County Fair

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On Friday, we went to the county fair, one of our favorite things to do at the end of the summer.


I don't know why we love it there so much. It's just not like anyplace else, somehow.


You see great smiles there.


And lots of bunnies.


Lots and lots.


It's a cliche for a reason. But that's okay, because bunnies are cuter than anything.


Though baby ducks are pretty cute, too. I don't know what that one on the end was doing but he was okay, don't worry.


I like photographing chickens.


We can keep them in the city, but everyone I've known who's had them has eventually changed their minds about keeping them in urban backyards. There are a few in our neighborhood and I always do like walking past those yards, and hearing that soft clucking.


Cinnamon Mocha.


Hi T!


Alas, I did not catch the name of this distinguished gentleman. With the straw sticking out of his eye.


The 4-H kids are all so nice. They hang out in the stalls next to their animals, playing Uno and explaining to us the difference between hay and straw. Andy and I were laughing about last year, when I kept calling goats "lambs." I still can't really tell them apart, expect that I noticed the goats really do like to climb up on top of stuff and stand there looking around, like little mountain goats. I love them all.


At the Pioneer Village, the iron smithys are genial and content. They get the fire going, even in super-hot weather, and make all sorts of tools.


Like tiny spoons out of nails.


And little horseshoes, for good luck.


We had a great weekend. So nice. Thank you for all your gentle and generous comments last week.


Y'all are so very kind. Thank you.


I was at the state fair in Indiana this weekend. Didn't get to see the bunnies or the poultry, not enough time. But I love looking at the llamas and spent many minutes in that barn. The 4H kids were having a handling/showmanship contest with the llamas when I was there. They all seemed so proud of their animals. I especially love the llamas because they look so wise and so ridiculous at the same time. And smart. It was hot and several of them had figured out that standing right in front of the fans was a lot cooler.

thank you for sharing these bits of your life with us. i always like to come by and see what you're up to. it looks like you live in a rather idyllic place.

Hey Rose! I was just going to blab about the Indiana State fair, too. It's practically in my backyard, so we went twice. I'm so glad we did because we caught an antique tractor parade. Who knew that people collect vintage tractors?

Farmer Paulson had a ewe, e i e i o! That picture is priceless. Thanks for taking us to the fair with you. Love the horseshoe with Clover's name on it. xxoo

Your photos are beautiful...whether it's adorable farm animals or what you made for dinner. Your writing is just as wonderful, your posts always put me in a whimsical, smiley kind of mood. Thanks for all you share!

You know your readers so well. Thank you for taking time to comment that the duckling was okay! :)

Aren't fairs great? I happen to be the proud parent of a 4-H'r and we just finished our fair two weeks ago...It is so much fun to watch them work so hard and smile at a blue ribbon. Our chickens and our bunnies provide us with lots of entertainment around here...we are so thankful for that. Glad you enjoyed your weekend!

There is nothing more fun then being at the fair and funnel cakes! I love the llama named Teresa!


Love the pictures!

We went to the state fair last night. It struck me how much of the fair doesn't seem like it should be popular, but is. There is just something about the fair, it seems.

i love all of your blog entries, but this is by far my favorite! The bunnies, i love the bunnies and I can smell the chicken poo from here. thanks for brightening my day :)

I need to go to a fair! I missed both the one here in town, and the one in my hometown where we used to enter our baked goods and work on our 4H Club exhibit booth. Now, I'm hoping to make it to the state fair, despite the fact that it could be 100 degrees when we go! Loved your pictures, loved this post!

With a move in our horizon we have just offered our chickens and chicken house on freecycle. What a sad day for us in many ways. But they have found a lovely new home by a woman who is a felt artist and I know that she will appreciate them. We live in a semi-urban neighborhood and for the most part, they have been very enjoyable to have in the back yard. I'm going to miss them.

we went to the fair, too! I think I am liking it more and more as I get older. Love your blog.

So Is Andy skipping the beard? Just wondering.
I love the fair! Our Minnesota state fair starts Thursday. Guess who is skipping out on work? Yeah, me, I too will be hanging with the animals and the 4H kids!

Courtney Paige says: August 18, 2008 at 01:20 PM

WOW! I have never been to a fair before. . . it looks like so much fun. Thanks for sharing that. Your blog always brightens my day :)

I love the fair too. I was lucky enough to attend the Minnesota state fair last year. I ate my way around the entire thing! It was amazing.

What great close-ups of the animals, and I love the one of the man with the fire coals! What a neat fair you have!

Lovely blog...I'll be going to a country fair soon, now you've got me in the mood! Susannah x

Nice pictures Alicia. I so enjoy reading your blog. On many days, reading your posts is the best part of my day. Makes a great diversion when I am at work too!
So thank you!

Oh my God, do you really live in the country, lol...

I was at the Indiana State Fair last week too. We could have had an Alicia Paulson fan club meeting!
Two questions: (maybe one of these is for Andy)- which one of the Olds 97 CDs is best? We had never heard of them but loved the song "qustion" on the video of Clover. old was Clover Meadow when you brought her/him (?) home? Chelsea Kabob will be 8 wks next week and I think we are bringing her home then! I can't wait! *kisses* Cheryl (Whosyergurl)

Sigh....looks absolutely wonderful

Thanks for the virtual field trip. Now I can't wait for the NC fair in the fall.

ooh that looks fun. we went to the deschutes county fair and loved the chickens too, i was so envious of the 4H kids. i loved that andy dressed up (or is that his regular garb?)

You make me miss my own hometown county fair in Hood River...
I'm curious to know (if you know) why people have eventually decided against urban chicken-keeping.
Its something I'm definitely interested in doing in the near future, but I'd love to hear someone else's experience, even if it is second hand info. Feel free to email me if you have time!

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