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The fall issue of Small magazine is out and it is so gorgeous.


Small is a quarterly on-line publication of "creative work on a small scale for the small-sized." Small's editors, Christine and Olivia, curate beautiful images, original perspectives, unique illustrations, and fresh designs from small-scale productions, exploring the best of kid-focused fashion, design, and delights. I love this delicate, peachy story, Ballet Russe, photographed by Tamara Muth-King.


These amazing collages by Jayme McGowan are so evocative and dimensional.


And this is definitely a sheep, photographed by the clever Catherine Ledner. Love this.


I was very psyched when Olivia and Christine asked me to contribute to the Small Bites section of this issue! This is the "taste of my childhood," a recipe so special to me and my family. I've never written about my mom's spaghetti sauce on my own blog — you know how there are some things that are so much a part of you that you just can't find a way to say so properly? I've been secretly holding on to this one, and I'm thrilled to be able to finally share it on Small. I would say that Mom's Sauce is our family's signature. Nothing tastes more like home to me than this. I really hope you love it, too.


It looks and sounds delicious. Do you think a vegetarian version even possible?! My two daughters are vegetarian, yet I would love to make such a satisfying dish for them and have the remember the scent and taste as lovingly as you do.

thank you, yet again, for providing more inspiration...xo

Looking forward to trying the sauce. I like small too.

Ooh Yummy yummy - I'll be feeding that to my family very soon! t.xx

That recipe looks and sounds delicious!! I am looking forward to making it!

SMALL has got to the the cutest ever...

SooDarwin says: August 27, 2008 at 03:58 PM

Yes, that's definitely a sheep....not your average sheep with a photo like that...sort of a Kate Moss of the sheep world.
Thanks for your lovely recipe too. x

That magazine sounds fabulous. I wonder if we get it here in Australia? Will have to check. Nevertheless, thank you for sharing your mum's recipe - I love that the taste of it brings back all those wonderful childhood recipes. I'm going to have to make it too. Looks beautiful.

your blog- always a pleasure. glad you didn't run off to be a groupie. the fair looks wonderful. such beautiful crisp pictures. any clover videos to share?

I just kept following one link after another... honestly, you take me to so many lovely spaces and places. Eventually I remembered that it all began here. "Small" is lucky to have you contributing.

Thank you for the sauce recipe :o) On one of these Autumny days, I'm going to have to cook some up. It looks hearty and meaty. I think I'll make it when Marc comes over to visit, because he'd love it. Have a great night!

you are so fantastic, all of the time!

I mentioned Catherine's fantasic work on my blog the other week. Just love her images

yummm. What makes sweet italian sausage sweet btw? Ta!

So fitting that you would end up in Small Mag. Olivia and Christine have great taste!

Thank you for sharing the recipe! It is overcast and a little dreary here today, the perfect day to get a pot of sauce going. Maybe some bread too.

I gotta tell ya, this sauce looks sooooo good!!

Wow! So many beautiful photos! And I cannot believe that you are sharing your mom's recipe! I cannot wait to try it!

I'd never heard of this magazine. The pictures are amazing. Your blog is great!

Hi Alicia!
Love coming over and visiting your blog! Congratulations on being included in this wonderful "little" magazine. That spaghetti recipe is on my must-try list this week ~ yummy, yummy, yummy!!
Hugs from Georgia,
Bebe :)

thank you for sharing!

I love seeing you printed in all kinds of diffent venues. Makes me feel like I know a celebrity. Thanks for sharing the sauce recipe. I know I'm going to enjoy this. xxoo

Oh, cool! I've never heard of Small, but the photos you shared are so gorgeous!

I got that issue of small a couple days before you posted, and immediately decided to make a lasagna for my birthday. It was very tasty! Thank you so much for sharing your recipe.

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