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My friend California-girl Leslie Lindell takes such pretty pictures.


"Through the Curtain"


"Patchwork Love"


"The Pink Tutus"

She recently opened an Etsy shop, where you can buy prints, printed with archival ink on photo rag fine art paper — I swear the print she sent me of "Patchwork Love" looks 3-D.

She has a professional photography portfolio as well. I seriously love this one. I wish I had formatted my blog to show photos off at larger dimensions, 'cause this one is beautiful larger. I keep toying with changing the format but then it seems like all the old posts would wrap text really weirdly and I don't even want to deal with it. But photos like this make me almost change my mind. She says it's the beach house where she spent her birthday.


She shot some photos of kids for me for me last summer so I could use the images in one of the projects in my book. She has a way of quietly capturing people. How lovely is this little feather-eyebrowed beauty:


Miss Leslie, you are so very good at this.



Those are just amazing, I especially love the quilt one!

Hello Alicia, I´ve just discovered the internet, can you imagine that?! (And I have not been stranded on a desert island, I just didn´t think it was for me). Anyways... I came across your blog and I love it, your beautiful pictures and stories. Just wanted to let you know, I`m now addicted:) Thank you for the inspiration. I now have my own blog! Love from Sweden

i think i'm in love with those photos.

Love the pink tutus shot!

Wow! What breathtaking beauty. Thanks for pointing us to her etsy shop. Now I know what I want for my upcoming birthday.

that tutu picture makes me think of something someone recently told me. it takes 50yards of crynolyn to make the slip that square dancers wear under their outer skirt. man 50yards thats a lot but they sure are beautiful and full, full, full. i got to see one in person the other day and it was georgious. makes me want to take up square dancing.

Happy Blog Day! I've written about your blog here:

Wow! Truly amazing!

These pictures are amazing. What talent!

Her pictures are tu tu delicious.

you are right....these are stunning! 'almost like you could reach in and touch.

Those are beautiful. Thank you for introducing her to us!

Just impossibly beautiful! t.x

lovely, lovely shots. such a great eye for color and composition and oh, that lovely texture!

absolutely amazing!
thank you so much for sharing.

Wow! Your friend's photos are beautiful but yours are just absolutely gorgeous too - all the way through this blog - what a fabulous feast for the eyes :-)

wow. these are so so lovely.

I made your mom's sauce recipe this weekend and even though I have had plenty of authentic Italian aunties to cook for me, this is the best sauce ever. served over campanelle-sooo good

I adore photography. When I look at photos like these I long for a fancier camera. I think you and I have the same camera or similar one. But I want one that will take better inside photos without a tripod and so on. The photo of the child is simply stunning.

Dear Posie-
I find your blog so very cozy and I think your photos are fine. I hope you continue to snap away at any little thing so I can keep abreast of your world.

I agree with all the above. I keep coming back to savor these fotos. Where is that beach house located and how can I rent it for my birthday?!

I agree with all the above. I keep coming back to savor these fotos. Where is that beach house located and how can I rent it for my birthday?!

I agree with all the above. I keep coming back to savor these fotos. Where is that beach house located and how can I rent it for my birthday?!

Lovely pics! Miss leslie is captivating. What a great photo.

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