Pastitsio Weather (Except It's August)

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Weather weirdness. Thunder, lightning, rain, big clouds. Good stuff, stuff we don't get a lot of in August. Cold. Wondering if I should close the windows because it's cold. Instead I splurged and made the pastitsio from Falling Cloudberries, because what else warms up a chilly summer evening than a hot oven and a bubbling casserole.


I have so many things to tell you about, but I am so behind in stuff like that. I will say that I have finished reading almost everything on my summer reading list, plus a few. I saw Get Smart and loved it. I saw Kit Kittredge with my niece and that was really cute. I saw Brideshead Revisited and the second half of it was so disappointing I complained loudly about it in public for a half an hour afterward. The first half was awesome, the second half just completely disintegrated for me. But I still love you, Matthew Goode. If I didn't, would I really watch Chasing Liberty for the seventh time and then watch the Mandy Moore–Matthew Goode commentary version again immediately afterward? No. I would not.


Just sayin.


Wash the taste of that movie out of your mouth...go see Henry Poole is Here!

Oh, how I hate it when a movie disappoints! Especially since I see so few of them, it's like they let me down. I like the idea of a casserole on a cold summer day. The other day it was hot chocolate for us around here. Enjoy the rainclouds...we never get them here, so I'm a bit jealous!

As far as I am concerned it's always pastitsio weather!!

Mmm, excuse me for my ignorance... mmmm.... but what's a pastitsio? lol...

It has been so long since I've had pastitsio. My mom always makes a couple pans of them and freezes one for later... you never know when an unexpected guest will arrive and the pastitsio will be called upon!

Mmmmmm Pastitsio. Now there's an idea for dinner.
It's a little cool here in France too.

What is pastitsio? It looks great...where i live it is a cool 73 with humidity at 94% (mississippi)

Check out the Brideshead Revisited mini series from the 1980s. It's excellent.

I can't imagine BR being a 2 or 3 hour movie.

Yeah, what is up with the crazy weather? I'm in Anacortes, which is a couple of hours north of Seattle and I'm still waiting for summer! We had a couple of days where it felt like it was coming and then bam! Back to fall we go! I'm not sure what a pastitsio is either but it sure looks yummy! :-)

thank you for your movie review on "brideshead". i'm not going to waste the $250.00 it costs to go the movies now. i'll just wait for the dvd.

would you please post your recipe? it looks divine! i wish it was was a scatch and sniff picture!!

I have no idea what Pastitsio is but It looks so good you just have to post the recipe. I really want to eat some. I am homesick and really needing some very good comfort food!!!! Please share.


looks scrumptious! where is the recipe???

I believe they filmed Brideshead at Castle Howard in the North Yorkshire moors - we've been lucky enough to go there several times and it's fabulous. I'd recommend the old TV series too, though I haven't seen the film yet.
We've also had no summer yet here in northern England and we're very fed up with all the rain. How about a recipe for that Pastitsio - it's looks wonderful!

When it is warm and sunny up here I forget how quickly it is to be cold. I feel like I am home but then the cold returns far too quickly and then I remember what the cold is like. I reach for my sweater instinctively. At least it makes the warm coffee all that much more comforting.

Oh, I love him, too. Have you seen 'Imagine Me and You'? It's an unusual movie but he's so cute and sweet in it, I'd like to jump through the television and give him a hug.

Your casserole looks delicious. It's been chilly at night here on the east coast, too, and I've been thinking of making chowder at night to warm up.

It's not quite pastitsio weather here, but looking at your pictures makes me long for it. I might have to break out my copy of "Food and Wine of Greece" and use her recipe again.

Matthew Goode is so handsome. I've seen Chasing Liberty way too many times also. Sorry to hear you didn't like Brideshead Revisited. The previews looked so good. I am still going to see it of course.

O, I was soooo looking forward to that film. Maybe I'll just watch the first half. Why can't they make really good films for us- more than once every 5 years or so? Thank heavens for Masterpiece. xoC

Yum! I have never had that dish, but it looks so delicious!! It's cold (for August) everywhere. It's only 80 degrees in VA. . . no pool today!

I here ya Alicia on Brideshead!! It really was eye candy, but lacked the character depth that the series had. I also got a chance to see Kit Kitterage. What an adorable film and the costuming was so wonderful. I took the daughter of a good friend of mine to see it. My 18 year old daughter went too. Saw it in an old time theater which made it even more fun!!

hey alicia, i live in portland too and am totally wowed by the weather. heat wave last week and torrential downpours this week. it's just like being in the south again. did you catch the lightning? ah, wasn't that lovely?

cheers to you,

Hi Alicia. You've made me feel oh so much better about watching Chasing Liberty so many times. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my appreciation of Matthew Goode!

OH you've gone and done it! You've mentioned Pastitsio. I was wondering what to make for dinner and you've answered my question for me.

My daughter dated a Greek boy for a while and his YaYa and I were tight, even though she didn't speak English and I didn't speak Greek. She made the most wonderful, soul-hugging, comforting Pastitsio ever!

I'm sorry to hear that Brideshead was 1/2 disappointing. I was going to see it, but perhaps I'll wait till it comes out on video. Did you see "The Painted Veil" with Edward Norton? Oh my, what a movie.

- Suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

I just saw Brideshead Revisited - I went with one of my most chatty girlfreinds. As we left the theater, she said, "That was..."
"SO disappointing!" I interrupted.
And we drove home in silence.
It was so awful it silenced us. That's one awful film. Not even Emma Thompson could redeem it. :(

When I looked at your pictures, all I could think was "I love the pot holder thingys!" (I don't know the proper name for them). Did you make those? The bright colours are so lovely and the cute ricrac edging is gorgeous. And the pastitsio doesn't look half bad either...

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