A test, to see how long you've been reading this blog:

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If you remember this quilt, raise your hand.

[Hint hint.]

Sunday morning update: I finished it yesterday! Finally. More photos coming soon. (This one was taken at about 6 a.m. with the light from the new windows. But I'll put it on the bed today. :-)


I think I do...but I can't say for sure.

I have only been reading your blog for the past year and a half but I have read all of the past posts. I do recognize a quilt well done when I see one. Good on ya!

Red very tastefully incorporated -- such a lovely palette!

Yes I do. And then the backyard work that you did too......

This beautiful quilt is a new sight for me!

I love how it turned out, and just the perfect amount of red!

I remember! Has it really been two years? I remember that I fell in love with the wall color when you showed the photo of this quilt hanging up next to the little slippers. There's a little square there in the center -- near where it folds -- with a little stripe of yellow with a black figure repeating in it. That square reminds me of the fabric from a great-aunt's apron from the 1940s.

That's so funny - I was just thinking about that quilt the other day and trying to remember how you finished it - quilting/tying, etc. Now I know - thanks - it looks great!

I remembered you wanted to add some red to it. It turned out beautifully. May I have it? Just kidding sweety. :) You have such a good eye for what patterns go well together. xxoo

I can't remember how long it's been! I tried catching up by reading everything but somewhere got lost. Loved every minute of it though. Cheers.

I don't. But it's lovely!

I'm sure you don't know me from Adam (Eve?), but I've been a lurker for a long time. I've got something for you - check out my post this coming Monday.

do the safety pins mean it is an old photo or a recent one? because that link was from a bit of time ago...

i love the red binding and ties. you did get the red in.

Is it sad if I totally remember that quilt, and the post that goes with it? It actually changed my view of grays.. ever since then, I've given them more of a chance! Because without the clouds, who would praise the sunshine?

How could I have missed this quilt?! I guess I'm going to be one of the kids that doesn't raise her hand...! I wouldn't want to get called on and not know the answer. Your quilt is just beautiful! I love how you used the gray to make the colors all sparkle together so nicely. Where in the house is it going to end up? So lovely. Have a great Saturday night. I think some mint chocolate chip ice cream is in my near future, great color...and flavor...mmmmm!

Hand raised high...So you finished it?

Oh you got the backing done!

Haha. I do and I'm glad you finally finished it. It looks great. :)

Can you add more photos? I'd love to see the whole effect.

Very pretty especially with the red bits :) Happy Sunday to you. Now I'M the one off to a Corgi picnic tomorrow! Alas, without a Tanglewood bag. (perhaps I should carry my little fabric bundle of Posie squares and hope that all of the Corgi magic will turn them into a bag?)-Cat ^..^

I raise my hand!

eep! the red! :)

not only do I remember it -- I had it on the brain shortly thereafter: http://flickr.com/photos/shimelle/193483829/ (though yours is so much cuter and not sewn together in a planning lesson at school!)

I was wondering about where that one had got to! At least you didn't leave it on the train...
I love the red ties and binding - keep going, you're nearly there! And I love how well it goes with your new cushions too. But I expect that's no accident :-)

Oh yes, I remember it. Love the binding and back. Now what about the granny square blanket???

wave wave!

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