model, I would love to paint her.

aw, i'm even a cat person but Clover Meadow is the cutest dog ever, and you take such great pics of her. I love this 'artist at work' pic of her writing the blog. she looks very serious about her work.


Hey Alicia,
What's that fabric in the background? Looks like a curtain? I tried to stalk you on your flickr account to see if there might be another photo, turns out I am not that good of a stalker.


An absolute genius, she is. And very cute too :)

Beauty and brains! (Of course -- it runs in the family, right?)

She does the baking as well? And following up with editors and such? I gotta get me a doggie!

All Corgis are brillant!! and hungry. and really hungry. but still brillant and trying to figure out how to open the fridge and the pantry while still looking cute.

Well, I'm not a bit surprised! She's one smart cookie!

I was listening to a local NPR show on gardening last week, and the cooperative extension (whatever!) guy was extolling the virtues of clover as a lawn. Our backyard is something of a mess, so I was listening avidly. Here was something that was drought resistant, would grow fast and would be pretty. And then I realized: we'd have a Clover Meadow!

She is brilliant!
I'd set her up with my Tanner, but she's clearly too smart for him.

I always knew she was a clever dog!

Oh my gosh! She's getting so big--look at those ears!

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