State Fair

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If you listen to Mignonette while driving the back roads to the state fair, I think you'll have a very fine time.


All your friends will be there to greet you [howdy]:


The pretty tweed chickens.


The sleek, nutmeg-brown cows.


The mildly inquisitive sheep-goats.


The velvet-nosed old boys.


The second-place winners.


The sweet onions.


The watermelon-seed spitters.


The golden homemade pies.


The creamy cheescakes, watching the crowd walk by.


The funnel cakes and the lemon ice.


The painted ladies.


The opportunities for thrilling flight.


That was a great post! We were at the Lorain County Fair (Ohio) today. We saw some very large draft horses, Angora bunnies, and an Alpaca or two. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Oh gosh - I want to go to the fair SO BAD!!! This post didn't help ;) Such wonderful pictures!

Gosh you take gorgeous photos!

I'll just have to pop over to Google now to find out what Funnel cakes are!


Wow. I haven't visited for a week or so, but once again, looking at your pictures and hearing about your life, just made my evening so much fuller.

The Avett Brothers will be here in Colorado in a couple of weeks. I hope to get to the show on Sunday. The show is a two day festival taking place called the Monolith Festival.

It aught to be great! They're playing on Sunday.

Thanks for the awesome pictures. I feel like there's a big smile in tummy!

Blue ribbon everything, Alicia! Such tasty pictures and such beautiful pies - wish I was there. Thanks for sharing them.

I love photos of state fairs and amusement parks. The last is my very favorite.

What a great picture journey of the fair! Our state fair comes around in just a couple of weeks! I can't wait!


Oh, this looks like good times! That swing ride is the most beautiful one I've ever's like a piece of art, and your photo is really, really lovely. Hope you enjoyed the Avetts. ;-)

SooDarwin says: August 24, 2008 at 11:29 PM

That's two of us here in Australia who think that it's a goat.....maybe our goats are really sheep or is it a goat with an identity problem??? Tee hee!

Wow, what gorgeous pictures! I can't wait for our fair next month. Thanks for sharing!

I hate to say it, but I think that 'sheep' looks like a goat to me! :S

Looks like such a fun day! I love places like that :) Beautiful pics too, as always xx

Wow, your pictures are beautiful! Your blog is a constant inspiration and a thoroughly beautiful place. Thanks for all you do.

Those cheesecakes ARE watching the people walk by! You got that so exactly right.

I love these photos. They're just wonderful.

I really miss my old county fair - after they tore down all the orchards and built ugly computer co's they didn't have any land for animals and farms anymore so the fair dwindled away. I hope to live near a cool one like yours again soon! Thanks for the beautiful photos - love those colors.

Wonderful photographs! Love the chicken--interesting observation--she does, indeed look like tweed! :)

I love the fair...looked like tons of fun!!!


Wow, thanks for tuning me on to the Avett Brothers. I was looking for a cd to close out the summer and because of your little tip, I've just ordered Emotionalism. Thanks!

& my jealousy grows...but only in the nicest way:)

Oh, I so wish I was there! Have a great Monday!


You've got me all excited. The dear hubby and I will be there on Friday to peruse and see Willie Nelson.

I can't wait!

Ummm, those pies! I need to get me some berries!

You are getting me all twitterpated for our fair.

I feel sorry for the horse. Do you think he knows he was in 2nd place?

Fabulous photos!

The animals are so purty when they're all shined up so nice! but you stopped my heart with the pies and the funnel cakes. YUM!

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