State Fair

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If you listen to Mignonette while driving the back roads to the state fair, I think you'll have a very fine time.


All your friends will be there to greet you [howdy]:


The pretty tweed chickens.


The sleek, nutmeg-brown cows.


The mildly inquisitive sheep-goats.


The velvet-nosed old boys.


The second-place winners.


The sweet onions.


The watermelon-seed spitters.


The golden homemade pies.


The creamy cheescakes, watching the crowd walk by.


The funnel cakes and the lemon ice.


The painted ladies.


The opportunities for thrilling flight.


Wish I was there right now! Your pictures make it look beyond wonderful - and it's probably cooler there than it is at the California State Fair!

Looks like fun, we didn't make it to ours this year, so sad. Loved your fresh eggs.

Great job correctly identifying the sheep and goats! :) I love this journey to the fair with you.

The first and last photos took my breath away. Beautiful, and nice job!

Our state fair is lacking something, otherwise I would feel as compelled to go as I do when I read this post. I think you are the missing link... you find the magic and share it

The first and last 2 pictures are incredibly gorgeous. And yum! Those pies look delish!

The last photo is my favourite too....really captures the feeling.

Wednesday! We are going! The kids live for the not so much...I just love to look at all the exhibits, and the people and the food...oh, the fair food....yum...any thing that you'd report and "can't miss"?

Wow...your photos are beautiful. Looks like fun.

Whoa nelly... I think that goat is inquiring whether he's a sheep or not! :) As always, gorgeous eye-candy photos that make me want to be there too! You continue to inspire-thank you!

Just got back from a 2 week vacation in Maine, love the country Fairs!! You did a great job capturing a true country fair. I hope everyone can experience this at least once in their life time.

Funnel cakes...yummy! This weekend is the senior swine show at the California state fair and my dad is taking 9 hogs. I just love the State Fair! My dad said the State Fair in Iowa was awesome. I think folks in the midwest would do State Fairs really well!Thanks for the pictures!

moo, yummy and fun!

SooDarwin says: August 24, 2008 at 04:16 PM

What a lovely time to be had, even for mildy inquisistive goats...

That's a goat, I think! Too funny! I love your photos - make me long for summer. If only we had state fairs like yours here in Australia. The Royal Canberra Show just doesn't cut the mustard!

Now I really wish I hadn't passed on the two local county fairs I'd recently read about. I need to head to Google and see if there's anything still going on around here...

Yummy funnel cake.
Taht sounds so good right now.

Thanks for taking us all to the fair. Have a great week-CS ^..^

I love the Avetts! And, I just wanted to let you know that if your husband is intent on growing a beard, the Avetts are just going to create a raging case of beard envy. My hubs has been growing one ever since we saw them in Cary, NC a few weeks ago. But, if it gets him to sing "Swept Away" to you, it'll be just fine. Enjoy the concert!

I love looking at your pictures of the county and state fair. I was raised in Oregon and was lucky enough to show animals at the state fair for 6 years. Thanks for the bit of nostalgia today you made a wet dreary day in Singapore a bit brighter today!

Erin Gergen Halls says: August 24, 2008 at 05:35 PM

damn...if that just isnt all so pretty. smile.

I haven't been to a fair in years and here you are taking me with you. Those pictures are beyond beautiful! You've got such a good eye, Alicia. Keep on making me smile. xxoo

love your take on the fair. I feel like I'm seeing it with new eyes. Yep, that's a mildly inquistive goat all right

Love that velvet nosey!

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