Pretty Pictures

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My friend California-girl Leslie Lindell takes such pretty pictures.


"Through the Curtain"


"Patchwork Love"


"The Pink Tutus"

She recently opened an Etsy shop, where you can buy prints, printed with archival ink on photo rag fine art paper — I swear the print she sent me of "Patchwork Love" looks 3-D.

She has a professional photography portfolio as well. I seriously love this one. I wish I had formatted my blog to show photos off at larger dimensions, 'cause this one is beautiful larger. I keep toying with changing the format but then it seems like all the old posts would wrap text really weirdly and I don't even want to deal with it. But photos like this make me almost change my mind. She says it's the beach house where she spent her birthday.


She shot some photos of kids for me for me last summer so I could use the images in one of the projects in my book. She has a way of quietly capturing people. How lovely is this little feather-eyebrowed beauty:


Miss Leslie, you are so very good at this.



She is excellent...would you find out what kind of camera she has...i realize it is not just the camera it is really the taker that makes a picture so breathtakingly beautiful.

I love the photo of the young girl especially the beads of water on her cheek. I'm fascinated with drops of water on things.

Beautiful! I aspire to becoming a better photographer. These pictures, and your own, Alicia, are a source of inspiration to me.

Lovely and inspiring!

Aw, honey, huge thanks - you are good to me...
I smooch you (but not backstage, k?!)

(and commenter #1 - I am a Nikon girl. I currently use a D200)

Ahhh! Speechless...Except, could you please pick a special award from my place?
Enjoy the week end, be inspired, and inspire us into seeing the beauty.

She is definitely very talented. I love all the pictures.

Beautiful... poetry in color. I can't wait to see more.

Pretty indeed. The Pink Tutus one looks like an underwater shot.

Wow. I wish I could take photos as well as you and your friend. I also wish I could crawl into bed in that guest house by the beach wearing a pink tutu...

what stunning photos!

Oh they are excellent shots. But isn't that little girl just a breathtaking beauty masha'allah?! Little tot. many shades of color in each picture.
Very nice....

wow, your whole blog is breathtakingly beautiful...

Very beautiful photography. I especially like the beach house. Looks very blissful and relaxing.

So lovely, I can't wait to check out her etsy shop. Thank you for sharing.

The picture of the little girl just fairly took my breath away. Wish I could have looked like that when I was young. Your friend is seriously talented, but then again so are you. I've been awed by your pictures since I first started reading. xxoo

Absolutely gorgeous photos, thank you sooo much for sharing. I find the beautiful imagery so inspiring!

Oh, wow. Gorgeous. :)


my goodness those are gorgeous, especially the patchwork one! I'm going to go and visit her shop!

Alicia, I really love the new banner. I think your banner compositions are the unsung masterpieces of your blog. Where can we see the ones we miss (raincoat & dogleash, the bicycle) again? On flickr?

Gorgeous photos.I'll have to add her to my faves on Etsy

That photo of the little girl is awesome. They way she was captivated makes the photo so beautiful. I just love the drops of water on her face.

Beautifully breathtaking shots!

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